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Durga Ashtami - Astrological Significance

Last Updated: 10/15/2010 12:25:04 AM

By VGR Pavan

There is a strong belief in Hindus that from time to time the supreme Almighty will incarnate to ward off the evil forces and re-establish dharma and peace. Lord Krishna Says “Yeda Yedahi dharmasya …….” is the suitable quote here. To inspire the Sadhakas (practitioners) of various spiritual disciplines and to boost up their devotion, various “Puranas” were written by our veteran sages. These Puranas are not the mere tales of fiction but they have the other occult meanings and significance which are best known to the Sadhakas only. Among all the five sects of Hinduism as classified by the Sankaracharya “Saktheya” sect is well known for its occult practices and tantric rituals.

Apart from Vedas, Upanishads there are other works like “Devi Bhagavatha” which comprises of many stories describing the origination of various “Avatars” or incarnations of “Maha Sakthi”. There are 64 Tantras which describes about numerous Sadhanas (exercises) and each one is a unique work. After this briefing we have to know about the “Vutsavas” or festivals which all the hindus especially saktheyas treat as very sacred. Most important among them is “Navratri”(9 nights) and popular as Dasara. During these nine days each day is peculiar and significant and the eighth day is called as Durgashtami”. The literal meaning of Durga is the strong and unconquered one and Ashtami means the 8th day.


This is the story from “Devi Bhagavatha”. Once Mahishasura (a cruel but powerful demon) conquered the earth and try to ruin the Dharma. He has a boon that “for every drop of blood which falls on earth from him one Mahishasura will be born” and with this boom he conquered every one and attacked the heavens. Everyone frightened with his fury and pleaded for help of “Maha Sakthi”(Devi). Then Devi incarnated among with all the 64 sakthies (64 tantras) like “Bhadra Kali” on Aswayuja Sukla Ashtami day. She fought vigorously with Mahisha and stretched her tongue over the entire earth so that his blood should not drop on the earth and killed him on Maha Navami day.

Thus the goddess Durga wiped out the evil Mahishasura and restored peace on the earth. But it has an inner meaning Mahishasura indicates the “Tamo Guna”. According to the Indian philosophy there are three gunas called as Sathva, Rajas and Tamo guna. Satva is best where as Rajas is better but Tamo guna is the worst. But all these are to be conquered to attain liberation. But to suppress this Tamo guna one needs a more powerful Tamo guna, thus godess Durga took the form of Bhadra Kali and destroyed the Mahishasura who is afflicting the earth (self). This is evident that one who worships Devi one will able to conquer the Guna associated with her incarnation. This is my perception (with my limited knowledge).


Generally upasana comes under the preview of 5th house (upasana) and 9th house (Guru or preceptor). Tenth house (meridian) indicates ones effort and eleventh house shows siddhi (fulfillment of desire). Planets connected with 5th house and the dasa lord denotes the deity one worships. We often find people who like one particular god even though they are not worshipping them, the mere appearance will attract such people.

One can also pray to such deity who is signified by the weakly posited planets in their horoscope (kundli) to ward off their evil. Hence there are two types of worships one for salvation (as well as mental strength) the other to ward off the evil planetary disposition (parihara). The impact or intensity of the parihara will be more in the auspicious days (Parva dinas). The following details are for the information of readers:

Moon – Durga
Moon & Rahu - Para Sakthi.
Mars & Moon- Lalitha
Jupiter-Moon- Lakshmi
Sun-Moon- Pratyangira.
Moon-Saturn- Matangi.
Venus-Moon- Gowri.
Mars-Saturn-Moon- Kali.
Mercury-Moon-Jupiter- Saraswathi
Mars-Moon-Saturn-Kethu- Other forms of Devi like Bhagala, jwala etc.

Hence people who are facing the negative effects of the planets said above can pray to the related deity and enjoy peace of mind. But one should be very careful while choosing the Tamo guna devtas like Kali, Bhagala , Kalaratri etc.. as they have a very severe restrictions and need complete commitment, Guru (master)’s advise is strictly needed in such cases.

Whatever appearance She (Maha Sakthi) may have She will protect Her devotees like a mother saves her child. Let us all pray to her Lotus feet for a peace and prosperous life.

Jai Maa Bhavani
To consult astrologer VG Ramachandra Pavan, please click here.
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