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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Because of being born under the Taurus zodiac sign, you are persistent and resolute. You tend to mind your own business until someone barges in to disturb your peace of mind. Taurus natives are associated with earth or land, as it is determined by the earth element. You desire to make the most of this life by laying your hands on vivid luxuries and comforts, for which you are seen making the necessary commitments. This quality of yours makes you different from your peers. Coming to the predictions of this month, it is necessary for you to remain careful during the initial stage of this month, because five planets will take house in your eighth house, which can altogether create some good as well as some disturbing results. You are strictly advised to adhere to the law during this time , as you may get a government penalty if you go against it. Due to the presence of the Sun in your eighth house, some old secrets may come out of the closet and you may get defamed for the same. Some unexpected and unsolicited journeys are waiting for you, which will be undertaken by you during this month. However, the expenditure on them will be tremendous. Interest will be taken in esoteric spiritual matters and good results are likely to come into the forefront if you undertake such practices on a regular basis. There will be some divine experiences that you have never had before. Your father may have to face physical problems and the condition can persist throughout the month, so take full care of his health and seek medical advice on time. The inflow of monetary resources will be experienced on a sudden basis but you should use it well to avoid unnecessary expenditures. You should note down your day to day expenses as it help you to make monthly amendments smoothly.


During the past few months, you have been feeling somewhat dissatisfied with your professional status, as the due results of the hard work done by you have failed to garner the desirable results. You have also been trying to switch jobs for quite a long time. Such negative occurrences have been taking place because the ruling Lord of the Karma Bhava, Saturn was moving through your eighth house, which created hurdles in getting the due fruits of your diligence. After 24 January 2020, when the transit of Saturn takes place in your ninth house, your diligence will start to bear fruits of success. You may also lay your hands on the much awaited transfer order. A promotion is also on the cards. Though there will be some interruptions in the beginning, but you do not need to bother at all. If you want to change your job, then the last week of January will be better for that. It is advised to observe patience until the prescribed time period. It is going to be a challenging time for traders while after January 15, the situation will change slightly and money related benefits will flow in. Under any circumstances, do not set foot on the wrong path to increase your income, otherwise you may have to face dire repercussions.


You are very much keen about accessing the luxuries and comforts of life. This is the reason why you much interest is seen in your part in money related matters. In the month of January, the transit of Rahu will take place in Gemini zodiac sign, which will bring enhancement to your economic condition. There will be some sort of magic in your speech that will help you to get things done. The total amalgamation of various planets in the eighth house will weaken your financial position to some extent and due to this you will take some decisions which can cause you to lose money. On the other hand, unsolicited expenses will also increase. After 13 January 2020, situations will change and the inflow of your income will also increase and after 24 January 2020, your financial condition will be stronger than ever. But, you should remember to remain careful at the beginning of the week and stay away from unnecessary expenses. Some of your wealth may also get procured on your family members and in laws.


As far as health is concerned, it may remain in low spirits during the time of this month. However, there are very less chances of you suffering from any serious medical condition. You may have problems related to bile and cough, which will gradually resolve in the last week of the month. Do Yoga regularly or go for a jog while enjoying your morning walk. Develop the habit of drinking a glass of lukewarm water every morning. Keep drinking water throughout the entire day to avoid getting dehydrated. To keep yourself energetic and maintain high metabolism levels, eat dry fruits and try to read an inspirational book, which will help you to lead a healthy, wealthy and wise life.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Challenges will seen surrounding the love lives of Taurus natives. Conflict of thoughts and ideologies may give birth to a lover’s spat. After 13 January 2020, the transit of Mercury will once again bring glory to your relationship. Add some romance to your relationship to make it flourishing. Those who are married will have to keep in mind that the presence of Mars in the seventh house is going to last for a whole month, which is why it is necessary to remain patient. A little anger, restlessness and stubbornness may be seen in your spouse’s demeanor, which you will disapprove of. But, you should listen to him/her carefully so the fights do not occur between the two of you and the dignity of the relationship remains intact. During this time you will get an opportunity to meet your in laws. The latter half of the week will be very good and less amount of conflicts will be a part of your conjugal life.

Family & Friends

Generally, Taurus natives can be considered opinionated, but they wish to accomplish each and every task with utter diligence and dedication. Because of being governed by the earth element, they remain connected with their loved ones. On the familial front, this week will be somewhat turbulent. The month will begin on an unpleasant note as the unfavorable familial circumstances will disturb your peace of mind. Health of the kinsmen may also remain in low spirits. But the latter half of the month will be much better and you will be involved with the family in social causes. Stature will increase and all family members can take a big decision to move forward together. Father’s health may give you sleepless nights, so keep an eye on his well being. Taurus natives will obtain the unconditional support of siblings. But, it is also your responsibility to take care of their needs and support them in their bad times. For the betterment of your family, you may also have to take some tough decisions.


It is advised to worship Goddess Mahakali or Lord Bhairav. On Wednesdays, offer Imarti(sweet dish) in a Bhairav Temple. Feed street dogs. Offer seven types of pulses to birds or free a pair of parrots from bondage. Eat juicy sweet dishes everyday. Regularly recite Shri Vishnu Sahastranam and while chanting, light a lamp of desi ghee in front of an idol of Lord Vishnu. Serve cows(Gau Mata) and feed them green fodder. Respect women and gift green bangles and Sarees to your maternal and paternal aunts on a Wednesday.

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