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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


You may feel happier this month. There is less probability of you experiencing any type of unnecessary thoughts at this time. You may accomplish better success in your work due to better focus and concentration. You are a person with sharp memory power. It may, therefore, be better for you to think before you act. It may be beneficial for you to trust your colleagues, besides having confidence in yourself. Circumstances may be a bit stressful from a business point of view. It may, therefore, be better for you to act with seriousness. Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius may develop the stressful condition for your career. It may, therefore, be fruitful for you to act on well thought-plans and that too, before time. You may attain better success if you work with prudence. Be very careful of your relatives. Your efforts to gain wealth and immovable property may succeed at this time. It may not be appropriate for you to involve your relatives in any matter. Also, remain very careful in money matters. There is a probability that your financial situation may remain favourable this month. You may emerge successful if you act with prudence. There are chances that a foreign trip brings you benefits. You may avail the opportunity to act according to your will. There is a probability of you attaining a higher rank or designation in your company and enjoying worldly pleasures of a house and vehicle. In case you are a politician, you may succeed in your field. Your relations with your parents may improve. You may develop a stronger hold on society. Things can get better on matters related to your kids and love life. If you are a student and pursuing any course or prepping up for competitive exams, you may gain excellent benefits. You may dominate your enemies during this period. Any foreign trip may prove to be beneficial. Moreover, your marital life may be blessed. You may gain success from international business. There are chances of you spending a stressful time this month. 8, 9, 14, 15, 23 and 24 dates of July 2019 may be stressful for Taurus natives. Therefore, avoid engaging in important activities and tasks on these days. Although, follow your regular timetable.


Your financial condition may get better this month. It may, however, be appropriate to stay cautious of your work or business. It may be stressful for you to commence a new business or expand an existing one. Doing so may add to your financial problems. At this moment, do not add to your financial troubles and remain free of any stress. Remain careful when carrying out any monetary transaction. If you have invested somewhere, you may get financially benefited. In case you are planning to invest, you may need to remain careful this month and sense the market before going ahead. Conducting monetary transactions with your relatives may be harmful to you and your future. It may, therefore, be better for you to stay as much as careful as you can. Circumstances concerning attaining wealth and immovable property may stay favourable this month. You are needed to maintain seriousness and stability in your jobs. Seriousness and stability are two virtues that you may currently need to imbibe and practice. If you act with prudence and complete your tasks on time, your luck may favour you more.


You may face water-related health problems in July 2019. There are higher chances of you being prone to viral fever and infection this month. You may face medical issues related to cough and mucus. This is the time when you may need to take the best care of your health. Eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits, greens and fibre and exercise on a regular basis. You may even go for routine medical checkup to prevent further health problems. It may be better for you to avoid mental stress. You may practice Yoga or meditate to stay healthy and fit.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Better compatibility between lovers can be witnessed during this month. There are chances of increased mutual love and better understanding at this time. If you love someone, you may avail the chance to express it towards your girlfriend or boyfriend. In case you are in love with someone, and he or she has no knowledge of it, you may even try to confess it. Your love life may become successful. Utilize this time and share your feelings towards the one you adore. Lovers may develop lovelier relations. Some problems with your closed ones may crop up according to the situation prevailing in your life. Hence, you are advised to remain calm and communicate the issues directly to each other. It is advisable to share the required matters with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your marital life may witness the highs and lows in July 2019, but circumstances may become beneficial by the mid of this month. Your love relation may become more fruitful through better coordination in the family. Your life-partner may support and cooperate with you more during this month.

Family & Friends

Not only your relationship with parents may improve but also, there is a possibility of you earning more support from them. Your family life may become complicated at this time. There may be someone from your family members becoming the cause of your trouble. Therefore, you are required to maintain a strong sense of communication with them for a better discussion. Since Sun, along with Venus and Dragon’s Head, is transiting in Gemini, you may sometimes face unnecessary stress. Your family condition may, however, get better. You may earn your family’s support in every work you undertake. Your siblings may support you more at this time, and the relations with them may even improve. Circumstances related to your child may become better, and s/he may become supportive of you. Dedicate more time and effort towards your family in case you expect a sense of cooperation from them. Taking care of them as and when required may even land you up in a favourable condition. There may be an atmosphere of a festival or celebration at home. There is also a possibility of an auspicious event happening in the family.


Donate white-coloured objects and fast and worship Goddess Lakshmi every Friday. Serve and extend support in a nursing home. It may be better for you to support and serve the needy. Practising these remedies may resolve your problems.

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