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Debilitated Mercury in Pisces Misc
Nitin Datta
Transiting Mercury will experience debilitation (extreme weakness) on 10/04/2013 at 01:55 AM. Mercury exalts in Virgo and it debilitates in Pisces. Mercury is the significator of intelligence in Astrology. Let’s find what this situation is bringing for you.
The Destiny’s Child: Sanjay Dutt Bollywood
Nitin Datta
Sanjay Dutt has been into limelight these days for various allegations and court trials. That is why I have brought you certain Astrological factors related to him. You will get to know a lot about him from this article.
What makes a person left handed? Misc
Nitin Datta
Are you a left handed? Or, you know someone who is a left handy? I am sure you must have wondered why some people are left handed whereas most of them use right. I will give you the answer in this article from the eye of Astrology.
Mars Changing Sign – Afflicted for Many Matters – Effects On You & World Misc
Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Evening of 4th March at 8:40pm, planet Mars is changing the zodiac sign Pisces from Aquarius. Mars will stay in Pisces till 12th March. Pisces is the sign of planet Jupiter. Let’s know its effects on nation, environment and each zodiac sign.
Diabetes : Astrological Reasons Misc
Astrologer Usha Saxena
Diabetes has always been a topic of concern for all of us. Especially those who are more prone to diabetes due to genetics have to stay more alert. Considering the need of the moment, I have analysed the astrological reasons for diabetes. This will help you to stay prevented. Read here…
Late Marriage: Reasons & Remedies Misc
Nitin Datta
Marriage has been defined as one of the “Samskar” among the sixteen Samskaras (obligations) to be accomplished by all human beings. However, some people could not get the chance of cherishing it throughout the life, or some get it quite late. Let’s find here the reasons from the eye of Astrology along with solutions.
Enigma of Rahu & Ketu (Part-3) Misc
Nitin Datta
This is the last and concluding part of Enigma of Rahu and Ketu. Here, we will discuss some well known remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab. These are some simple but very powerful remedies that can mitigate the ill effects of these planets.
Choosing Correct Time With The Help of Constellations Misc
Acharya Raman
Starting any work in an AUSPICIOUS TIME or MUHURAT will increase the chances of success. With this article, we are telling you certain Astrological methods to find auspicious time exclusively for you. Let’s know how to find right and auspicious time with Astrological calculations.
Rahu - Effects in Day-to-Day Life Misc
Acharya Raman
RAHU affects us, according to Vedic Astrology, in our day-to-day lives. RAHU KAL or RAHU KALAM or RAHU KAALAM is governed by planet Rahu too. Planet Rahu is not a planet in actuality but is a node of Moon. It is well known so no need to go into that. But almost all scriptures have given more importance to Rahu Ketu than actual planets.
Enigma of Rahu & Ketu (Part – 2) Misc
Nitin Datta
Rahu and Ketu are one of the most feared planets in Astrology. In continuation to our previous article on Rahu & Ketu, we now proceed to understand the most common problems caused by these planets to human beings.
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