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Planets Retrograde in 2019

Last Updated: 11/23/2018 2:37:13 PM

planets, retrograde, motion, 2019, dates, astrology

Space is filled with thousands of different kinds of celestial bodies. Most of these celestial bodies are incredibly massive. These massive celestial bodies could be planets, balls of gases, black holes, our stars, moons, asteroids, meteoroids, and many other celestial bodies. However, out of all these celestial bodies mentioned here, perhaps the most intriguing are the planets.

The planets can also simply be looked on as a type of astronomical body that might be orbiting a stellar remnant or more commonly a star. There are a total number of eight planets and out of all those eight planets, only five of those planets are visible to the naked eye of any particular individual. Those eight planets are also divided into two different categories of the terrestrial planets and the giant plants. In the category of the terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. While in the category of the giant planets comes Jupiter and Saturn, which are also known as the gas giants, and Uranus and Neptune, which are known as the ice giants.

All these planets have played a great role in the study of a number of different subjects and one of the most important subjects out of all those is of astrology. Saturn is also known as Shani in the Indian culture. All these planets are of extreme importance in the subject of astrology. And one of the most important events exhibited by the planets is the retrograde motion. If you wish to know about the dates of this astrological phenomenon in 2019 then we will be mentioning all the information related to them below.

However, before we go there it is important for us to know all the major details about this phenomenon of retrograde motion of the planets. The study of this phenomenon is extremely important in the subject of astrology. The term retrograde simply means to move backward or in a motion that is completely opposite to the normal motion that is often held by that particular object or celestial body. There are also a few specific planets which show this retrograde motion and those planets are known as the retrograde planets.

There are also a few clear signals as to how or when a planet might be showing a retrograde motion. And one of those signs is that the planet tends to stay longer in the area of the previous zodiac sign. Few of those planets that often go into retrograde motion are Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or Shani, and Mercury. All these planets will be going into the retrograde motion in the year 2019.

Here, all the major details that you need to know about the dates and timings when all this will be happening is mentioned below.


Mercury is a planet that goes into the retrograde motion almost 3 or 4 times a year. The retrograde period in the planet Mercury is bound to bring the intellect and the creativity of an individual belonging to the fiery sings to the forefront. In case of all the different earthy signs, this retrograde motion is bound to bring with it some money related problems. For the airy signs, the retrograde in the Mercury is going to bring with itself a free flow of communication. The retrograde motion in the Mercury will also end up bringing a large wave of emotions for those with the watery signs.

According to the teachings that are dictated in the subject of astrology, Mercury is a diplomatic planet. The simple meaning behind it is the planet picks up the traits of the planet which its currently with. Hence, this planet can be beneficial for you when it is paired with an another beneficial planet. This planet can also be disastrous for you if it is paired with a malefic planet. Therefore, it is often advised that one should avoid shifting houses or traveling to any faraway places especially when Mercury is in its retrograde motion. The table containing all the details about the days and timings under which it will follow a retrograde motion is mentioned below.

Date Time End Date End Time Total Retrograde Period
March 05, 2019 (Tuesday) 23:49 March 28, 2019 (Thursday) 19:29 23 Days
July 08, 2019 (Monday) 04:45 August 01, 2019 (Thursday) 09:28 25 Days
October 31, 2019 (Thursday) 21:11 November 21, 2019 (Thursday) 00:41 21 Days

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During the year 2019, we won’t get to observe the planet Venus going into a retrograde motion. This planet retrogrades after a period of almost 18 months. It is quite a commonly known fact that this planet is also regarded as the symbol of love, married life, and luxuries. Hence, it is important for an individual to remember to tread lightly or to not make a major move during the period when this planet is in a retrograde motion. You should not make any major moves that might have a strong effect on your love life and you should further avoid making any kind of major money-related decisions during this time period too. It is also advised that you should avoid going for any major beauty treatment during this time period. However, it is extremely important to have the patience during this time for all aspects of your life.

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Mars is a planet that goes into the retrograde motion once in a 2 year. This planet is often linked to boosting the productivity and the enthusiasm level of an individual as it is often associated with qualities like valor and courage. However, it is often advised that you should not choose to get a medical treatment during this time period. You should further avoid buying a vehicle or using any kind of big and harsh tools during this time. If you wish to tackle the negative impacts that are accompanied by the retrograde motion of these planets then it is suggested that you should try and read the Hanuman Chalisa. This planet also does not go into the retrograde motion in the year 2019.


This planet is often known for being beneficial and quite influential in a number of different aspects on all our lives. This planet goes into the retrograde motion every single year for a period of almost 4 months. This planet is further considered as a slow-moving planet since it almost takes a period of 12 years for this planet to complete its cycle. This planet is further considered as the lord of the 4th and the 7th house which enables this planet to exert a strong positive influence which will enable a number of individuals to complete tasks that they couldn’t have thought about doing earlier. This is one of the reasons behind why this planet is also regarded as having the capacity to increase the spiritual bend of an individual.

However, the exact effects that this planet can have on you would also depend upon your entire birth chart. And if you wish to make the retrograde motion of this planet especially favorable for yourself then you should consider having a fast on Thursdays and chanting the mantra of “Om Gum Gurwaya Namah”. The table that contains all the information about the exact days or timings for the retrograde period of this planet is mentioned below.

Date Time End Date End Time Total Retrograde Period
Apr 10 22:17 Aug 11 19:18 123 Days

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This planet is also known as Shani and as the planet of justice. Saturn is also considered as a slow-moving planet and it further carries its retrograde motion for a period of around 4 months. It can yield both positive and negative impacts during this particular time. Hence, it is important for you to take some precautions like the initiation of new projects should not be started during this time period. However, it is advised that you should complete your old projects during this time period. To further maximize the positive effects of this time period you should also consider reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and worshiping the Lord Hanuman. The table that contains all the information about the dates and timings for the retrograde motion of this planet is mentioned below.

Date Time End Date End Time Total Retrograde Period
April 30 06:42 September 18 14:08 142 Days

Hope you have got the answer to your question regarding planets retrograding in 2019. Come back more for more topics. All the best.

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