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Mercury’s Transit in Libra

Last Updated: 9/28/2013 10:47:13 AM

Mercury, Libra, Mercury Transit

By Acharya Raman

Mercury is going in Libra on 25th September and will remain there till 1st December before going to Scorpio. Planet Mercury generally transits for 16-20 days in a sign this time will be different. Mercury is a very fast moving planet and owns two signs, Gemini and Virgo. Both are dual in nature but Gemini is airy and Virgo is earthy sign. Both are female signs. Mercury is regarded as the prince in the planetary constitution and is considered of no result after 16 degrees in a horoscope. In modern context Mercury rules over telecommunication, satellite communication, wireless signals and also wit, humor, education, grasping ability, written communication, Astrology.

Libra is a sign owned by Venus, which is a good friend of Mercury. Libra is fixed, male, airy sign. Mercury will be accompanied by Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) in this stay and Saturn is a good friend of Mercury too. Rahu is in Libra so will be acting as Venus, Saturn and Mercury because the nodes acquire traits of the planet they conjunct with and the sign in they are and the planet aspecting them and the star and sub in which they are situated.

Mercury is not considered a cruel planet but it gives effect according the conjunction it has with other planets or signs. It behaves like an impressionable teenager and starts behaving like the company he has.

Keeping this in mind, I can say that this transit is not going to be auspicious. Saturn and Rahu are well known malefic planets and in their company, Mercury will be spoiling the traits it possesses naturally.

It will be wiser for people who are running antara and pratyantara of Mercury in their charts, to finish pending things otherwise they are going to face unnecessary delays; there can be abrupt end to things also. If the current antara or pratyantara lord is in star or sub of Mercury in their natal charts then also it is applicable. There will be disturbance in internet traffic, mobile phones, telecom sector overall. Youth will be behaving annoyingly and will disregard elders. There will be incidents of snatching gold chains by youngsters and they will take drugs and will suffer due to it. Mercury will be transiting in Chitra, Swati and Vishakha constellations ruled by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter respectively.

There will be danger to the child of some prominent personality in October. He will either be caught by police or will suffer in hands of some conspirators. Eating habits should be controlled by people who fall in aforesaid criteria otherwise they will see hospitalization. The decision making process of natives will be affected due to this transit. Some major projects will be called off.
The effects on various ascendants will be:

Aries: You might lose in legal cases. There could be wasteful expenses. Your aggression may go against you, so be very careful. Think twice before committing to something.

Taurus: Time is not that good for pregnant women, so be cautious. You might lose in speculation. There could be separation from partner for short while.

Gemini: You will be saved from some calamity by divine grace. There will be short travels. You are prone to thefts during this period. It will not be bad in general.

Cancer: There will be talks of selling off old assets. It might not materialize during this period. You might renovate your property. Work front might be troubling.

Leo: This transit will not be of much use to you. It might be giving problems from kits and kins and other people living around you. There is gain for you but not much.

Virgo: The period does not look promising for you as there might be losses and defamation. There could be some bad news in family. You may have problems in expressing yourself clearly.

Libra: Remain focused; you are not able to consolidate your position. Avoid expenses, as the money spent will not be easily recovered. Your luck will be against you.

Scorpio: There might be tensions at the work front. You will travel a lot and it is likely that there might be delay in profits. There could be some unexpected gain to you.

Sagittarius: Your personal life will be disturbed. It is likely that your kids will be giving you a lot of troubles. There might be problems from servants also. You may go for some religious travel this month.

Capricorn: Work front will be stressful. You will win over rivals at all fronts. Luck factor will be minimized but you will still go strong. Teeth and thighs might give trouble, which could take you to the doctor.

Aquarius: This period is bringing along many short travels for you. Your father may face some health problem. You might find solace in the company of religious people.

Pisces: Personal life might be disturbed for a while but professional front will be good. There could be separation from spouse.

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