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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


Summary Usually, Scorpio natives are secretive in nature, as it isn’t that easy to understand the thoughts they brew and feeling they undergo. You can only know as much as they tell you about themselves. They are, in a way, mysterious and can seem to be difficult to solve. They develop deep friendships, and support their friends with whatever they have or can. On the opposite side, their enemies see an extremely competitive side of them. If someone cheats on them, they can go to any extent to take revenge from them, and may feel jealous towards them as well. On the other hand, these natives are determined to achieve their goals and leave no stone unturned to do what they desire. They take special care of their family. During the month of February, natives of Scorpio zodiac sign who live far away from their home may get a chance to return back and spend time with their family members. You will come across opportunities to earn money through debates.


Scorpions are considered to be very serious towards their career, and can go to any extent to achieve their goal. Sun, the lord of your karma house, will move in the third house in the first half of the month, due to which you will have to work harder to get favorable results in your field of work. During this time, your colleagues won’t possibly support you, due to which you will have to manage your work all by yourself. In the latter part of the month, when the Sun enters the fourth house and aspects your tenth house, then that time will be very favorable for your carer and you will gain great benefits from the government sector. During this time, people who work in the government sector will enjoy several comforts provided by the government itself, such as car, house etc. Rahu's position in the eighth house can lead to sudden health issues, which can also affect your work. Therefore, remain aware of your health and avoid any kind of controversy at the workplace. Overall, the month of February will prove to be slightly better than usual from career point of view.


On the economic front, February 2020 can prove to be a favorable month for you. With the transit of Mars in the second house, there will be a partial increase in your income and you will get opportunities to attain money. Apart from this, you are likely to earn money through investment. If you are managing your business in partnership, then after 3 February, time will turn its course and garner favorable, profit-laced outcomes. Some natives may go far away from home in their desires to earn more money. In such a situation, priorities must be set and acted upon. Money can come in through a property, and your elder siblings will also help you financially. There is a good chance of benefiting from the government sector. Also, for those who work in the government sector or do a government job, the month of February will not be less than a gift, because during this time, huge benefits are likely to be attained. During this time, you should definitely invest in the property, as it will prove to be very beneficial for you. Your expenses will be relatively less. If you pursue an artistic interest, then you can also get a lot of benefits from it.


Good health is the biggest wealth. February 2020 predictions say that the month will be normal for you and there won't be any possibility of contracting any major disease. However, you can suffer from some minor weather-related problems, such as sore throat, tonsils, pain in the shoulders or joints, etc. You may be at risk of food poisoning this month, so take full care of your diet. Do not eat stale or outside food, rotten fruits etc. In the first week of the month, the transit of Mars will be in the second house where Jupiter and Ketu are already posited. In such a situation, avoid contracting any kind of fever or infection, otherwise the situation may worsen. The conjunction of Saturn and Sun in the third house can incur troubles, but in the latter half of the month, when the Sun transits from the third house to the fourth, you will get rid of troubles to a great extent.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

From the perspective of the lovers, the month of February is going to be very good, rather more than expected. With Valentine's Day approaching, the loving vibe between you two will increase. You will spend more time with each other and share your happiness. Throughout this month, you both will exchange gifts and enjoy traveling together. You can also go on a long journey and will leave no stone unturned to make your love life great. Love will be your first priority this month, and you will be ready to go to any extent for it. The third aspect of Saturn will inspire you to do all the things a good lover should do for your beloved. If you talk about the married life, then the month of February doesn’t seem to be very favorable. Although no major problem will arise, however, anxiety and mental disturbance will prevail. Due to the position of Mars in the first house in the first week of the month and its seventh aspect on the house of marriage, there will be tension in the married life. After that, when Mars will transit in your second house, peace will prevail between you two, but your spouse’s health may decline. As a result, pay attention to your married life so that your relationship remains cordial and full of love. However, your family members will help you sort out your marital issues, therefore seek their advice.

Family & Friends

Your family life will remain very favorable in the beginning of February, and happiness and peace will prevail within the family due to the presence of Mercury and Venus in the fourth house. You may meet your family, relatives and friends, which will become the source of happiness in your life. Family members will remain devoted to each other and respect each other's feelings, so that harmony remains intact in the family. In the latter part of the month, when the Sun is in the fourth house, the situation as well as your behaviour will change. It is likely that you will prefer being the centre of attention within the family and would like to see yourself on the top. Therefore, you will influence people to favour you, and in these attempts, may indulge in arguments or opposition. It would be better to stop such actions and remain humble. The first half of the month is not very favorable for siblings, but in the latter half, they will feel comfortable and do well in their field of work. During the second and third weeks, there may be some concerns regarding the health of the parents. Hence, pay full attention to them. A major decision can be taken regarding the ancestral property in the family.


Some effective remedies are being suggested to the Scorpio natives during February 2020, which can help resolve several problems. Feed bread and milk to a dog with spots. Along with it, organize a Hawan at the house with all the family members to get rid of negativity and purify the atmosphere. You should wear top quality Pukhraj gemstone in a gold ring between 12:00 to 1:30 in the index finger on Thursday. Worship Lord Vishnu and offer red sandalwood to him.

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