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The Significance of Nava Graha in Astrology

Last Updated: 11/20/2012 12:24:21 PM

nava graha, planets, astrology

All Hindus make the next offering to the Nava Graha after making the first offering to Lord Ganesha. Nava Graha stands for the nine planets. According to Hindu belief, the greatest influence on a person is that of the nine planets. The nine planets or the nava graha are in the constant motion and their influence changes with the changes in their position. These planets influence the destinies of people and nations. Life of every individual is affected by the planets. The horoscope in Indian astrology is prepared on the basis of individual’s place and time of birth. Horoscope predicts the destiny of the individual on the basis of the position of the nine planets at the time of individual’s birth.

The position of the planets indicates their influence at a particular time and place. It is not a compelling force in deciding one’s destiny. It is just a suggestive guidance. The deeds and efforts exerted by human is the definite force. Positive actions and deeds have the power to alter the effect of planets. As per the Hindu belief, each of the nine planets is personified and has a definite influence. The offerings are made to these planets in order to keep them happy and contented. Here is a comprehensive narration about each and every planet or say, Nava Graha.

Surya is the first and foremost of the nine planets. He has two arms and carries a lotus flower in both of his hands. He wears a beautiful crown on his head. He also wears a gem studded necklace. He sits on the throne of lotus and his chariot is driven by seven horses. Surya is like Brahma. In order to please Surya, one must make an offering to him every day and wear a Ruby ring. One must also donate jaggery, wheat, copper, gold and red fabric.

The second planet is Chandra, the moon. His clothes, chariot and the seven horses that pull him are spotlessly white. He wears a golden crown on his head and a pearl necklace around his neck. Chandra sits on a lotus throne and holds a mace in one hand and blesses with another hand. Lack of blessings from Chandra causes mental stress and breathing problems. To receive his blessings one must fast on Mondays, pray Shiva and wear pearl in a silver ring. One must donate rice, camphor, silver, conch shell, white sandalwood, white flowers, sugar, curd and pearls in charity.

The third planet is Mangal, the planet mars. He wears red clothes and golden crown along with a red necklace. He has four arms and carries a trident in one of the right hands. He protects from the left hand and with the right hand he gives blessings. His mode of transport is male sheep. One must fast on Tuesdays and worship Shiva and hanuman. One should recite the hanuman Chalisa and wear coral in a ring. One may donate wheat, copper, gold, red clothes, jaggery, saffron, red flowers and land.

The fourth of the nine planets is Budh, mercury. The color yellow represents Budh. He wears yellow clothes and a garland made of yellow flowers. He has four arms. He carries a sword in one of the right hand and blesses with another right hand. He carries a mace and a shield in left hands. His mode of transportation is lion. One must fast on the first day of new moon. One should also wear an emerald ring. Ivory, green clothes, coral, emerald, gold, weapon, and variety of foods must be given in charity.

The fifth planet is Brihaspati, the planet Jupiter. He wears a beautiful crown and beautiful jewellery. His clothes are yellow and sit on a lotus throne. He has four arms. He carries a shaft and a vessel with left hands, carries a Rudraksha rosary in right hand and blesses with the other right hand. Brihaspati blesses the devotees with prosperity and wisdom. He also motivates to follow the righteous path. One should fast on Thursdays and on the first day of the month. Yellow topaz ring should be worn. One should also donate yellow clothes, gold, turmeric, ghee, topaz, horse, book, honey, salt, sugar, land and umbrella.

The sixth planet is Shukra, the planet Venus. He is the Lord of demons. He has a fair complexion and wears a beautiful crown and beautiful jewellery. He sits on a white lotus throne. He has four arms. He holds shaft and a vessel in the left hands, Rudraksha in one of the right hands and blesses with another right hand. To please Shukra, one should wear diamonds and pray to cow. Donate silver, gold, diamonds, rice, ghee, and curd, white sandalwood and white clothes.

The seventh of the nine planets is Shani, the planet Saturn. His complexion is like the color of blue sapphire. He wears golden jewellery and a golden crown. The color of his clothes is blue. He has four arms. He carries a bow and a trident in the two of his left hands. One of his right hands bears an arrow and blesses with the other. His vehicle is vulture. His chariot is made of steel. His inspiration is Brahma and Yama. Chant the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra and donate sesame seeds, black peas, black shoes, black cow, sapphire and gold.

The last two planets among the nine planets are Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is the son of Kashyap. Moreover, Rahu is a demon. When Gods obtained Amrit by churning the ocean, Rahu came disguised in the form of God and drank some of the Amrit. When Surya and Chandra recognized him, they informed Lord Vishnu, who immediately cut off Rahu’s head through his Sudarshan Chakra. Since he drank some of the elixir, he did not die. The separated head and the body remained alive. The head is known as Rahu and the body is known as Ketu. Brahma transformed the two into planets. It is believed that in order to take revenge from Surya and Chandra, who reported to Vishnu, they swallow them to cause solar and lunar eclipse i.e. they cast a shadow on the Sun and the Moon.

Rahu looks dreadful and wears gold jewellery and a golden crown. He wears black clothes. He has four arms and carries a trident and a shield in the left arms and in one of the right hand he carries a sword. With the other right hand he blesses the people. His vehicle is lion.

One should chant the Mrityunjaya Mantra and wear an amethyst in a ring. Iron, mica, copperware, sesame seeds, blue clothes, seven grains, oils, blanket and horse should be given in charity.

The complexion of Ketu is smoky. He wears black clothes and a golden crown. He has two arms. He carries a mace in left hand and blesses with the right. His vehicle is vulture. Cat’s eye should be worn in a ring. Vaidurya, oil, sesame, a blanket, weapon, musk and blue flowers should be given in charity.

Astrology studies the effects of these planets in general and in particular on human beings. Each planet has different influences. A capable astrologer can study the effect of each planet upon one another and on the human beings. Prayers and offerings can change the malefic effects into benefic effects of the planets.

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