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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


Because of being born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, special traits of Lord Shani are seen in you, which includes patience and tolerance. The virtue of firmness is observed in your thoughts and you do not like to change your mind easily as long as there is no strong foundation. On 24 January, the planet Saturn will move to your twelfth house from your sign. At around the same time, many changes will grace your life. It is also possible that you may change your residence during this time. Prospects of going abroad will be made available after 24 January 2020. If you are contemplating to buy your own house, then you can get success in the latter half of this month. However, much hard work and diligence will be required on your part to buy this property. On the 15th of January, the royal planet Sun will move out of your eleventh house and take residence in your twelfth house and the planet Mercury will launch in the same twelfth house on 13 January 2020. At the beginning of this month, Venus, the significator of love and wealth, will transit in your twelfth house only and on 9 January, it will move to your ascendant house. Thus, the twelfth bhava or the house of expenses will remain specifically active during this time which also happens to be the significator of foreign countries, foreign relations, loss, expenses, hospital, jail, etc. Apart from this, it also gives information about our left eye, insomnia and sleeping comforts. Therefore, you will also get results in accordance with the twelfth house during the time of this month.


In order to retrieve information about one’s profession, the tenth house of a Kundli and its ruling lord is taken into account. In the birth chart of Aquarius natives, the ruling lord of your tenth house is Mars, which is present in its own sign, Scorpio. As a result, you will get good results in the professional field. It is also possible that a promotion may take place and your authority within the workspace may increase, so that you will have power and duty in your account. If you work in the private sector, then you have to maintain a healthy relations with your superiors as their patronage is very important for you. In the domain of business, more than one source may get associated with you, which will help you to boost up your trade in the future. Make the most of the opportunities available in front of you, before time runs out. In this month’s duration, you may also receive the guidance and blessings of an elderly person or someone who is well established in the society. They supervision will help you to set foot on the right path of life. Elder siblings will also come forward to help you with personal and professional guidance.


On the economic front, this month will remain prosperous as many there will be an increment in your existing income. During the first month of the new year, you will be able to be at the receiving end of economic profits from multiple sources. However, when the Sun and Mercury make transit in the twelfth house during mid January, then you may have to face some problems because suddenly your expenses will increase and there will be some trips which will take a toll on your expenses. There is no need to panic, because despite everything, your income will be stable enough to pay your expenses and your outstanding bills. Some amount of resources can also be spent on the health of your life partner or some close relatives. The time period will also be favourable to procure a new property. If you are a student, then your resources are likely to get used up in your education. As soon as money comes into your hands, you are advised to invest in it as it can take care of all the problems which may crop up in the future.


As far as the health of Aquarius natives are concerned, the month of January will bring forth mixed outcomes. During the first three weeks of this month, you will remain fit and fine. As soon as you set foot in the last week, the transit of Shani Dev will take place in your twelfth house, because of which your health can deteriorate. You may experience pain in your feet, eye trouble, lack of sleep, and you may also have other physical problems due to the habit of skipping meals or irregular eating routine.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During the month of January, the ship of your love life may break down in between. However, it will keep moving ahead, despite the differences and conflicts. Just keep in mind that you should not get involved in unnecessary tiffs , which can infuriate your partner. If something like that happens, you should make attempts to please him/her. After January 13, when the transit of Mercury will take place in Capricorn, at that time your sweetheart can go away from you for some time. It may happen due to his/her profession or any other reason. If you talk about your married life, then this month your conjugal life will also be full of ups and downs, although you can get many benefits through your life partner. During this time, you may develop an attachment with someone other than your life partner. But, it should always be kept in mind that honesty is the most important aspect in any relationship. Thus, avoid getting involved in any such activity. You can also go for a walk with your life partner and plan a remote trip from now onwards. Try to keep your spouse happy, as your true happiness and bliss lies with him/her only.

Family & Friends

From the familial point of view, January 2020 will be quite prosperous for you. Many bittersweet moments will grace your domestic life during the stretch of this month. If you have been wishing to buy your own house, your wish may get fulfilled in the latter part of this month. Those who live abroad and far away from their close ones may reminisce about the good old times spent with them. Your elder siblings may face some difficulties. On the other hand, the ones who are younger to you may come forward to help you. The other kith and kin may also provide some economic assistance to you. Hence, do not stress out about financial matters. Mother’s health will improve after 9 January 2020 and she will enjoy a good state of health. Mild tiffs can occur in the family, but there is no possibility of any big quarrel or problem. You will offer financial help to your younger siblings, which will deepen your relationship. During this month, your parents can go on a remote journey and you can also them with you to some good places.


You should light a lamp of desi ghee in front of the idol or picture of Mata Durga and worship her wholeheartedly and recite Durga Chalisa regularly. To get good results in education, one can also worship Mata Saraswati and offer yellow rice to her. Feed chickpea pulse to the horse and add flour to the ants.

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