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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


You will be dedicated towards your work and will perform all your tasks meticulously. You will be a courageous person, who not lose hope in difficult situations. This quality will push you towards success and will make you stand out in the crowd. You will perform well in your professional life. You will do good if you are in a business which is related to beauty products or luxuries that people hanker for. There is quite a possibility that you will be able to rake in money during the span of this month. You will be financially stable. Efforts made for the sake of earning money will yield fruitful results. Your fortune stars will be on your side. The transit of the planet Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Gemini will increase your observation and analysing skills. At the same time, you will be a pro at decision making. The transit of Venus in the Zodiac Sign Aries and then in Taurus will help you in your business. Foreign journeys will beget fruitful results. You might have to work a bit hard, but in the end, you will realise that the outcomes are worth it. You should keep yourself away from the influence of negative people and bad company. It might tarnish your reputation and also affect you financially. Your deeds will help you garner fame and honour in the society. People will sing songs of praises for you. If you are in a job and have been trying to get a promotion, your dream might come true during this month. Monetary benefits are in the cards for you. Buying a new house or a vehicle in June seems to be a good idea for you. If your are in a business related to transport, automobile parts, machinery, etc., you will make good money. You will also get political gains. Your position as a politician will get stronger. Those who are wishing for a child might get their wish fulfilled. The birth of a new member will bring joy in your family. Your children's support and their activities will bring a smile to your face. You should trust your family members and must try to maintain a cordial relationship with them. Do not succumb to overthinking as it will only lead to confusion and tensions. This will have a negative impact on your decision making skills, which will affect you at several points of time. The 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11tg, 19th, and 20th of this month do not seem to be favourable for you. Therefore, you need to be careful on these dates. Do remember that precaution is better than cure. Hence, being cautious will safeguard you from the calamities that might become the cause of trouble for you.


You might get entangled in a financial discussion, which might take the form of an argument. If your money has been stuck somewhere and you have been trying to get it back, there might be some obstacles in retrieving it. In case of problems, you should stop trying and postpone your expedition for another month. You should abandon the idea of getting back your money during the month of June. Brawls and quarrels might make you pay hard in terms of money as there are chances of financial losses because of them. Financial problems might lead to disharmony among the family members. Do not trust anyone blindly. There are chances that a trusted person from your family or friend circle might break your trust. This would lead to losses, which in turn, will affect your financial condition. Try to put on hold the idea of making an investment during this month as this seems to be unfavorable for you. You might get the chance to start a new venture during this month. If you are employed and want to start a side business, you should think well and if the situation permits, there is no problem in going for it. Your outflow of income will be balanced by the inflow of income. You should however, stay away from spending your money extravagantly. You are also recommended to save money for the future.


You should be careful about your health during this month as there are chances of physical pain or physical injuries occurring to you. You are strongly recommended to maintain personal hygiene, otherwise, you might fall prey to skin related diseases. Some previous illness might relapse, which might worsen your health condition. Be careful while driving on the road and keep your speed in check. Adhere to traffic guidelines and do remember to make use of safety gears like helmets and seat belts.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You will share a good bonding with your love partner during the month of June. You will spend time in each other's arms and will pour your heart out. This will create an unbreakable bond of love and trust between you two. You might get a chance to go on a trip or a romantic date with them. Some of you might get the favour of your luck so as to tie the knot with your love partner with the support of your family and friends. If you love your partner truly, your love life will get better day by day. With each other's support and cooperation, both of you will succeed in achieving your goals. Wedded duos will have a good time during this month. Your life partner will help you to overcome the difficulties prevalent in your life. Their support and motivation will be the driving force that will not let you lose faith in yourself. With the help of your spouse, you will be able to achieve something great during this month. Your in-laws will be considerate and caring. A healthy relationship with your spouse will help you in all walks of life. You are advised to respect your partner and his/her opinions.

Family & Friends

It is predicted that you might have to face some problems on the familial front. Your family members might disagree with your point of view, which might trigger a war of words between you and them. You are advised to control your anger as it might worsen the situation. Try to maintain an amicable relationship with everyone. Too much involvement with someone might spoil your relationship with them. Try to stay away from arguments and tiffs. In order to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in your family, you will be required to make efforts to maintain cordial relations with everyone in the family. Respect your parents and seek their blessings. Make sure that you do not say or do anything that would hurt the sentiments of your parents. Maintain a cordial relationship with your siblings and make sure to be by their side in times of need. Clear the misunderstandings as soon as they crop up if you do not want to let the situation slip out of your hand. An auspicious activity might be organised at your home during the second half of the month.


You are advised to donate black colored objects on Saturdays. Also, you can light a lamp filled with sesame oil under a Peepal tree or in a Lord Shani temple. Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly and serve in the temple of Lord Shani. This will help you to get rid of your problems.

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