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AstroSage Partner Program

AstroCAMP Affiliate - Benefits

"AstroCAMP Partnership Program" is one of its kind online affiliate platform, which helps members to earn huge sums of money on the basis of revenue sharing. Wherein the members can earn up to 40% of each order materialized. Let us have a look at some of its features:

Ever Increasing Gains
Once you place the ads on your website/blog, you will start earning money through the order made from those advertisements. Unlike other online revenue sharing models, there is unlimited scope for you to rake in the moolah every month.

Hassle-free Payment
Cheque will be issued at the end of each month automatically equal to the amount of your earnings. Members will get these cheques on the provided postal addresses. However, the minimum amount for issuing the cheque is Rs. 1,000. If you earn less than this amount in a month, it will be accumulated and the cheque will be sent to you as soon as youll cross Rs. 1,000/- mark.

Live Report
To check the status of account, online report can be accessed anytime. This report will provide all the data related to a members account such as the number of orders made through ads on members website, the amount earned, click through rate any many other vital details.

Online Branding is one of the most widely adored astrological website in India. It has a huge visitor base and the website drives online immense traffic. Members will not only reap the economic gains through this association, but also get benefits of brand AstroCAMP.

Quick Participation
Membership of AstroCAMP Partnership Program is absolutely free. It is an easy process to become the member of AstroCAMP Partnership Program. Just fill in your details and choose from wide variety of ads to be placed on your website/blog. Affix these ads and start making a profit now.

AstroCAMP Widgets
"AstroCAMP Widgets" is one of the most unique features of this affiliate program. Members will be provided ample of gadgets to use on their websites and blogs to promote themselves as brands and boost the income immensely. Learn more about these widgets.

User-friendly Interface
Members need not have any special technical knowledge to participate in this affiliate program and to use various features provided here. Just the basic understanding of computers would serve the purpose. In case of any confusion, you can always contact us.