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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


There may arise situation of mental unrest and stress this month. There may be mental disturbance due to work-related problems. Your mind may be shaken besides you feeling lazy at this time. This laziness and disturbed mind may badly affect your business. There is possibility of you achieving less success in tasks undertaken with confidence. You may encounter difficulties due to work not completed on time. There are chances of you failing in the tasks undertaken. It may, therefore, be beneficial for you to implement jobs with full responsibility. Bad company may also affect you this month. Since Saturn transits in Sagittarius sign and Dragon’s Tail transits in Capricorn sign, there may arise such adverse situations. Try to avoid bad company. Act according to time and situation and with full confidence, so that you may succeed better than before. Your chances of earning better reputation in the society may even be favorable. You may also have to incur unnecessary expenses in this month. As a result, you may be stressed from the wealth and property aspect. It may be better for you not to make much effort towards attaining wealth and moveable property in the first half of this month. Try to maintain lovelier relations with your family and relatives, so that they stand for you when need arises. Time may favor you to achieve a higher rank or designation in your company. If you are working and are making efforts for promotion to a higher rank, you may succeed in your efforts. There are chances that your besties may support you more at this time. You may succeed in tasks carried out with courage and enthusiasm towards the end of this month, i.e. February 2019. You may be benefitted by house and vehicle. This implies that you may buy a new house or vehicle. You may, however, have to face troubles at the time of buying house and vehicle. If you wish to gain political success, you may achieve that. In case you are a politician and Capricorn native, you may succeed in your attempts to achieve political success. You may earn people’s support at this time. Your political base may strengthen. If you are a student, academics may stress you a bit. Preparation for an important examination may stress you and even compel you to travel. You may have to spend more than your expectations. Situation may remain normal on enemy’s front. Condition may even become favorable on health front. Your love life may go through a normal phase at this time. Your marital life may face issues. You may even fail to travel abroad. If you are planning to travel to a foreign country, you may encounter difficulties. Your luck may favor you more at this time. You may have to travel more for business. Your luck may be more on your side, if you work harder. You may get luckier this month. Work hard with passion. When you are a passionate and hard-working person, you may avail more financial opportunities. 10, 11, 19, 20, and 28 dates in February 2019 may be unfavorable for you. Do not start anything new on these dates.


You may avail better financial opportunities this month. If you are in a business related to property or transport, you may make better monetary gains. There are chances of you gaining financial success, if you operate businesses related to construction, furniture, machinery, and transport. If you run some other type of business, you may succeed financially too. You may make monetary gains only when you work harder with passion and confidence. This way your financial situation may get better than before. You may start a new venture in the latter half of this month. If you start a new business or expand your existing business in the latter half of February 2019, you may make better financial gains. You may postpone any investment plans at this time. If you invest in your business, it may be better for its growth and expansion. It may, however, be stressful for you to invest in other areas. You may also be careful at the time of making transactions. You may not easily trust people at this time. It may be better for you to lend to those who are trustworthy or reliable. You may refrain from involving your relatives in your business, as they may prove harmful for you at this time. Beware of what happens in your business, as there are chances of you suffering from monetary losses. Others may deceive you. Try to lend positive and good direction to your business. Time is favorable and your luck is with you. Overall, you may avail better financial opportunities in your business. If you work hard with confidence and passion, your good luck and favorable time may bring you laurels.


You may suffer from cough and cold in this month. Any serious disease may, however, not affect you. You may suffer from some kind of infection at this time. Avoid going out without putting on proper winter wear this month. You may also refrain from coming in contact with people suffering from cough and cold. Such communicable diseases may be the cause of your infection. High fever may also affect your health; making you weak. You need to be much aware of your health at this time. Pay proper attention to your food intake and lifestyle in general. Avoid taking unnecessary stress.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may face unfavorable conditions this month, which is why; you may try to maintain normal relations with your lover at this time. Do not get over-involved in love, as doing so may harm you. Showering more love on your lover may end up in a dispute. This dispute may become the cause of your separation. Avoid talking or meeting your lover, as distance may be beneficial for your relationship. Refrain from hanging out with your lover or expressing more love towards him or her. Doing so may land you up in problems. If you are head over heels in love with your girl or boyfriend and wish to express your feelings towards him or her, the latter half of this month may be better to do so. In case, you wish to take advice of your lover or seek their support, you may do so in the latter half of the month. Your marital life may be stressful this month. You may fail to travel abroad due to lack of your spouse support. Your relations with your in-laws may also spoil. You may even face problems due to your spouse ill health at this time. Take better care of his or her health in such tough times. Try to act as per situation, while maintaining lovelier relations with your life-partner.

Family & Friends

There may be enthusiasm in your family this month. Every person in your family may feel enthusiastic. Your near and dear ones may have every reason to be happier than before. You may succeed in all your efforts to shoulder responsibilities and family upliftment. There are chances of better compatibility amongst your family members. Your close ones may become more empathetic and supportive at this time. You may witness that your family members become more compatible. Consequently, your family may become more balanced. Your relations with your parents may improve. You may be able to buy a new house or vehicle with your family’s support. You may easily accomplish any task. Conditions to achieve success in the task undertaken may be favorable. There are chances of occurrence of an unnecessary dispute due to some other person. Your issues may, however, resolve with mutual understanding. You may benefit, if you try to resolve financial matters before they turn into a dispute. You may be worried on child front. There is possibility of helter-skelter and travel due to your child’s education. Try to be a more responsible parent at this time. There may occur an auspicious event in the family. You may start something new.


Extend support and offer your services to the temple every Saturday. You may donate black-colored objects on Saturdays to impress Saturn planet. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and lit sesame oil lamp in the evening. Worshipping Lord Hanuman may be beneficial. Serve the poor and the needy. If you practice these remedies, your problems may resolve.

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