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AstroCAMP Affiliate - Frequently Asked Questions

What is AstroCAMP Partner Program?
"AstroCAMP Partnership Program" is one of its kind online affiliate platform, which helps members to earn huge sums of money on the basis of revenue sharing. Wherein the members can earn up to 40% of each order materialized.

What is the charge to join this affiliate program?
You need not pay anything at all. This is absolutely free of cost! Just sign up now and get approval within 72 hrs to kick off your online income.

What is the process to join it?
It is very easy to join AstroCAMP Partner Program. Just fill an online form to provide your details. Wait for some time as our team will review the details. You will get the e-mail of approval. Once approved, you can place ads on your website/blogs and start earning.

How am I going to earn, and how much?
Once you add the banners or gadgets on your webpage, some of your visitors may click on it. If any of your visitors place an order through the ad on your website/blog, you get up to 40% revenue share. The more traffic you have on your webpage, the more are chances of people clicking on these ads and making orders, and more youll earn!

What are the criteria for membership?
Most of the websites/blogs can get the membership without any hassle at all. However, we reserve the sole right to rescind the membership at any time if we sense that the website or blog contains objectionable material which does not go with our policy.

What if I do not own a website?
You should have either a website or a blog to apply for the membership of this affiliation program. However, it is very easy to make a website or a free blog these days. So, if you do not have any webpage or blog, make one now and apply for the membership.

How can information about earning be accessed?
You can keep track of your income, how many people clicked on ads, how many made an order and other statistics through your dashboard.

When will I be paid?
Cheque will be issued at the end of each month automatically equal to the amount of your earnings. Members will get these cheques on the provided postal addresses. However, the minimum amount for issuing the cheque is Rs. 1,000. If you earn less than this amount in a month, it will be accumulated and the cheque will be sent to you as soon as youll cross Rs. 1,000/- mark.

How is it going to be ascertained that an order came through my website/blog?
The present technology enables us to track the source and the other vital information of a visitor i.e. where is the visitor coming from and on which ad s/he clicked on etc.

I live out of India. Can I still apply for membership? How will payment be made in this case?
Of course, you can join AstroCAMP Partner Program and reap the economic benefits too. However, the process of payment will be somewhat different in this case. We will pay using PayPal and there should be the amount of at least Rs. 5,000/- in your account. In case a member doesnt earn this much in a month, the money will be accumulated and fund will be transferred using PayPal when itll cross Rs. 5,000/- limit.

What if I am seeking something that is not anywhere mentioned on these pages?
Please do not hesitate to write us in case of any query or confusion. We will reply you soon.