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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


Leo natives are generally of ambitious nature. During the time of this month, you will be having a stronghold in the administrative area. Whatever work you try to do, you will do it with full responsibility, due to which there is a possibility of achieving good success in the undertaken task. You always try to seek a strong grip in every area with your courage and strength. Thereby, you will be recognized as a hardworking person in front of everyone. But you may feel a bit stressed out due to your rage. Do not try to do any work in a hurry or in anger. Or else, you may have to suffer the consequences. You can be successful in taking everyone under your control with your working capabilities. You are the ones, who are in quest of leadership and the conditions will be favorable in terms of achieving social dignity, respect, reputation and prestige. In this month, the situations based on real estate acquisition will be favourable and your relations with your close relatives will also be in a normal condition. If you are trying to gain any real estate then it may be successful in the second half of this month. If you are an employee and you have been trying to attain a post or position then you can be successful in getting it. Opportunities will also be made available to attain political benefits. There are possibilities for you to share a good relationship with your parents. Your relations with your siblings and etc can also be good. There are good chances of acquiring land, vehicle and etc. In this month, there is a possibility for you to likely achieve success in any work that you do. The conditions will be favorable from your children’s side. There can be situations where it is possible for you to get a bit dissatisfied in terms of education and studies of your children. Tensions will also be seen arising in the case of your love relationships. The conditions pertaining to your health will be favorable. You can get good benefits from outside travels and etc. Your responsibilities towards your home and family can increase. You can see good substantial amount of progress in your married life. The required support from your life partner will be chanced upon. Luck will favor you and you will achieve great success in your working sphere. If you are into any business, then you will get scopes to gain financial benefits from the business perspective. Try to avoid any unnecessary travelling, and keep your mental condition in control. Being over-excited during this month can create a stressful occurrences for you. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to work with intelligence. In this month, the dates 3,4,12,13 and 23, 24 can be a bit challenging for you. It can be harmful to perform any auspicious work or carrying out any important work during this phase.


There may be opportunities to lay hands on sudden economic benefits in this month. Therefore, you should not miss such scopes. If you get time, try to utilize it to its best. Because, if there is a chance to earn economic benefits, then you can even get that. There is a possibility for you to get good success related to your work and business. You will get ways to achieve financial profits in whichever area of work that you are diligent in. You can also try to add a new work related to your work or business so that you can reap good benefits through it. The economic activities will usually be good, but you should be careful while making any financial transactions. And exchanging money with someone unnecessary can create a tense environment for you. Therefore, along with protecting your wealth on your own, you should also be aware of your work and business, and try to fulfill your objectives of acquiring economic benefits. If you are planning to invest in ​​property related areas, then you should invest during this month’s time, as it can strengthen your financial status and success will be ultimately yours.


There are no possibilities for any serious physical problems to arise this month. Occasionally some common problems can be experienced. In such cases, try to remain conscious towards your health. You can face some problems related to blood or fever, flu and etc.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The conditions will be favorable in terms of your love relationships. But, there is a possibility for tensions to increase due to unnecessarily doubting each other or due to having less faith in one another over the command of some unwanted person. This can lead to a rise in your problems. Therefore, trying to maintain the mutual harmony between you and your lover/ partner is the best possible way to improve your relationship. Along with having faith in yourself, you should also have complete trust on your lover/partner and you should try to give a better direction to your love relationship. In this month,the wishes of your heart will get fulfilled. It can be fruitful for you to share your feelings with your boyfriend/girlfriend at around the same time. In this month, the conditions pertaining to your marital life will be favorable. You can have a warm relationship with your spouse. Each other’s support will be achieved and overseas trips will also be taken. You can also get their support in other areas of work. Therefore you should always try to maintain a cordial relation with your spouse, which can keep your family conditions favorable.

Family & Friends

There can be a possibility for you to have a good relation with your parents as well as receive cooperation from them. You can get such support from your them which will prove to be good for your life. In this month, you can be successful in getting the comforts and luxuries of a house or vehicle and etc. You can see familial support backing you up in times of difficulties. It can be progressive for you to maintain the mutual harmony with everyone within the household and to be responsible towards any domestic task. You should try to put up a normal behavior with everyone like your children, siblings and etc. so that you can receive their help whenever it is necessary. There can be a rise in worries concerned with the health of your parents. In such cases, if there is any kind of problem-related to health, it would be beneficial for you to get the required treatment timely and take proper care of them. In this month, some auspicious events can also take place in the family. And due to this, an atmosphere of celebration can be seen prevailing in the entire household.


Offer Arghya to the Sun daily and recite Aditya stotra, while doing it. Add red Roli or a red flower in the water and then offer it to the Sun God. Donate red things on Sundays as it will help to put an end to your problems.

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