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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


Better success will be on the cards for you this month, if you work hard seriously. Your chances further increase if you work in a well-planned and organized manner. Otherwise, you may have to spend time in chaos and stress. Since, Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius with Dragon’s tail (Ketu), you can be stressed and on the move regularly this month. On the one hand, you will probably be afoot for petty job, on the other, money matters can be the cause of stress for you. Therefore, it is important that you remain serious and stable at whatever you do. This time may be normal and not so favorable for minting money. However, if you are trying for promotion to a higher rank in the company, success may be yours. Your best friend’s contacts and support can also be the helping factor in your promotion. There is fair possibility of great success in jobs undertaken with confidence. You may enjoy the luxuries of property and vehicle and will earn more respect and higher standing in society. This month will see you as courageous and enthusiastic. Moreover, all your wishes at this time may be fulfilled. In this duration, you may develop a stronger hold in the field of politics. Your relations with your father will be the best at this time and he will, in fact, support you even more. Circumstances are favorable for your child and your love relation will also be better. Student natives will attain success in any course they wish to pursue, irrespective of the subject of study, and so will competition aspirants. The time is really good for students, as there are greater chances of success. In fact, the chances of success may increase for all Capricorn natives as Venus transits in Pisces. The stars say that you will be able to defeat your enemies. This implies that if there is any dispute or discord going on in your life, things may turn in your favor. Yet, you should not mess around unnecessarily. Any foreign trips that you undertake during this time will be a success. As for married natives, the month is favorable for your marital life and your relations with your in-laws will also improve. Your health will remain normal during this time. Luck will favor you this month, and you will succeed in whatever you do. As far profession or career is concerned, those operating businesses related to decor, cosmetics, and finance will fare well. If you are working but planning to start a business, investing in these will be especially beneficial for you. Your financial condition will also improve and travelling abroad will prove to be fruitful. Nonetheless, prudence is important in your action, so that you are able to accomplish commendable success this month. 4, 5, 13, 14, 22, and 23 dates of May 2019 will be unfavorable for Capricorn natives. If you undertake any auspicious work on these dates, you can have to face unnecessary stress, therefore, avoiding engaging in such tasks is advised.


Financially, your condition may improve this month. However, lending money unnecessarily to someone may turn out to be harmful. Therefore, do not lend money to someone who does not have credibility to pay back. Disputes over the repayment of debt may occur and some of you may even grow hostile towards your relatives in money matters. In the end, it is advised that you remain careful and prudent, and take better care of your hard-earned money. Keep an eye on your finances and trust people less with your money. Some of your family members and relatives can prove to be harmful for your business and finances at this time. Businessmen born under this sign need to be careful while making transactions as negligence on your part can make you pay heavily for it. Stay vigilant while making any investments. Everything will be fine if you are investing in your own business, however, if you have to invest in any other company or property, you need to be very careful during this time or you may suffer from losses. Working professionals should rather refrain from making any kind of investments at all as the chances of losses are higher for them. Capricorn natives, who wish to make it big in the business world, should think about investing in the fields related to decor and finance. Luck will be on your side this month and some of you may even avail better financial opportunities.


As far as your health is concerned, you may be prone to injury this month. There is also the possibility of some type of skin infection at this time and you may suffer from problems pertaining to injury, ulcer, and pock. As a result, you need to be careful, health-wise, this month. Take care of your skin, stay away from the sun, dust, and pollution, and properly cleanse your skin daily. Keep a check on your diet and be careful while driving. Remember: “Prevention is better than cure”. As a precaution, you can even ask someone to accompany you while going out.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your relations with your beloved will be sweeter and more pleasant this month. Your love will blossom during this time, and some of you, deep in love, may even propose to their partners according to the time and situation. In addition to that, you will have their support and advice, professionally as well. Some of you can look forward to a chance of enjoying the worldly pleasures at this time. Any problems revolving your relationship will be resolved during this time and the circumstances around your love life will improve. Your trust in each other will increase and you will be lost in one another. Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and you should have complete faith in your lover. As for married natives, the time will be favorable as well, this month. Your compatibility with your spouse will improve and he/she will fully cooperate with you. If you are interested in setting up your business abroad and trying for the same, you will have the support of both your spouse and in-laws.

Family & Friends

Family conditions may be in your favor this month as not only do your relations with your father improve but you may also get their support. In the same vein, your relations with your mother will also improve, but you need to take care of her health as it may decline. In addition to that, there will be an increase in medical expenses because of your siblings too. In short, your entire family may have to suffer from health problems this month. On the flip side, your relations and compatibility with your family members will get better. You should try to shoulder a little more household responsibilities during this time. This will bring an increase in your respect and your near and dear ones will love you even more. You will also have their support in your business, which will be beneficial for its growth. Working professionals will also have the support of their family members. Therefore, work on your relationships in the family, make them more pleasant, and with them, you will be able to give the right direction to any work you do. These efforts will be fruitful for you in future and will help you succeed better. The time will be good for your children. Whether it is their performance in studies, their overall happiness, or your wishes of having a baby – they all will be favorable in this month. You may get to enjoy luxuries in this duration. There are also chances of some auspicious function happening at home.


Donate black-colored objects every Saturday and light a sesame seed oil lamp in a Shani temple (Saturn) or beneath a Peepal tree. Chant Hanuman Chalisa every day. Lord Hanuman and Saturn will help you in your tough times, and worshipping them will be fruitful for you as your problems lessen with their help.

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