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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


You are a person of fierce tendencies. If any of your works aren’t completed as per the schedule, then you tend to get angry and tense, which forces you to do the work in a haste and any kind of stress related to work might arise. Owning to the same, you may have to face difficulties. Although you undertake work with a whole lot of responsibility, but you tend to do the work in a haste. You just intend to finish any task as soon as possible, due to which you may have to suffer from heavy losses. Therefore, you should do any work by being stable and reserved, so as to achieve success. You are a respected person. You may receive tremendous respect from the society and your relations with relatives are likely to improve. From the perspective of finances and real-estate acquisition, conditions are likely to remain favorable. Occasionally, you may have to face some kind of problems. However, efforts might be successful. Therefore, work according to time. From the perspective of monetary gains, this month is good for you because Jupiter is itself transiting into this zodiac, which ensures good conditions regarding money and love for children. Your ideology can give you a good direction. Therefore, undertaking tasks with courage and bravery would serve as your best guidance. If you do a job, then in addition to economic benefits, you’ll also attain a higher position at your place of work. If you are a politician, then you may also get political benefits. Of course, you may have to face opposition from your opponents but your ability to compete can fetch you tremendous amount of success. You may have to face opposition from your own people. However, by putting in suitable efforts, conditions may become favorable. Relationships with parents can be better, and parental support may also be obtained. If you are trying to purchase a house, vehicle etc. then you are likely to achieve success. If you are a student and have already studied or are preparing for an examination related to your career, then you are likely to receive immense profits. In your own family itself, there are chances of stress arising due to your elders or any kind of dispute may also arise. Therefore, try to maintain a warm relationship with your elders. You might get a brilliant opportunity of traveling abroad. If you are trying to travel abroad due to work and are making efforts for the same, then you are likely to achieve success. However, situations pertaining to marital life are likely to remain stressful. There is a strong chance of achieving success related to career. Before the start of this month; from today itself, conditions pertaining to business are likely to remain favorable. In this, your fortune will also favor you and you will be able to achieve success related to work. From the perspective of economic benefits, there is a good chance of achieving the desired economic gain because Mercury along with Venus is communicating in Aquarius zodiac, which can fetch you good opportunities for reaping economic benefits. You may have to travel abroad suddenly, which may even expose you to financial losses. However, the benefits of this tour would be noticeable with the passing time. In this month, the dates viz: 12th, 11th, 12th and 20th, 21st are not favorable for you. It will not be good to do any auspicious work on these dates. Also, refrain from undertaking auspicious tasks on these dates.


In this month, economic conditions are likely to remain favorable because Mercury along with Venus is communicating with Aquarius zodiac, which can prove to be beneficial in terms of economic benefits and overall progress. If you are planning to do any business with the intention of gaining the maximum amount of economic benefit, then all your efforts would prove to be tremendously successful. If you do a job and want to do a business side-by-side, then you can start with the same during this month. You can get good financial status from it. If you do business then investing from the business perspective might prove to be better for you or you may even go ahead with expanding your existing business, which will strengthen your economic situation in the future. If you are making a mind for any kind of investment, then it may be worthwhile to invest according to time. If you are investing from the perspective of real estate acquisition, then the investment will prove to be successful. You can invest in either electronic or hardware domain. It is essential to stay cautious during economic exchange.


During this month, you may have to face health problems such as cold, cough with mucus etc. or there might be a problem of any viral fever, etc., or any blood related disorder might also occur. Therefore, be cautious about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions regarding love affair are likely to remain favorable. However, such situations are possible only in the first half of this month. During the second half of the month, your relation with your boyfriend or girlfriend is likely to get better because Sun during the second half of the month would be present in Aries zodiac, which will ensure favorable conditions in terms of romantic relationships. If you intend to share some important things with your girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can go ahead with the same. If you have chosen a good place to express your love then you can go there for a casual date and grab an opportunity to express your love for your partner there itself. You may also receive support from your romantic partner. During this month, there is a high probability of marital conditions remaining a bit stressful because Mars is transiting in Taurus zodiac, which isn’t quite good in terms of marital life. Your romantic partner would go ahead and reciprocate your feelings in the month of April 2019. You too must ensure that you refrain from doing anything that tends to hurt the emotions and feelings of your romantic partner. There is a possibility of mutual controversy and tension among the two of you, which will have a bad effect on overseas travel and your areas of work. Your relations with the in-laws; whether it is your mother in-law, your father in-law, brother or sister in-law might also get bitter and there may be regular arguments with the close relatives as well. Therefore, maintaining a warm relationship with your life partner would render you the right direction in life.

Family & Friends

In this month, family conditions are likely to remain good because of Saturn transit into Sagittarius zodiac and that too along with Jupiter. Therefore, mutual harmony in the family might get better. There is a possibility of overall family development. Due to mutual coordination in the family, there might be a situation wherein receiving each other’s support would allow you to progress in your area of work. Being eager for your family or working towards the betterment of the family and also fulfilling all your responsibilities towards the family members would turn to be your sole responsibility. This would also ensure immense gains for you. From the perspective of receiving respect, you’ll be benefited to the fullest. Your relationship with parents would get better and there is a possibility of receiving support from the parents. There might be a bit stressful situation regarding the health of your parents. You’ll be satisfied with your children. You’ll be pleased with the activities of your children and you’ll also receive support from your children in the areas of work. During the month of April 2019, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the activities of your children and also ensure that they grow and develop in an absolutely wonderful manner. Your attitude towards your children will also improve.


In this month, you should worship Lord Hanuman. Make sure to recite Hanuman Chalisa daily and visit a nearby Hanuman temple. It can be better to donate red colored goods on every Tuesday and covering the idol of Lord Hanuman with a mixture of Jasmine oil and vermicelli. This would render you freedom from your problems.

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