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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


You are a wise and intelligent person. You are an individual who likes to work according to time and circumstances. You have the ability to scrutinize anything and everything. You also have a similar nature which comprises a tendency of doubting every possible thing or being that crosses your path. Therefore, you choose to believe yourself over others. You work as per this unique perspective, which creates chances for better success according to time. Mercury along with Sun is communicating in the Aries zodiac and will stay in the same place till the early days of this month. By then, you’re likely to achieve success via the works done with a remarkable amount of confidence. You might receive social honor and respect. After that, conditions in the latter part of the month are likely to be normal. You may attain monetary resources and real estate properties and your relations with close relatives are also expected to improve. You also have a good ability to make your decisions on your own. Therefore, you are an individual who performs your tasks in a thoroughly decisive manner. There is a brilliant opportunity of attaining a higher designation and respect during this month’s time. If you are a job holder, then you may be offered a good reputation and position. If you are into business, situations will work in your favour. In this particular field , your rivals may interfere or create tensions for you. However, by developing a bond of mutual coo-ordination with them, the conditions may turn back to normal and in your favour. The effort to obtain political gains can be successful. If you are facing an obstacle while completing your tasks and want political or any kind of support then the same would prove to be successful. The convenience of a house or vehicle might also be obtained. If you have made up your mind to purchase a car or a house etc. in this month, then you might receive your parents’ support in the same. Your work would get completed successfully. Conditions regarding progeny and contentment in terms of children would remain favorable. You might also be successful in the field of romance. An overseas travel can be good in this month. However, in the case of married life, situations might get worse as Saturn and Dragon’s tail are transiting in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which can prove to be very adverse for conjugal matters. If you have an elderly at home, then make sure to serve him/her well. You may get benefitted from them. The economic activities can be quite good. The efforts made by you during this month can become successful. Therefore, you can accomplish tasks given to you quite successfully. You have more logical strength within you. You are going to touch great heights in your profession. Situations will turn out to be in your favor during this month. Hence, you might get opportunities to achieve success in most of the situations. During this month, the dates viz: 6th,7th,15th,16th and 24th,25th might be stressful for you. Therefore, undertaking any important tasks on these days might not provide fruitful results. You should select an appropriate time to get things done. Avoiding these days can only be beneficial for you because on these days, you might have to deal with stressful situations and a lot of mental pressure.


Economic conditions might fluctuate during this month. There can be an unnecessary dispute with someone regarding money. Therefore, you should be careful about the exchange of any kind of money. You should trust your own people. However, when it’s about the money matters, trusting someone over the top might turn out to be disadvantageous. Therefore, there is a need to remain careful about the economic situation in this month. Refrain yourself from sending money to an unknown person. If you want to do any work in terms of investment or want to try making an investment plan a success, then you may succeed during this month. If you are employed in a job and want to do some kind of business, then you might stumble upon such an opportunity during this month. If you are a business personal, then investing from a business perspective can be good for you. You can invest in the areas of your business, which would improve your conditions in terms of finances. You can also choose to do a long-term investment in the stock market, which will offer you an opportunity to reap an economic advantage. Due to favorable business activities, you’ll be able to achieve massive economic gains.


During this month, you may face problems due to joint pain or some type of injury. Some chronic disease might hit you again. In this month, you should also control your diet. Otherwise, you may develop some kind of new diseases.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, the slope directing your love affair might be at its peak. If you are in a warm relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are trying to give meaning to your relationship, then the same can turn to be successful. If you’re planning a vacation together or planning to go abroad for work, then remain prepared to hear good news during this month’s time. You can also share things with your boyfriend or girlfriend about any kind of work. You can also provide closure to any work with each other’s help. In this month, you can also get the opportunity to gift something or other to your boyfriend or girlfriend and also share some personal things with him/her to make your relationship a successful one. If you love someone and he/she isn’t aware about you and you’re making regular attempts to convey your heart’s feelings, then your intended is likely to reciprocate during this month. The chances of receiving support from the life partner are quite less during this month. Due to unnecessary disputes with your spouse, there is less likelihood of receiving cooperation from each other, which might also have a negative effect on your area of work and an overseas journey. You may also face social malignity. Therefore, first of all try to maintain a warm relationship with your spouse, which will enable you to stay in a favorable condition with everyone.

Family & Friends

Family conditions may remain favorable in the first half of this month. You can provide a better direction to any kind of work by developing a bond of mutual harmony with the family members. You may also receive coo-operation from each other in the household activities. However, in the second half of the month, an internal dispute might arise over property related matters, which may worsen the situation of the entire family. So, you should show a better path to your family during this month. You should make every possible effort to restore the happiness and peace in the family because the development of the family, its respect and honor is achieved only with the combined support of all the family members. You may also get the cooperation of the family in your area of work. During this month, conjugal life is likely to remain under pressure. There can be a possibility of separation from each other due to unnecessary conflicts between husband and wife. Therefore, in order to ensure continuous harmony from the spouse, you should put in regular efforts to maintain a warm relationship with him/her. Otherwise, you might be surrounded by troubles, which may also affect your professional life.


On every Wednesday, you should donate green colored materials and also feed green fodder to cow. Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesh and also provide support and service to the poor people. Any support related to education or service related to sports can be rendered to the needy. You can get good benefits by observing the remedies mentioned.

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