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Rahu Peyarchi Palangal 2017

Last Updated: 11/22/2016 10:04:45 AM

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Rahu is known for its conundrums & is thus often referred to as an capricious graham. It is an unbiased graham and is culpable for some of the most thundering incidents in life. At present, Rahu is vested in Simmam sign and would remain, till Friday, 18th August 2017, when it moves back into Kadagam. Peyarchi Palan of Rahu is considered to be a very critical astrological change, & a change this important, sure has to have its effect on every zodiac sign, to know about yours grab a cup of coffee & read along...


Rahu will move through your fifth bhavam, thus giving you great contemporary new ideas but, these ideas could make you put your foot in your mouth, as you may get a bit too self centered and you may think about yourself, this could avalanche up issues in your general life. Your children will be an amalgam of playful-mischievous-rowdy & naughty, if you are a student you could suffer from lack of concentration. After 9th September, Rahu will approach your fourth bhavam which could mark a glorious end to your aforementioned situations but, there may be a change in residence. You could bring into play new ideas at work and will have to burn the candle at both ends, thus mental pressure could increase and you may have to say goodbye to the comforts of family life.


Rahu will remain in your fourth bhavam, which makes you quite tied up in many things, some of them could possibly be of little to no use at all. You may not be able to find the time to sit idle at one place. There could be some rumpus in your domestic life. After Rahu moves into Kadagam, your determination and efforts would drastically augment, you would take risks and would have to travel rather frequently. After September, you would do very well in almost all the aspects of life and could also be headed near a holy river where you could be later seen dipping into.


Rahu is in your third bhavam and will stick around till September. During this stay of Rahu, you will be all bright - eyed & bushy-tailed, but remember that no challenge is as colossal as your will power, hence you will tackle all situations without a hitch. Your siblings could feel the brunt of things. Short journey could take place. After 9th September situation might change, you may have to stay away from family or native place for work or business. Your income would increase as you would be able to accumulate wealth however; you may have aloofness from family members and there may be health issues that could leave you high & dry.


Rahu is in your second bhavam, the bhavam of wealth, thus increasing your affluency. There could be some causatum in family, either they could fall sick or could leave you out of the picture. When Rahu will enter into your ascendant, your state of mind would get completely overhauled. Rahu in Kadagam is perceived to be good for many reasons. Mostly because it gives you a clear head which stirs thinking ability. You would be bouncing off the walls and would like to take the opportunity with both hands if you were asked to rule the world. Your loved ones will have a hard time understanding you, as you would be quite hypocrite but, you shall foresee a good & steady rise in your career. Family life could suffer quite a bit.


Rahu is in your predominance and would continue to remain for almost the entire year, hence this year is a bit crucial for your married life. Rahu could make you blow a fuse or could drive you up the wall. You may not take the best of advices from friends, which would make the things go haywirish & later turn your friends into oppugner. Marital life could go down in the dumps. After september, your situation should improve. You would commence on long journeys or could also go abroad. This will lead you to make new connections with foreigners. However; if atrocious combinations are found in a natives rasi palan, it could land them in a prison or a hospital. Your expenses would increase immensely.


Rahu will be moving through your twelfth bhavam, this could give you a run down. legal proceedings could be headed your way. Your enemies could try & slander you, which in turn could mar your image. You would embark on long or abroad journeys, also there could be money going out types expenditures. After september when rahu will enter into your eleventh bhavam, income will shoot up tremendously and you would get ample of opportunities to grow even more competently in life. However; your seniors at work might not be gullible, so you should be tactful. You may indulge in a new relationship.


Rahu is in your eleventh bhavam, the bhavam of income and achievements hence during this year, you would achieve tremendous success. Many new resources will come your way hence you just need to work your fingers to the bone, to grab every opportunity that comes your way. You may enjoy a sumptuous love relationship and might even head out for a trip with loved ones. Your children may have a daunting time ahead of them. After September, there could be changes in your existing workplace. You need to let your hair down, as you could indulge in some interminable controversy at work. You would remain busy and may not give proper time to your family.


The tenth bhavam of profession and karma will be blessed with the presence of Rahu, during this year you need to watch out a bit as your deeds would be laying the foundation for your future triumphs. Your routine would be such, as to work your finger to the bone and you may not be able to make time for your family, there could be some skeletons in the closets for you. Once, Rahu moves into Kadagam, you could retroverse into a religious person and might just enjoy a dip in holy river. Long journeys are heavily indicated. Health of father may not be full of beans, so keep an eye on that. You may have radical views which needs to be in check.


The ninth bhavam; the one that signifies fame and fortune, will hold in high esteem the presence of Rahu. You & your father might not speak the same language as there will be uncounted small squabbles & bickerings, or his health could take a beating as well. You could soon be headed towards many long journeys. After September, your subject of interest might just revolve around spirituality and occultism. If you havent visited a doctor in while, now would be the time as good as any to knock on his door as chances of an undetectable disease slipping into your system is quite extraordinarily high, and this is just the tip of the iceberg as you could also be involved in an accident or injury. No more shenanigans, sail close to the wind because what you do now could be very instrumental in your life few years down the line.


Rahu is stationed in your eighth bhavam, or the bhavam of sixty- four dollar questions. You could find yourself embedded deep in secretive activities and earning through shady means. There might be a possibility of you hitting the pay dirt. Health of father could cause you a great deal of stress. You could develop deep affection for hidden things, if you are ludicrously inventive, this period could piggyback your research. After Rahus movement into Kadagam, marital life could yoke around around your neck. Things can escalate so much such that, either you could be parting ways with your spouse or could have many mix-ups, therefore you should be very painstakingly mindful. On the bright side, your career graph could take wings & fly.


Rahu will persist in your seventh bhavam, the bhavam of spouse and partnership, this could create some serious issues with your spouse. If you are in a relationship, you may not be on the same wavelength and he/she may be quite whimsical. This could be a reason alone for rifts & confrontations. Your career could see a sharp rise after September, when Rahu will glide into your sixth bhavam. You could dominate over your enemies as they are in for a tormenting time. You should be very inclined towards your health as you could develop a health ailment. If you are preparing for your exams, Rahu shall bless you with success. Legal disputes could skew in your favour.


Rahu would stay in your sixth bhavam, which will boost your potential to deal with the lemons that life throws at you, and to contest in a more dauntless and gallant of styles. You could humble your opponents as you would come out as a winner in every dispute that you might bump into. After September though, when Rahu will change its position & sit in the fifth bhavam. You could be inclined to try & find an easy way out for everything, & it will no doubt give you benefits in great many ways but you must be absolutely sure because once youve made your bed, you have to sleep on it too, & if due to some reason things go south, remember you would not get a second bite at the cherry. Ideally your income should increase. And you would harbour a new found interest in IT, politics and unconventional methods.


If youre facing any troubles related to the shadowy graham, Rahu, you can consider the following remedies:

  • Wear silver.
  • Serve a black dog.
  • Worship Lord Shiva religiously.
  • Pay homage to Lord Bhairav by visiting his temple on a regular basis.
  • Chant the durga mantra, Om dum durgay namah.
  • Avoid alcohol and non vegetarian.
  • Keep your house and surroundings immaculately clean, especially your terrace.
  • Do not take any freebies from anyone.
  • If possible, consume your food only in the kitchen
  • Donate blue blanket.
  • Respect your in-laws.
  • Perform rudrabhishek.
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