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Angarika Chaturthi 2017 - Importance & Legend

Last Updated: 10/23/2010 5:18:59 PM

angarika chaturthi

In 2017, Angarika Chaturthi 2016 will occur twice a year i.e, on February 14 & November 7. This fast is observed to please lord Ganesha.

If Sankashti Chaturthi comes on Tuesday, it is called Angarika. The vow is completed on the same day. Angarika Sankashti or Angarak Sankashta Chaturthi is an auspicious fast or vrat dedicated to Lord Ganesha that is observed on Sankashti Ganesha Chaturthi which falls on Tuesday. The fast is observed on the fourth day after Purnima. It begins at sunrise and ends after sighting the moon. Sankashta Chaturthi is a highly auspicious day in Marathi culture too. Millions of people observe fast on the day in Maharashtra.

Legend behind Angarika Chaturthi

Importance of Angarika Chaturthi has been described Ganesh Purna’s Upasna Khand in detail. Goddess Prithvi brought great seer Bhardwaj’s son very affectionately. She returned him back to sage Bhardwaj after seven years. Sage Bhardwaj was happy to see his son again. He hugged his son and performed all important rituals. He taught him Vedas-Purana etc. Bhardwaj’s son was learned and he showed interest for penance to please Lord Ganesha. Sage Bhardwaj gave him Ganapati Mantra and asked him to meditate on it.

The son touched his father’s feet, took his blessings and went to the jungle. He began worshipping Ganesha on the bank of holy river Ganga. Without caring for hunger and other physical needs, young son of Bhardawaj chanted the mantra with full devotion for many years.

Lord Ganesha was pleased with his devotion. He came in front of him after sighting the moon on Magha Krishna Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha showed him his universal form. Young devotee was surprised as well as he felt blessed.

Lord Ganesh told him that he is happy with his devotion and he can ask for any boon. Young man replied politely- O God, I am the luckiest person in this universe now. My mother Prithve, my father, my eyes, my devotion, my life and my birth - all are blessed. O lord, I would like to take ambrosia with all gods in heaven. Also, I have a great desire that my name Mangala should be known in all three worlds or Lokas. I saw you today, i.e. on the day of Magha Krishna Chaturthi, so I want this day to be good for all your devotees. The devotees who observe fast on this day should get all desires fulfilled with your blessings.

Lord Ganesha was pleased with his young devotee. He said – O son of Medini, You will definitely have ambrosia with gods in paradise. Your name Mangal will be known in universe. You are son of earth and your color is red, so your name Angarak will also be famous and today’s day will be celebrated as Angarak Chaturthi. Anybody on earth who observes this fast this day will get my blessings. They will get good results in their endeavors for next one year. There will not be any hurdle in their tasks.

Angarika Chaturthi Vrata

According to Smriti Kaustubha, the Sankanthara Vrata has to be observed without eating food. According to the common definition of fast, "Drinking too much fluid (often, even water), eating tobacco, or betel nuts, or betel leaves, or any other activity prohibited in observing Vrat" will break the fast. Smriti kaustubha grantha also says that the vratha has to be broken at the moonrise time after doing puja to ganesha and argya to ganesha. One needs to celibate during vrata period. One can drink water but not too often. One cannot smoke or consume alcohol or eat meat of any kind during vrata or after breaking the fast, and the fast cannot be broken with meat products.

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