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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


You are an individual who does every work with a lot of passion and hard work, and you always try to complete your work before time. Whenever you undertake a plan or make up your mind to execute a task, you never lag behind to put in the right kind of efforts to complete the respective task successfully. However, a state of confusion and unnecessary thoughts might create disruption in your work. Therefore, you shouldn’t fall prey to unnecessary thought process. Instead , you should make continuous efforts to complete the undertaken tasks successfully. Situations regarding money are likely to remain favorable. If you are trying to get some kind of monetary gains or you are trying to accumulate wealth, then all your efforts would turn to be successful. In this work, your relatives and relatives can also help and offer you the required support. You are an individual who prefers to trust oneself over the others. You trust a third person very less, which might cause problems in your plans of extending a business. Therefore, in addition to having a good thought process, undertaking good tasks would prove to be beneficial for you. In this month, you may have to face some or other kind of mental unrest and stressful situations. Due to the curation of some kind of domestic disputes and also due to remaining dissatisfied with parents, you may have to face certain type of mental problems. Every possible effort made for monetary gains is likely to be successful during this month. From the career perspective, situations are likely to remain hectic and full of stress. But, progress can be attained only under hectic and stressful situations. If you are a job holder, then you can get an increment, a higher position according to time. If you are into business, then, you can earn good profits in the mentioned domain. You can progress in an excellent manner because Jupiter is taking nest in Scorpio zodiac, which will bless you with good fortune. Your interest in religious activities will increase and you will receive phenomenal economic benefits. There is also a strong chance of receiving money suddenly. In this month, there is an opportunity of an abroad tour etc. and you may get benefited by taking an international trip. Conditions regarding your marital life and an existing romantic relationship might remain a bit stressful. However, in the second half of this month, there is a possibility of an improvement in your relation with your beloved. You may also receive the favour of your rivals. If there is any kind of domestic dispute or any other kind of legal dispute going on, then a mutual agreement can provide settlement to the ongoing dispute. Conditions related to children might remain stressful during the month of May 2019. If you are a student then you may lose focus as preparations are being made for a wide range of examinations. There is a possibility of receiving the ultimate convenience of home or vehicle etc. On the political front, you are likely to achieve tremendous amount of success. There will also be a clear improvement in public relations and your business can also help you to manage public relations in an impressive format. Conditions related to economic benefits may be favorable. In this month, the dates viz: 10th,11th,19th,20th and 29th,30th may prove to be quite stressful for you. Therefore, do not hold any type of important meetings on these days nor begin any kind of auspicious work on any of these days. It is better for you to not undertake any task on these particular dates in the month of May 2019.


In this month, economic conditions are likely to remain prosperous because Venus is communicating in Pisces zodiac, which creates a chance for success of efforts that are being made for receiving economic benefits. If you’re planning about improving a work plan for economic benefit or are planning to expand an existing work plan, then the same would turn to be successful. If you’re employed in a job and in addition to a full-time job, you’re interested in pursuing a side-business, then you can go ahead in its pursual. You can also start a business with any of your close friends. If you are a businessman and have already made a plan to expand any work plans, then you can do this during the second half of this month. However,on the professional front, situations are likely to remain a bit stressful. Therefore, you should make your mind for an investment after analyzing the time and situation. Otherwise, you may have to suffer financial loss. Therefore, you should work with a lot of stability and seriousness, which will enable you to achieve success. Since you’re getting a chance to receive an economic advantage during this month, you should make every possible attempt to improve your area of work according to your instincts. Launching a new type of work can lead to a tense situation. Hence, working as per a planned strategy would prove to be beneficial for you.


You may have to face some serious health-related problems during this month. Some trivial minor diseases might result in some major ones. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health beforehand. Naturally some kind of chronic medical condition may crop up.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, situations regarding love relations will remain thorny. Due to a bad mutual harmony between romantic partners, a dispute might arise. An effort to maintain a good relationship with each other can be fruitful. If possible, try to meet less during this month or try to avoid sharing any important things with your romantic partner. See to it so that the conditions related to your romantic relationship remain unchanged. For this, try to meet less frequently. If any kind of information is to be conveyed or if there is any work then you can meet and have a conversation. Otherwise, it is better to meet lesser number of times because Dragon’s Head and Mars are communicating in Gemini zodiac, which can introduce tensions in romantic relationships. In this month, conditions regarding married life are likely to remain normal. Support of your spouse in the family will be granted. Your wish to receive coo-operation from your life partner about some big expectations can disappoint you. Family life is likely to be normal. Therefore, your efforts will become successful. Try to maintain a good relationship with your life partner.

Family & Friends

Family conditions can be very good in this month. Everyone can be happy at home and there can be a happy atmosphere at home. People will remain busy and occupied in all ways. Your mutual harmony can be better with everyone in the family and you’ll receive the support of the family in necessary matters. You may enjoy a healthy and good relationship with your parents, siblings and at workplace, you may receive coo-operation from each other according to the time. In the second half of this month, some kind of auspicious function may get completed or any kind of auspicious opportunity might become available in the house. There will be opportunities for development in terms of home, household and marriage. Also, the balance of the house is likely to get better. Relationships with parents and support from parents can be expected. Situations related to children won’t remain normal. There might be worrisome situations related to children’s contentment, education etc. However, any attempt to find solutions to these problems would be successful and by putting in efforts, the situation can be made favorable. Support from home and family is quite important for you.


In this month, worshipping Lord Shiva might be favourable for you. You can donate white colored goods on every Monday and also observe a fast and worship on the same day. It may be better to offer Dhoob and Belpatra to Lord Shiva.

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