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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


The transit of the four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Sun) this November 2020 will activate the ninth, tenth, and twelfth house, respectively, in the kundali of Aquarius natives. The ups and downs of this month will depend on these houses and what they signify. The ninth house corresponds to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, as per Kalpurush Kundali, and is the significator of our religion and relationship with father. In the same vein, the tenth house of zodiac sign Capricorn tells us about our karma, while the twelfth house of Pisces is the significator of our losses and foreign trips. On the career front, Aquarius natives will receive average results; however, an overseas trip may be on the cards for some. If you wish to improve your financial aspect, then you should think before you spend your money. Pay special attention to your father’s health because a decline in the same is probable. Let us now read your monthly horoscope for November 2020 in detail:


The predictions for the career aspect indicate that the month ahead will be average for Aquarius natives. You may get a chance to go abroad for work at this time. Although the trip will be successful, however, it can bring some negative changes in your health. Despite that, you will receive favourable results at your workplace. You will remain cordial towards your colleagues, which will forge a better friendship between you. You can even address your juniors on the topic of their duties at the office. Your coworkers will like your clear perspective. Moreover, your inclination towards work will be positive, due to which your boss will be pleased with you. If you are still unemployed, then you will finally get to reap the fruits of your labour, as you get a job now. On the flip side, natives who are already working will need to be more concentrated on their work.


Aquarius natives will have to work hard to improve their financial status. Not only will you have to curb your expenses, but also create a reasonable budget plan for better savings. If you think that you are not capable of saving enough, then you can consult your family members or spouse for this. Some of you can plan on going on a pilgrimage with your family this month. This trip will require hefty expenses on your side, but it will offer you mental peace. On the other hand, some of you may also have to spend your money while on an office trip. Thus, even though you will get reimbursement for this, it will take time. A dispute over ancestral property is probable between the members of your family. To find a solution to this problem, you should ask the elders of the family to sit together. You will find a resolution; all you need is a positive outlook.


You will need to pay special attention to your health this month, especially in relation with problems pertaining to your ears and lungs. Your eyes can also trouble you. If you work in front of a laptop or computer, then regularly wash your eyes after a gap of 1 hour. This remedy will reduce some of the adverse effects. Avoid eating fried food, junk food, or street food and remain careful while driving as well. If you struggle with stomach related problems, then you should practice Mandukasan, Naukasan, and Pranayam. Yoga fills one’s life with positivity included in your daily routine. Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This will be an average month on the love and marriage front for Aquarius natives. Your spouse can get into an argument with your mother, which will turn the environment at home solemn. You will need to keep your anger in check this month and avoid saying something that can hurt others. Some of you will go on a vacation with your life partner, which will bring a newness to your relationship. While others can go to a religious place with their lover or spouse. This month, desire can take precedence over love for you which may trouble your partner. Our advice to you is that you remain in the limits of decorum in your romantic entanglements. Moreover, if your lover does not like something, then try to improve that aspect in yourself. Most importantly, if you cannot fulfil your promise of marriage to your partner, then do not remain in a relationship with them, only for the sake of staying.

Family & Friends

Natives need to pay special attention to the father’s health this month as some negative changes in the same are probable. Chances are also high that he will not discuss these changes with you; therefore, you should talk to him yourself and consult a doctor if necessary. If your kids are still young, then they can demand something valuable. However, before you give in, ensure that it does not affect your finances adversely. On the other hand, children of some Aquarius natives can step forward to help their parents. Some of you can plan to go on a foreign trip with your family, and even though expenses will be high, you will be happy and feeling fresh once again.


Recite the Shri Ganesha Stuti every day at sunrise.

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