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Tantra: Effect of Worshiping Different Deities Panchang
Vijay Pathak
As different departments are there in administration for different jobs such as police, judiciary, archeology and food supply etc. to perform certain tasks, similarly various different deities are given specific jobs in divine administration. If one worships a certain deity with complete faith, one can get desired results in deity’s specific area very soon. All the deities are manifestation of the one supreme primordial consciousness and, therefore, one worships Brahman or the cosmic consciousness through these various gods and goddesses. One should learn the occult science of worshiping these deities from some expert Guru and continue the Tantra practice as per guru’s instructions. The list of different deities and their specific tasks are as follows:
Amrit Siddhi Yog in 2011 – Amritsiddhi Yoga Panchang
Vijay Pathak
When certain Nakshatra or stars coincide with days of week, it is called Amrit Siddhi Yog. According to ancient scriptures, Amritsiddhi Yoga is very auspicious and yields good results. If one commences any concrete work in this period, undoubtedly one gets success. However, it should be kept in mind if this Yoga coincides with Guru-Pushya, it is not considered auspicious for marriage. Similarly, Amrit Sidhdhi Yoga coinciding with Shani Rohini Yoga is not good for traveling and when it co-occurs with Mangal Aashwini Yoga, it is inauspicious for Graha-pravesh (ceremony for entering first time in house). The list for Amrit Siddhi Yog in 2011 is as follows:
Dream Interpretation Astrology Panchang
Vijay Pathak
Dreams are the outcome of certain mental states, conscious and subconscious, caused by different positive and negative effects of heavenly bodies. Therefore, interpretation of dreams can point toward the mysteries of future. However, certain guidelines are required to be kept in mind in order to interpret the dreams and infer their effects – the dreams that occur during the period starting from 3 am till dawn yield their results within 7 days, the dreams of midnight give their result in one month, and dreams that occur before midnight shows their effect in one year. Those dreams, which are seen in daytime do not yield any result at all. If one sees many dreams in a night, only the last one happens to be effective.
Body Parts Palpitation Astrology Panchang
Vijay Pathak
Twitching of different body parts produces different results. Generally, we do not understand the importance of the fluttering of different body parts. If we have proper understanding of this occult science, we can utilized it for our as well as others’ benefit...
Pushya Nakshatra in 2011 - Pushyamrita Yoga Panchang
Vijay Pathak
Pushyamrit Yoga is known as the most pious and important in astrology. When Pushya Nakshatra occurs on a Thursday or a Sunday, it is called Pushyamrit Yoga. Ravi-Pushyamrit Yoga is very effective of Tantric practices and Guru-Pushyamrit is especially beneficial for economic activities like trade and business. Here, we have given a comprehensive list of Pushyamrit Yoga and Pushya Nakshatra in 2011.
Lizard and Chameleon Astrology - Palli Dosham Shakunam Panchang
Vijay Pathak
According to the well-known astrology text “Muhurat Martand”, if a lizard falls on a man or a woman’s body up to head leaving stomach, navel, chest and beard, it yields good results. Generally, if a lizard falls on right portion of a man’s body or on the left part of a woman’s body, it is considered to be auspicious. Therefore, it is believed to be bad if a lizard falls on left body parts of men and right body parts of women. Chameleon has the same results as the lizard.
Hindu Marriage Muhurat in 2011 - Vivah Muhurta 2011 Panchang
vijay pathak
Muhurat for marriage (Vivah Muhurat) is essential for successful and prosperous married life. Here, you will find astrology marriage dates as per the Hindu Panchang (Hindu calendar). You will get a comprehensive list of all muhurat for marriage in the year 2011. These marriage dates are based on accurate Vedic astrology calculations. Check out Vivah Muhurat 2011.
Mercury enters Capricorn on Jan 31st : Effect on all signs Astrology
S N Rao
Transit Mercury enters Capricorn on Jan 31st 2011. It will remain in Capricorn till Feb 18th 2011. Mercury is the chief significator or communication, logic, business planning and organisation abilities. Mercury transits have to be seen in combination with the moon as they affect the mind and movement.
Astrological Yogas for Fashion Designing & Interior Decoration Astrology
Suchitra Das
In the developed and expanding economic condition, the demand of professionals in the field of fashion designing, interior decoration, beautification, Computer Aided Designing (CAD) and Animation are increasing leaps and bound opening more and more job opportunities in these emerging fields with hefty pay and perks for the deserving people. There are also scopes for working as self-employed professionals in the above areas due to the high demand...
India : Prediction for 2011 Astrology
S N Rao
Currently Rahu maha dasha and Mars antar dasha is going on and it is likely to end by June 2011. Rahu’s presence in the 1st house with Moon will cause chaos and confusion in the minds of the general public. People in general will be selfish and materialistic looking after their own selves showing no or little concern to others in distress.
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