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Printable Calendar 2020: Download Free Printable Calendar

Last Updated: 1/24/2019 9:49:57 AM

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Another year brings with itself desires, opportunities, challenges, and promises. A printable calendar 2020 which can be downloaded for free will help you chalk out your priorities to the fullest. Here we are with the most useful tool to manage your day-to-day activities without wasting any more time. Download printable calendar for the year 2020 for free, print it out and hang it in your room or study room for a quick reach-out.

Origin of Gregorian Calendar

About 260 years back, a calendar was made by the Pope to change the date of Easter. Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 gifted this calendar to the world before which Julian calendar was used. Since the calendar implemented after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar had a flaw i.e. the length of the solar year being greater than 11 minutes, the seasons were falling out of place. Easter, observed on March 21, was going away from the spring equinox. The same influenced leap years which did not fall on every fourth year because of the wrong calculation.

Free Printable Calendar 2020 With Holidays

Scientists of Italy, Aloysius Lilius, having identified the problem and developed a system which Pope later unveiled. However, there still is an issue with the calendar i.e. every year 26 seconds are falling out of place and this calendar will also create a huge difference by the end we reach the year 4909. Since a difference of 26 seconds is way smaller than 11 minutes, there was a solid reason why to replace the Julian calendar with Gregorian.

Though the reason behind this amendment was strictly scientific, there were protests as people thought that the Catholic church has devised a plot. Let’s find out more on this, but before we dig in deeper, above is the calendar for 2020 which you can download for free and print as many copies as you want. Gift this calendar to someone or use it as a planner. A calendar is crucial to everyday planning, therefore, we have this simple version of the monthly calendar for you.

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The Roman calendar as per Julius Caesar was in shackles. As they tried to follow the lunar cycle, the calendar continued to fall out of the place. In 7th century BC there often was a need to add some days in the year or correct the seasons. Caesar consulted an Alexandrian astronomer named Sosigenes who advised him to go with the Solar calendar and eliminate the lunar considerations to develop a stable calendar. Egyptians went by the same principal and 67 days were added to the year 46 B.C. the year now constituted of 365 and ¼ days. To make a balance of this ¼ days, it was decided that every four years an extra day will be added to the month of February. This could have theoretically prevented the calendar from going away from accuracy. He did what he could and some time before his assassination changed the name of the month Quintilis to Julius (July) and the next month of Sextilis was renamed after Augustus as August (successor to Julius Caesar).

The ideas given by Sosigenes did solve the problem as per Julius Caesar but when it was revealed that the calculation of the year to be of 365.25 days was not exact and the year actually consisted of 365.242199 days there was again a need of change. Same happened with this calendar. Had the great astronomer calculated the number of days with this preciseness, we would still be calling it Julian Calendar and not Gregorian.

This was all about how Gregorian calendar came into existence. We shared it with you as it's always good to know why is something the way it is.


A calendar can be used in multiple ways on a regular basis. Read the following points to know better and chalk out your tasks:

  1. You can check out the date and day the festivals or traditional events are falling.
  2. The government can take mandatory decisions such as declaring a holiday or contesting elections based on the calendar.
  3. With the calendars differentiating between seasons, farmers can take a decision regarding seed sowing, crop harvesting etc.
  4. You can plan your family trip, official tours or overseas trips with the help of a calendar.
  5. A calendar can help you remember the birthdays, anniversaries or special days of your life and other people.

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  • National Calendars

Several nations opt for following their own calendars so as to stay precise with the occurrence of festivals, religious, government and financial events. For e.g. In Afghanistan and Iran, Iranian calendar is widely used, EthiopiaandEritrea follow Ethiopian calendar whereas Thai solar calendaris followed in Thailand.

  • Religious Calendars

Several calendars before the beginning of the modern era are still taken into consideration. Religious calendars are widely used to mark the beginning of any religious festival or traditional event, as rituals are followed as per the duration stated by these calendars. There are numerous calendars observed in Hinduism which includes Vikrama Samvat in Northern India, Shalivahana Calendar in the Deccan states, Bengali Calendar, Tamil Calendar, Malayalam Calendar, Buddhist Calendar, Islamic Calendar, Hebrew Calendar and so on.

  • Fiscal Calendars

Several countries mark a separate fiscal or financial calendar so as to streamline their economic flow, taxation, and finances. In India, the financial year begins from 1 April and ends on 31 March the following year.

We hope this information resolves your doubt about Printable Calendar. For more interesting facts and information, keep reading our articles on AstroCAMP.

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