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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Because of being born under Gemini zodiac sign, you never hesitate to keep your thoughts and ideas in front of anyone. You are an excellent orator , whose benefits fall into your lap from time to time. You are a practical person who gives momentum to your tasks according to time and situation. This quality of yours makes you practically very advanced, but on the other hand, sometimes your bravado becomes the cause of your loss. Even if you are not physically fit, your mind is very sharp and due to your quick witted nature, you land up in difficulties. There is a different kind of spark present in your eyes, which makes you stand out in the crowd. The first month of the new year is likely to bring mixed outputs for Gemini natives. On one hand, good results will come into the forefront with regards to your career and family life, on the other hand, conjugal bliss will be absent from your marital life. Those involved in foreign trade can benefit immensely. Natives who are adhering to partnership in business should maintain a good relationship with their partner otherwise they may face problems in their trade. Observe caution while undertaking journeys as they may not prove to be fruitful for you. You will get indecisive at times due to the tremendous flow of vivid ideas, so it is better to postpone drawing conclusions for some time and if you are compelled to take a decision then it should be done only under the supervision and guidance of an elder.


On the professional front, situations are likely to remain in your favour. During the time of this month, you should be ready to welcome a grand positive change in your life. A promotion is likely on the cards. Your hard work and diligence is finally bearing fruits of success, thus you should take a moment to celebrate it. However, yu should remember one thing that your colleagues and team members have been fully contributing to your progress, so take care of them and maintain a friendly relationship with them. Other than this, you should also not spread any word about your promotion/increment, unless and until you are completely sure about it. It has been said because your senior officials may keep an eye on you and monitor each and every move of yours. The situation may change after 15 January 2020, so sit back and relax. It is a good time for the business professionals as many kinds of benefits await them in the field of their trade. However those who do business in partnership should improve their relationship with their partner otherwise the situation may be unfavorable and may go out of your hands.


On the economic front, you have to keep pace. The month will start with expenses and you will spend heartily on your home, family members and especially life partner. After January 9, when the transit of Venus is in Aquarius, then you will have money and you will spend it in good works. Time to invest is not good this month, so try not to invest this month. After January 24 2020, when Saturn's transit takes place in your eighth house, then there may be a slight decline in the economic situation. It is likely that you feel that your efforts are not gaining momentum, that is, you have not received the benefit as you had imagined. Transit of Venus will stabilize the inflow of money. There may be a journey in connection with business, which can produce benefits for you in the future. The transit of Mars in the sixth house from your zodiac sign throughout the month will increase the expenses on the economic front and due to that you may have to face some stress. Saturn’s transit in the eleventh house may create prospects for you to gain access to ancestral property.


Taking a look at the health of Gemini natives, during the initial phase of this month, your ascendant Lord will be present in the seventh house and it will be under the influence of Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Ketu and Rahu. During this time you may face several physical problems. Difficulties such as irritability, loss of appetite or excessive eating, mental stress, joint pain, headaches, etc. can trouble you. However, there are no chances of the occurrence of any major ailment. Just take care of your health and improve your eating habits regularly. In the last week of January you will be prone to some major illness. During this time it would be a big mistake to ignore any health issue, so it is better to prevent any disease before it grows.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

At the beginning of this month, the ruling Lord of fifth house, Venus will remain posited in your eighth house, because of which, you will secretly meet your sweetheart and enjoy intimate moments with him/her. But during this time, you are advised to behave decently. Beloved should not feel suffocated nor have problems with you. After 9 January 2020, when Venus will enter the ninth house, then you can take your beloved with you on a long journey or go for a long drive. This month will bring a lot of ups and downs for your married life. During this time, not only your spouse will have to face physical problems but also stress can be seen in your relationship. Simple conversations will not help so you have to convince your spouse that you really love him/her and that he/she has a big role in your life. Take a good gift for your life partner and also take a trip together to ring bliss back into your conjugal life.

Family & Friends

On the familial front, you will come across favourable circumstances. Apart from a member or two, all the kinsmen will live merrily. Specifically talking about you, who along with your life partner will renovate your house and add contributions to its beauty. Thus, each and every member of the household will remain busy and also lend a helping hand to you and your partner in redecorating your house. If you are engaged in any business, then your kith and kin will offer their support in this particular field too. This will cheer you up instantly as your trade will make progress and flourish. After 13 January 2020, the transit of Mercury will take place from your seventh house because of which your mother’s health will decline. Thus, you are advised to take proper care of her and make attempts to keep the harmony prevalent within the family intact. Siblings will also stand by you through thick and thin. But after January 15, when the Sun's transit takes place in the eighth house, then health problems can disturb them, so take proper care of them. But there is no need to panic because there will be no major illness and you will be able to complete every task in time.


You are advised to chant Durga Chalisa and offer white kheer regularly. It would be better if you use black colored spectacles and keep a black coloured mirror in your pocket. Visit a Bhairav temple on Sunday and hoist a black colored flag there. Offer Imarti(sweet dish) to the Lord. Mix jaggery in a wheat dough and feed it to cows. Avoid blue coloured clothes and distribute blankets among the poor.

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