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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


Natives who are born under the zodiac sign Libra are governed by the planet Venus, which is why they stand out in the crowd because of being extraordinarily attractive. Since it is also a volatile natured sign, natives under this sign are very good at adapting themselves according to various circumstances and situations. But this very quality also prevents them from facing the true realities of life sometimes. Moving on, let us talk about the first month of the new year, which has quite a few things in store for you. It has been said about success that it falls into the lap of those who do not bend their knees in tough times. This statement will be applicable for you in the month of January as during this entire time, you will carry out all of your tasks with full enthusiasm. As a result of your self strength, success will be guaranteed. Short distance trips will be taken and these expedients will not only add to your happiness but will also make you financially advanced. Whether with family, a loved one or a friend, you will make programs to hang out. There will also be some special trips, which will garner more profits for you if they are planned accordingly. You may also go for a pilgrimage. Such a religious journey will help you to maintain unity in the family.


On the professional front, you may feel pressured, as your senior officials may tend to favour your colleagues more than you. You should stay away from such tensions and focus on your work. Always remember, if you have the prowess, no one can stop you from climbing the ladder of success. Work with full vigour and maintain a healthy rapport with your co workers so that they come forward to help you in times of need. Some of them may conspire against you, but you will be smart enough to understand who your true supporters are. You need to avoid over-idealistic thinking otherwise it can cook troubles for you. After 24 January 2020, the transit of Saturn will take place in Sagittarius zodiac sign and this is the time when you may make a switch in your job. Journeys undertaken to fulfill business requirements will be fruitful. An impending deal will also get finalized. You will come into contact with some people who will help you to expand your trade. Relations with business partner may remain low in simmer. Hence, you are advised to work upon it.


For matters related to economy and finance, the month’s beginning may prove to be a bit weak. But the presence of Shani Dev in the third house will motivate you to work harder. During this time, your expenses may remain a little higher, but as soon as Saturn's transit takes place in your fourth house after January 24, they will decrease and you will be able to make good use of your money. Due to the presence of Jupiter in your third house, income will remain stable. Although it will be a little less, your hands will never be empty and no money related work will get terminated. When the transit of Venus takes place in Capricorn zodiac sign after 9 January 2020, sudden prospects of attaining wealth will get created. During this time you can also get good profits from shares, betting, lottery. On the other hand, due to the transit of Mercury in Capricorn on January 13, you will spend a lot of money on your household items. At around the same time, some amount of finances will also be spent in the decoration of your house. If you want to take a loan from bank, during this time your loan will be passed and you will also put this money in some work. There is no doubt that your income will remain mediocre. At the same time, your finances will also not get spoiled. There will be a good synergy between your income and expenses, which will keep your economic status in a stable pedestal. Despite all this, you should keep trying to acquire money, only then all your tasks will be graced with overall completion.


At the beginning of the month, your ascendant lord Venus will generate good results for you as it will remain placed in the fourth house. Afterwards, when it moves to your fifth house on 9 January 2020, it will create more good prospects for you to remain physically fit. However, due to the transit of the Sun after January 15, you may have to face some difficulties which may cause mild problems related to thoracic, heart, lungs etc. Adopt a regular routine and include adequate amounts of fruit, milk and liquids in your meals. This will not only keep your health pure but also bring freshness in your body.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

At the very beginning of January 2020, some problems can crop up between Libra couples who are in love. Thankfully, you will strike the right chord and win back your partner before time runs out. After 9 January 2020, when the transit of Venus takes place in your fifth house, enhancement will be provided to your love life. The significator of love and wealth, Shukra Dev will play the role of Cupid and bring showers of romance to your relationship. Single natives may cross paths with a special someone and a long term relationship will get formed with the concerned person. There will be no dearth of romance in your relationship. Giving each other gifts from time to time will increase your happiness even more. As far as married natives are concerned, consider that this month will bring forth some challenges. On one hand, your spouse's health may be affected, while on the other, there may be bitterness in your relationship. Due to the behavior of your spouse not being good towards your family folks, a situation of debate can arise in the house. To avoid this, give a little time to your spouse and get to know the thoughts of his/her mind. Try to resolve the tensions so that you can lead a happy and blissful marital life. Your offsprings will gain unprecedented success in their field and any achievement can be recorded in their account.

Family & Friends

The month of January will start on a good note as the prevalence of happiness and harmony will be seen in the family. After 15 January, when the transit of Sun takes place in your fourth house, some problems may crop up within the household. The primary reason of such concussions will be your behaviour. You will be seen displaying an egoistic behaviour as you will keep yourself above over others. This status of yours will only plant seeds of disappointment in everyone’s heart. Needless to say, your kith and kin will remain upset with you. On the 24th of January, when Saturn’s transit takes place in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, the combination of both Saturn and Sun will add more bitterness to the domestic atmosphere. Health of parents can deteriorate. Mutual disputes in the family can increase. There is quite a strong possibility to move away from your family members or change your current place of residence. Challenges keep coming in life but family members always root for you and never leave your side. So no matter what the circumstances are, you should behave well to maintain your place in your family and it is your responsibility to keep everyone together and maintain unity in the household. Your brothers and sisters can struggle with some problems. Thus, lend your helping hand to them.


During the month of January, you should specifically venerate Lord Shani. On Saturdays only, light a mustard oil lamp in a Shani Temple or under a Peepal tree and recite the Neel Shani Strotam composed by King Dasharath. Feed a flour dough to cows and mix some milk in the water which is used for bathing. Also, worship LOrd Shiva and offer white flowers to him.

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