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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


Scorpio natives will be courageous this month, as they try their best to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. You will not lose hope in adverse situations and will battle through them until you overcome them and this quality of yours will make you stand out in the crowd. Your tireless and persistent efforts will not let you down as they open the gateway to success for you. However, ensure that you do not do anything in a hurry because your haste will affect the quality of your work and might also lead to confusion, eventually leading to wrong decisions. Plan well before making a move and adhere to your policies, unless you deliberately make a change in them. If you do things without thinking well, all your efforts will be wasted and your plans will end up blowing in your face. Do not invest your money without weighing the pros and cons. You should be serious about your work and focus on time management during the month. Monetary gains may be on the cards for some Scorpio natives, and any efforts made towards making money will get you the desired results. Your confidence will be the driving force that will lead you to success. Some of you may come across some obstructions in getting money but you need not worry much as it will come to you sooner or later – all you need to do is work hard and don’t deviate from your goals. Scorpions can face a difficult time in saving a few pennies and your outflow of money will be almost equal to the inflow of money. Problems might arise but you will be able to tackle them with your skills. Your relationship with your family members will be good if you try to do so. Some problems related to ancestral property might come up but you will be able to handle them maturely. Respect your parents and do not say or do anything that might hurt them and be very careful with your choice of words when you are talking to them. The month seems to be good for money. Doing the right things at the right time will bring an influx of money. In addition to this, the transit of the luminary Sun and the planet Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Aries will also be favourable for you financially. Avoid unnecessary journeys. Do not turn your back when it comes to pushing your limits for getting what you want – unleash your hidden potential and prove yourself. When you do what you are capable of and do not hesitate in giving your best shot; then coupled with your luck factor, your efforts will help you achieve your goals. There are chances that your enemies will try to lay obstacles on your path. Do not be disheartened if you face these obstacles – try to overcome them and do not admit defeat until you succeed. Your foes will try to tarnish your image in the society, which you should not let happen. A trip overseas is possible for some of you. Married natives will have a good time with their spouse and your love life will have the elements​ of passion and romance in it. Your children will also do well in this period. You need not worry about their performance in academics as they will pass their examinations with flying colours. However, leading them to the right​ path will be your responsibility. The 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 26th, and 27th of this month are unfavorable for you. Doing important things on these dates might turn out to be counterproductive for you. You should be careful and alert on these dates to avoid any kind of loss or mishappening.


You might get entangled in a conflict that will be related to financial matters this month, which is why you are advised to stay away from conversations that might trigger arguments and try to find a way out of them if you ever get stuck in such a situation. There are chances of getting monetary profits. You will strike gold if you make the correct moves but do not take risks, otherwise you might have to suffer. If you want to invest your money with the aim of getting multifold profits in the near future, you should put your plan in motion as it is likely that you will get favourable outcomes. Investing money for the expansion of your business seems to be a promising idea and you might get support from your business partners or sponsors for the same. You might even start a new venture with the help of your friend or someone close to you. Such a venture is bound to grow day by day and will eventually give unexpectedly good results in the future. The support and cooperation of your friends will be an important factor that will help you progress in your professional life. However, you need to be careful in matters related to money, trust people who are reliable, and make sure that you do not act on an impulse. It will rather be better if you rely on your own self rather than on others as it can save you from frauds and losses.


There are chances that you might have to face physical problems in the month of May. Take care of yourself, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, avoid junk food, and remember to keep yourself hydrated. Blood related problems are also probable during this time, which is why you need to be heedful. Moreover, a physical injury is also possible. Hence, you should be careful while on the road, adhere to traffic rules, and always use safety gear like helmet, seat belts, etc. as needed.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You will enjoy a pleasant time with your beloved during the month of May. You will not only have the love for each other, but will also receive one another's support in all spheres of life. You will have an unbreakable bond of trust that will serve to be the foundation of your relationship. A trip with them might bring you both closer. Those who are still looking for a golden chance to propose to their love, might finally get it during this month. Be honest about your feelings and do not try to be someone you are not in order to impress them – do not lie, because any relationship that is founded on fibs will not last long. You will make memories with your partner that you will cherish all your life and an exchange of gifts will further sweeten the deal. Conditions will be favourable in your married life and you will find your life partner right by your side in adverse situations. Time spent together will make you realise how strong your bonding with your spouse is. You are advised to keep your spouse happy so that both of you can enjoy your married life.

Family & Friends

As per the May Horoscope 2019, you might have to face some stressful situations in your family life. The transit of the planet Saturn and the shadow planet Ketu in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will create tense situations at home as a lack of trust and understanding leads to feuds and arguments. Problems related to property might arise, which will sour the relationships and your relations with your parents might be affected as well. You are advised to keep your anger in control, try to behave in a gentle manner with your parents, and in any situation, do not disrespect them. Make efforts to keep your family united and find solutions to the problems so that peace can once again prevail in your home. Respect your elders and be affectionate towards the younger members of the family. Maintain a balance between your personal and professional life and spend some time with your family. Take care of your children and their health. Seeing your family together will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.


You are advised to donate red coloured objects on Tuesdays and fast on these days. Donate gram and coconut to people outside any Hanuman temple, recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly, and apply the paste of jasmine oil and vermilion on the idol of Lord Hanuman.

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