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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


Sagittarius natives will be goal-oriented​ and will work hard to achieve their goals, this month. You will make good use of your ability to utilize time in such a manner that you make the best out of it. There is a good certainty that you will taste success in your endeavours during this month, however, the planetary positions predict that you will have to physically exert yourself to achieve them. Conversely, you will spend your money unnecessarily during the same. The transit of the planet Saturn and the shadow planet Ketu in your sign will lead to mental stress and tension. On the other hand, because of the position of Jupiter in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio, it is likely that you will possess a religious bent of mind. You might go on a religious trip or might spend your time and money for performing religious and spiritual deeds. From another standpoint, the conditions seem to be good if you want to invest in the real estate sector. You will earn respect because of your own deeds. If you are employed, you will get rewarded for your hard work, either in the form of a promotion, a hike in your pay, or bonus and those who are job-hunting might finally get success. You will have the love and support of your friends and will spend time with your friend circle. There will be a rise in your courage and valour. You will bask in luxuries and will enjoy the comforts of life. Also, you might get a new vehicle or a piece of land under your name. If you are in politics, you will have to work hard in order to race ahead of other parties and gain an edge over them. As a person, you will get more interested in social activities. You will meet new people and will establish connections with them. You will find yourself getting more close to your parents in terms of emotional attachment. Some of you may even be blessed with a child, if you have been looking forward to it. Those who already have this blessing will be happy and satisfied with their children. Love life will go smoothly if you make efforts for the same. Students will achieve success in their studies as their hard work pays off. If you have a conflict or argument with someone, you will be able to sort it out and bring an end to the problem. A trip overseas will prove to be fruitful. However, some of you might have to spend sleepless nights because of the issues that you face in your married life. The transit of Mars and Rahu in the Zodiac Sign Gemini will lead to problems in your marriage. Luck will be on your side and your chances of succeeding will be higher as you work harder. Overall, your professional life will be good. Those who are in a business will witness profits in their field, however, you should avoid going on unnecessary journeys. The 1st, 2nd, 11th, 12th, 21st, and 22nd of this month seem to be unfavorable for you. Thus, you are strongly recommended to be careful on these days of the month.


The position of the planets predict that your financial status will improve during the span of this month. The transit of the planet Venus in the Zodiac Sign Pisces will be advantageous for your financial growth and development and your efforts for making money will turn out to be fruitful. You might get the chance and favourable conditions to start a new venture that would eventually add to your income. Some Sagittarius natives may even expand their line of work if you are into a business. Working hard during the stretch of this month will help you in striking gold. This month will be helpful for you in accumulating wealth and this will help you in coping with difficult situations in the future. Any investment done in the past will yield productive results. During the second half of the month, you are likely to get loaded with money. Investing in the banking and finance sector will be a good option for you. These investments will shower amplified benefits upon you in the future. However, be careful while carrying out financial transactions and avoid trusting anyone blindly. You should try to keep your cards close to your chest and should not disclose any important information to others. Be patient before making any decision and make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of any situation before making a binding choice.


This month will be a bit rough on you in terms of health. You will be more prone to viral infections, fever, etc. and there are chances of skin infections too. Consult a dermatologist if the problem persists. Maintain personal hygiene and drink plenty of water. Eat well and make sure that you eat healthy so that you do not have to face problems related to your stomach.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month might bring about some problems in your love life. The fiery planet Mars and the shadow planet Rahu will both transit in the Zodiac Sign Gemini, which can lead to tension in love relationships. However, with mutual understanding and love, you will be able to overcome these problems. It is important that you spend time with your partner as this will help you understand​ each other better. You should realise that trust is the foundation of any relationship and should be maintained, otherwise, the relationship​ might crumble. The advice of your loved one will help you in your career. The latter half of the month will be good for your love life. You will bare your soul to your partner and both of you will become each other's secret-keepers. However, you should​ ensure that you do not utter any such thing that might hurt the sentiments of your partner. Wedded duos might have to go through a bad phase in their married life during this month. Petty issues will take the form of serious problems, creating disharmony in your relationship. Try to control the situation before it goes out of hand, otherwise, there are chances of separation. You should try to treat your spouse with respect. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with your life partner is your responsibility and you should fulfill it.

Family & Friends

There might be some problems at your home during this month. There are chances of someone getting ill, which will make the family members tensed. It is likely that you will also have to do some physical work because of your family and your expenses may increase as well. On the other hand, the relationship between the members of your family might get spoiled. Your relations with your family members will go the way you want it to go, therefore, you should try to control your temper when you deal with them. You must learn to adapt and adjust in a given situation and as a member of the family, you need to try and keep the household closely knit together. Make efforts to bring peace back in your home. On the flip side, your family members will support you, not only in domestic matters but financially as well. Your relationship with your parents will improve and you will be pampered by them on several occasions. Your children will have a pleasant time and will enjoy their life, as you watch them grow up with love. Those who are trying for a baby might finally get to hear the good news soon and childbirth will bring a wave of happiness in your family. An auspicious activity might also be organized in your home during the span of this month.


Reciting Brihaspati Vrat Katha on Thursdays will be beneficial for you. Additionally, you can donate yellow colored objects on Thursdays to ease your pain and suffering. Feed jaggery, spinach, and split chickpeas (Chana Dal) to cows. Serving cows and Brahmins will be favourable for you in the long run.

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