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Sun Transit In Sagittarius (December 16 - January 15, 2016)

Last Updated: 12/15/2015 12:12:43 PM

Sun is transiting in Sagittarius on December 16, 2015 and will stay here till January 15, 2016. Our astrologer will tell you about your future predictions during this transit. So, unfold your future possibilities here on AstroCAMP.

Sun will enter in Sagittarius on December 16. It will stay here till January 15, 2016 and transit to Capricorn the very same day. Sun will travel in the stars of Ketu, Venus and Sun and those natives for whom these planets are lords of bad houses - they will be adversely affected and vice versa. Their effects will be felt more and better if you are running the sub-sub-period or sub-period of Sun.

Let’s read the effect of this transit on different zodiac signs.


This is a good time for personal relationships. You may meet a distant friend. Back-ache is possible. You will get happiness from children. Financial losses are possible, so invest wisely, don’t get under the influence of others. You will spend on religious deeds, pilgrimage is also possible. Don’t get emotional while talking and stay calm. A great coordination will remain with family members.

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Mutual understanding may decrease and differences may come in relationship with close ones. You have to take care of your personal relationships. You may get into an old controversy, so stay cautious. Some works may accomplish, but you may feel reduction in happiness in most of them. Any short duration disease is possible and some problem is also possible in your vehicle.

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Disputes may occur with life-partner. A small thing may turn into a big one this time, so avoid anger and arrogance. Keep a control on your behavior and ethics. You will not feel happy in love relationships. Control your expenses and avoid taking major decisions. Avoid spicy food and try to use cold products as much as possible.

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Don’t give money to anyone on debt. Disputes are possible with uncle. Behave nicely with relatives and don’t offend anyone. Stomach related diseases are possible, you may have to visit a hospital too. Spendings are possible on renovation work at home. Some of your old halted works may complete with the help of an officer. You will get appreciation at workplace, but excess of work may disturb you.

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You may feel disappointed in love relationships. You have to behave properly, otherwise present relationships will turn into past. Keep a control on your words. Profits may decrease and you will also not enjoy your work. Your self-confidence will remain high, but it will not help in getting any fruitful result.

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Aspect on tenth house will bring auspiciousness for your love. You will perform better than your colleagues. Natives related to media will gain good benefits. Turbulence may remain in personal life. Financial benefits will come and long distant journeys are possible. Your life-partner will gain success in work. Misunderstandings are possible in daily routine in personal as well as social life. Don’t get angry on anyone unnecessarily.

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You will get benefits from relatives and brothers. Your friends will help you and stay together. Luck will support and you will get success in new endeavours. Your efforts will produce positive results and your communications skills will remain good. Take care of your health, otherwise problems are possible. An internal force will keep on motivating you this time.

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Sun will give profits in second house, but some losses will also be there. Pain is possible in eyes and you may feel disheartened. You may spend on unnecessary expensive things. You will get success at workplace and perform better than others. Good financial success may come your way, but losses may occur in love relationships. Don’t get into the whirl of speculation and conjecture based benefits.

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Sun in ascendant may make you arrogant, so control your behavior. Mess may remain in your personal life due to your own bad behavior. Health will reduce and stomach related problems are possible. Property dealers may get benefits. Government officials will prove to be of great help for you.

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Control your speech. Disputes are possible with younger brother and losses may occur due to that. Loss or theft of mobile, laptop is possible. Sleeplessness may disturb you this time. Stay cautious about your health. Your work may lose its pace, your seniors may also rebuke you due to this. Pleasure is also not foreseen in love relationship, but you will get bed pleasures.

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This time is good for you and for your life-partner as well. You will get benefits from your life partner. You may also get help from an authorised person, if you are a government official or contractor. This transit will also produce good results for businessmen. Money will come for them in a good amount.

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Confusions may remain in mind. This is a good time for searching for a new job, they may get some good opportunities. General problems are possible in health. Disputes are possible with family members. You may try to dominate, due to which other people may dislike you. Your efficiency will remain great, but don’t let this increase the arrogance in your mind. Don’t doubt your friends or close ones.

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So, this was all we had for you. If you wish to know everything in detail about you and your life for FREE, click here: Make Your FREE Detailed Kundali Here

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