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Ketu Transit 2018

Last Updated: 1/3/2018 12:16:21 PM

Ketu Transit 2018 The Ketu Transit 2018 will bring changes in job and economic benefits! Ketu, also known as "Dragon’s Tale" is a shadow planet. Ketu transits in a single zodiac for a period of 18 months. Ketu is considered as a very strong and liberating planet. This is a trapping planet that shows some kind of results but the person under its influence has to face absolutely different consequences. Therefore, Ketu is also known as deceitful planet or a planet which has a monstrous form.

Ketu is a shadow planet that has certain magnetic effects, which displays the person’s craving for a particular object. Ketu is currently transiting in its friendly zodiac called Capricorn. In 2018, Ketu will tour the Capricorn zodiac for the entire year. Let's know what effect Ketu Transit will have on all 12 zodiac signs in the year 2018.


This year, Ketu transit will be from your zodiac to the X House. You will have to work with more diligence at your workplace and Ketu will provide you with the results by offering you a sudden promotion. The merchant class might choose to shift either their office or business. You may have to face financial constraints. At this time, you’ll have to take special care of your health because the probability of a heart-related disease is high. There might be arguments with spouse and stress in marital life. For students, this time will render normal results even after putting in a lot of hard work. Those wishing to go abroad will get the opportunity to travel abroad. Since Aries has a good relationship with Ketu, the Ketu transit 2018 will prove to be quite lucky for all those who have Aries as their zodiac sign. Your aggressive nature will get diminished and you’ll transform into a calm and composed individual. All the working professionals can excellent brilliant news related to their promotions in the year 2018.

Remedy: Recite the Ganesh Sankat Nashak Stotram.


This year, Ketu transit will be from your zodiac to the IX House. This year, Ketu will suddenly become the cause of a rising fortune. Your morale will increase. There will be a possibility of getting respect in the job. The business class will get plenty of support from all around. You’ll be friendly with your life partner. Your interest in religious activities will remain negligible. Students will achieve success. Luck will accompany you. Do not befriend wrong people or else you may have to face defamation. It is important to take special care of your father's health. You may seem to be happy and contented from financial perspective, but in actuality the scenario will be the opposite. There will be a possibility of loss in government work, so there is a need to be conscious. As a person with Taurus as your zodiac sign, you are indeed a hard-working individual. With Ketu transit in the year 2018, you can grab all the good things that come your way. All the appreciation that you have won all these years will bring you prosperity in the year 2018.

Remedy: Feed a pied or three-coloured dog with milk roti


This year, Ketu transit will be through your zodiac in the VIII House. Also, during this year, you are likely to face financial losses. There might be a situation wherein the people into jobs might have to spend money from their savings. Suddenly, you might have to go on a pilgrimage. There is a good probability that the merchant class will benefit from overseas work. Do take care of your spouse’s health. Students may have a failure in the field of education. So, there is a need to put in a lot of hard work. Avoid going on a long trip or frequent travel because there is a clear possibility of an accident. You will be able to spend this hard time calmly using your strength and courageous attitude.

Remedy: Feed the birds with grains and recite Ganesh Kavach on a daily basis.


In this year, Ketu transit will be from your zodiac to the VII House. People employed in jobs will get benefit at the workplace. You will earn a reputation in the society. At the same time, government benefits will also be received. For businessmen, Ketu is creating a probability of unexpected progress and an increase in economic benefits. You may enter into an argument with your spouse. It might be difficult for you to give time to your spouse. At this time, drink lots of water otherwise you may have to suffer from a kidney-related disease. Students will get good results of their hard work. You may have to take care of your routine. Ketu is a planet with magnetic properties, which will ensure that your desire is not satisfied and as a result you may have to suffer health loss. Include regular yoga and morning walks in your daily routine.

Remedy: Offer vermilion to Lord Hanuman.


Ketu transit 2018 will be from your zodiac in sixth house. You have to be a little careful at this time. The enemy side may dominate you. People employed in jobs may become victims of politics and conspiracy. Hence, it would be wise not to get carried away with the talks of people. The trader brigade will get benefit after a lot of hard work and struggle. The possibility of unnecessary expenditures is high. Relationship with the spouse might get worse. Avoid unnecessary friendship. Students will get success in the competition examination only after putting a lot of hard work. You may suffer from eye disease at this time. Take care of your health because there are chances of falling ill. In the court proceedings, the decision might not come in your favor.

Remedy: Donate a flag at a temple and install flags in different places of worship.


Ketu transit 2018 will be from your zodiac to the V House. You might be slightly mentally disturbed in this year. From a financial perspective, time isn’t favorable. You will be worried about the health of your child. People employed in jobs may have to experience mental exhaustion due to excessive workload. Businessmen need to be wise during conversations. Students will have to work hard. You can experience bitterness in the romantic relationship with your life partner. At this time, there are chances of being fortunate.

Remedy: Donate lemon, banana and sesame at a temple.


2018 Ketu transit will be from your zodiac to the IV House. You will achieve success. You will be busy in auspicious tasks. You are likely to benefit from real-estate. People in jobs might have to face difficulties at the workplace. You may have to face domestic issues pertaining to your life partner. Take care of your mother's health. Drive your vehicle carefully. The possibility of an accident is quite high. Students will get benefit in the field of education. You will plan to purchase a new house. You may remain a little weak from financial perspective

Remedy: Recite Narasimha Stotram


Ketu transit 2018 will be from your zodiac to the III House. Your fortune will suddenly shine in this year. Professionals will get opportunities to work abroad. The merchants may have to go on frequent short trips related to business. You will be encouraged. Students will get success in competitive exams. You will spend a great time with your spouse. You will get a chance to spend a long vacation with your family. At this time, your siblings may have to face health issues. Relations with siblings will not be good. There will be possibility of profit from real-estate.

Remedy: Chant Gan Ganapate Namah Mantra every day


In this year, Ketu transit will be from your zodiac to II House. You may have to face difficulties in family life throughout this year. People employed in different jobs may receive money all of a sudden. If you are fond of gambling or lottery then you may receive benefit during this year. Business class will get financial benefits but make sure to save money carefully. There is also a possibility of sudden financial loss. Students may have to face difficulty in studies. There might be a conflict in the relationship with your life partner. Speak thoughtfully, otherwise you may induce bitterness in older relationships. Take care of your health. You may suffer from eye-related and mouth-related diseases.

Remedy: Feed grains to birds and observe a fast on Ganesh Chauth day.


During this year, Ketu transit will occur in your zodiac itself. You might feel physical weakness during this year. You may remain irritated and sad. You will not be interested in any work. Professionals may have to experience problems at the workplace. The merchant class will get honor and respect at the work place. You will receive good news pertaining to your children. Relationship with the life partner will be normal. Students will receive respect in the field of education. You might get trapped by a disease. Hence, consume a balanced diet. Ketu transit occurred in 2017 and will stay in the same condition for another whopping 23 years. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that not only 2018 but even 2019 will be huge affected by Ketu transit. Since the Capricorn zodiac is being ruled by Saturn, Ketu brings in good news for all the natives of Capricorn zodiac sign in the year 2018.

Remedy: Go and pay respect to Lord Narsimha.


Throughout this year, Ketu transit will be from your zodiac to XII House. Suddenly, you may get an opportunity to go abroad. Your expenses will increase all of a sudden and the same would make you experience difficulty. Those who are employed need not worry. You will be able to achieve your goal via your outstanding courage. The merchant class will be benefitted from certain remote places. Students are likely to get successful in their examination only if they study in accordance to a well-organized and pre-planned strategy. Relationship with the life partner might not remain good. Avoid any kind of fight with someone, or else you might get trapped in legal matters.

Remedy: Wear a nine-faced rudraksha and recite Argala Stotram


All through the year 2018, Ketu transit will take place from your zodiac to XII House. There is an immense possibility of receiving profit by putting in small amount of effort. People who are already working in different companies might have an opportunity to grow their earnings in a commendable format. All those people who’re running a business are expected to succeed in addition to receiving economic profits. Students will get a higher success despite putting in little effort. Your relationship with the life partner will remain in a good state. At this time, there is quite a possibility that your elder siblings might have to face health-related problems. You will continue to strive for your progress. Additionally, you will also happy and satisfied with everything that’s happening in your personal as well as professional life.

Remedy: Donate a double-dyed blanket to a poor.

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