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Ramnavami 2016 date Hindu Festivals
Sri Ramnavami is a grand hindu festival, celebrates the birth of lord ram, Ram is the 7th incarnation of dashavtar of Lord Vishnu.
Ghentu Puja 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Ghentu Puja is a Bengali festival held on the last day of Phalguna (February and March). Ghontu is an inferior deity, the god of itch and other skin diseases. Crookes gives the following account of the festival:
Shivaratri 2016 Date Hindu Festivals
Maha Shivaratri 2016 date is 07 March, Tuesday. Maha Shivaratri in 2015, like year after year, is celebrated with great joy and fervor. Mahashivaratri celebrated on the fourteenth of the lunar month Phalguna. This, in the estimation of the followers of lord Shiva, is the most sacred of all their observances, expiating all sins, and securing the attainment of all desires during life, and union with Siva or final emancipation after death.
Charak (Wheel) Puja 2012 date Hindu Festivals
"It is said that an ancient king, by reason of his great austerities, obtained an interview with Siva, in commemoration of which this festival is held. The peculiarity of the worship consists in the fact that the devotees of Shiva belonging to the lower castes assume the profession and dress of Sannyasis for a week or ten days, and march about the streets soliciting alms from people."
Ramlila 2011 date Hindu Festivals
Ramlila is a dramatic representation, very popular in North India, of the victory of lord Rama over Ravana and the recovery of Sita. An enclosure is made of bamboos, covered with paper and painted to represent a fortress. Within it is a frightful paper giant, fifteen feet high with ten or twelve arms, each grasping a sword, a bow, a battle-axe or a spear. At his feet is Sita sitting disconsolate, guarded by two figures to represent demons.
Uttarayana 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Uttarayana fall on the first of (solar month) Magha, first lunation dark half or Moon's wane of Pausha or Magha, 12th-13th of January.
Kali Puja 2015 date Hindu Festivals
Kali Puja is celebrated in honour of the goddess Kali, who is a form of Durga.
Kartik Puja 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Kartik, also called Skanda and in the south Subramanya, was the god of war. Different accounts are given of his origin. He is usually said to be the son of lord Shiva without the intervention of a woman. Kartik was born for the purpose of destroying Taraka, a Daitya whose austerities had made him formidable to the gods. He is represented as riding on a peacock, with a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other.
Surya Puja 2012 date Hindu Festivals
On the last day of the month of Kartik, the last of Aghran and every intervening Sunday, the worship of Surya or the Sun God is performed. The Hindu Apollo is represented as a dark-red man with three eyes and four arms. In two arms he holds water-lily and by the other he bestows blessing. By the fourth arm he forbids fear.
The Onam festival in Malabar 2017 date Hindu Festivals
Onam 2017, celebrated in August or September is a great festival of Kerala. People eagerly wait for celebrating the festival of Onam as it's more like a carnival.
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