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Gemini Horoscope 2016

Year 2016
2016 will begin with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. After residing in their current signs till January 31, Rahu will move into Leo and Ketu will shift into Aquarius. Let’s now know with these Gemini horoscopes 2016 predictions that how these planetary positions will affect your life throughout this year.

Working from early morning till late evening is really hectic and exhausting. But, things will change and you will reap goodness in your job after August. Your hard work and dedication will be admired prior to this month as well. According to the Gemini 2016 forecast, your communication skills will be loved by all. With the jolly nature and humor you are born with, you will charm everyone around. However, you need to stop yourself from blaming anybody in the flow of your ego. This year will open doors of success for natives belonging to media. Other than these professionals, 2016 is rewarding for people of IT and engineering too. Abundant success will enter your life this year. Leave every tension and enjoy this beautiful phase of life.

This year is not yours in terms of finances. Well, this doesn't means that losses will trouble you for sure. Ups & downs are part of everyone’s life. As per Gemini predictions 2016, work sincerely at workfront and you will have continuous income. To accumulate money, you can opt for other ways too. One of the ways is gaining control on your expenses. Spend only when needed and after thinking wisely. While following these suggestions will help you in raising funds, being careless will take you close to the web of debt. If looking forward to buy anything expensive, make sure to pay the complete amount in cash.

Health might trouble you this year; hence, you got to be very careful toward it. Analyze your daily eating habits closely. If going through Mahadasha or Antardasha of Saturn, be very careful this year. Shoulders, genital organs, throat, and liver are the body areas, which might give you some issues. For every problem, comes a solution. Regular Yoga and healthy diet will serve as your protective weapons. Add them in your daily regime and say no to diseases to a great extent. Gemini astrology 2016 predicts that backache might also make you uncomfortable.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
By nature, you people are very romantic. Reason behind this trait is Venus, lord of your fifth house. You will welcome significant profits in this field. You do not feel concentrated on a particular thing for long. However, this thing needs to be discarded in order to enjoy success in long run. 2016 will not give you any reason to worry for and will everything you will feel lucky about. As per Gemini 2016 astrology, love life will go wonderful, get ready to enjoy its best side.

Family & Friends
This This year, you will share cordial bond with your life partner. Minor tiffs are normal and important to nurture every relation. Hence, don’t panic, if such things happen between you. Most of this year will be spent in cherishing golden moments together. Gemini horoscopes 2016 suggest you to value your partner’s ideas, as it will help you a lot throughout this year. Coming to your relation with your mother, it will strengthen cordially. After August, significant improvement will be seen in your health. However, difference of opinion is possible with father. But, he will get appreciable success in his job or business. Dispute of your spouse is strongly possible with your siblings and family members.

Trade & Finance
Smile as much as you can because this year is extremely rewarding for all the businessmen. Benefits more than you can imagine are foreseen entering your life. However, your alternate to make money will be illegal, yet successful. Income will knock your door from more than one source. If you lend money on interest rate, it won’t be wrong to expect some really extreme profits. Besides this, those who are into business related to education or such field will also welcome rewards in their life, predicts Gemini 2016 horoscope. Same predictions are assured for natives who are masters of law, i.e. the lawyers.

Being focused toward your target is the best remedy you can adopt. Other than this, refrain from taking any decision on the dates mentioned above. If going through Saturn’s Mahadasha, recitIng Hanuman Chalisa will help. Whereas, if going through Mahadasha of Jupiter, offering half kilograms of raw Chana Dal to any cow on Thursday will do wonders for your luck. Donating yellow things will increase your fortune further. Recite Devi Kavach if troubled by Mahadasha of Rahu or Ketu. Visiting Kaal Bhairav temple and doing charity will also help tremendously. Recite Vishnu Sahastra regularly, if experiencing any other problem.

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