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2021 Calendar: Year 2021 Calendar, Holidays & Festivals

Last Updated: 12/7/2020 4:35:51 PM

2021 Calendar offers accurate dates and timings of the upcoming festivals 2021, holidays 2021, religious and administrative events 2021 and acts as a reminder for important business trips, conferences, meetings and much more. Calendars have been around us from a long time ago and have been acting as a significant device in our lives when it comes to tracking our regular lives and its various aspects, religious and local festivals and so on.

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Nowadays, people refer to religious calendars as well to plan several auspicious ceremonies in advance, such as Marriage Ceremony, Engagements, Mundan Ceremony etc. From Telugu Calendar 2021, Public Holidays 2021 Calendar to 2021 Bank Holidays, Hindu Calendar 2021, below we have brought for you a detailed list. Go through and look for more information.

Calendar 2021

List of Festivals & Holidays 2021

Day and Date Festival/Holiday
1 Jan, Friday New Year
13 Jan, Wednesday Lohri
14 Jan, Thursday Pongal, Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti
23 Jan, Saturday Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti
26 Jan, Tuesday Republic Day
16 Feb, Tuesday Basant Panchami, Saraswati Puja
11 Mar, Thursday Mahashivratri
28 Mar, Sunday Holika Dahan
29 Mar, Monday Holi
1 Apr, Thursday Bank's Holiday
13 Apr, Tuesday Chaitra Navratri, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa
14 Apr, Wednesday Baisakhi, Cheti Chand, Ambedkar Jayanti
21 Apr, Wednesday Ram Navami
22 Apr, Thursday Chaitra Navratri Parana
27 Apr, Tuesday Hanuman Jayanti
14 May, Friday Akshay Tritiya
12 June, Monday Jagannath Rath Yatra
20 July, Tuesday Ashadhi Ekadashi
24 July, Saturday Guru Purnima
11 Aug, Wednesday Hariyali Teej
13 Aug, Friday Nag Panchami
15 Aug, Sunday Independence Day
21 Aug, Saturday Onam/Thiruvonam
22 Aug, Sunday Raksha Bandhan
25 Aug, Wednesday Kajari Teej
30 Aug, Monday Janmashtami
9 Sept, Thursday Hartalika Teej
10 Sept, Friday Ganesh Chaturthi
19 Sept, Sunday Anant Chaturdashi
2 Oct, Saturday Gandhi Jayanti
7 Oct, Thursday Sharad Navratri
13 Oct, Wednesday Durga Puja Ashtami
14 Oct, Thursday Durga Maha Navami Puja
15 Oct, Friday Dussehra, Sharad Navratri Parana
24 Oct, Sunday Karva Chauth
2 Nov, Tuesday Dhanteras
4 Nov, Thursday Diwali, Narak Chaturdashi
5 Nov, Friday Govardhan Puja
6 Nov, Saturday Bhai Dooj
10 Nov, Wednesday Chhath Puja
14 Nov, Sunday Children's Day
25 Dec, Saturday Merry Christmas

What Is The Use Of 2021 Calendar?

When determining the importance of Calendar 2021 in the lives of people, it is revealed that people use different variations of calendars for different purposes. Although all of these Calendars fulfil the basic need of tracking the days, dates, months, years, weeks, events, holidays and festivals, there are other reasons to why using the Year 2021 Calendar is a necessity:

  • Planning day-to-day activities
  • Planning meetings and conferences efficiently in advance to meet the deadlines
  • As a reminder for Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries
  • Managing daily schedule smoothly
  • Keeping a regular track of events
  • Staying organized and adding to the overall productivity
  • Staying ahead by knowing Important Dates, Festivals, Holidays, Events

However, with the world becoming tech-savvy, people have started using the time efficiently by getting access to the e-version of Calendars 2021 on their Mobile Phones, Laptops, Gadgets, Tablets and much more. They are user-friendly, have advanced options and enable the user to store multiple things at one time. Along with Calendar, users get an in-built alarm as a reminder for the day. This enhances overall productivity and allows the user to prepare in advance. However, we can still find the printable calendars in offices and besides the table for quicker access.

2021 Calendar: Types of Calendar 2021 Indian Calendar 2021

The main calendar used by the Indian Government to regulate daily activities, events and administrative holidays and day-offs is Indian Calendar 2021. This calendar is an amalgamation of both the religious calendars and Gregorian Calendar used globally. With the help of Indian Calendar 2021, we get a list of 2021 festivals, holidays and other important events.

Click here to read in detail: Indian Calendar 2021

Hindu Calendar 2021

Hindu Panchang or Hindu Calendar 2021 is traditionally used in India and other Southeast-Asian countries and based on the Lunisolar Calendar. Followers of Hinduism follow this calendar to evaluate the Date or Tithi, Var or Day, Nakshatra or Stars and Constellations, Yoga or Planetary Placements, Paksha or Phases, Auspicious and Inauspicious Muhurat or Time etc.

Out of other regional calendars, some of the most used Hindu Calendars are Vikrami Samvat, Bengali Calendar, Tamil Calendar, Shalivahana Calendar, and Malayalam Calendar.

Click here to read in detail: Hindu Calendar 2021

Jain Calendar 2021

A Lunisolar Calendar, a Jain Calendar 2021 is widely used by the followers of Jainism to calculate auspicious dates and events. Jain Calendar consists of twelve months, primarily:

  1. Kartak
  2. Maagsar
  3. Posh
  4. Maha
  5. Faagan
  6. Chaitra
  7. Vaishakh
  8. Jeth
  9. Ashadh
  10. Shravan
  11. Bhadarvo
  12. Aaso

These months in a Panchang or 2021 Jain Calendar are based on the position of the planet Moon and adjusted once every three years by adding an extra month or Adhik Masa in order to coincide with the phases of the Sun and seasons. Click here to

read in detail: Jain Calendar 2021

Chinese Calendar 2021

Chinese Calendar 2021 sheds light on the list of popular Chinese Holidays and Festivals observed in 2021. It is officially known as the Agricultural Calendar and base don the principles of a Lunisolar Calendar. Currently, it is defined by Guobiao Standards or GB/T 33661–2017, "Calculation and promulgation of the Chinese calendar", and publically issued by the Standardisation Administration of China in the year 2017.

Administratively, the Government of China uses the Gregorian Calendar to stay updated with the latest trends but follow the Traditional Chinese Calendar to announce the Holidays and Observances. Locally, it is used for birth anniversaries, marriage ceremonies, funerals etc. The year 2021 as per Chinese Astrology is the Year of the Metal Ox.

Click here to read in detail: Chinese Calendar 2021

Tamil Calendar 2021

Tamil Calendar 2021, also known as Tamil Panchangam 2021, is based on the elementary system of a Lunisolar Calendar and widely used for agricultural events, religious activities as well as in Vedic Astrology. Farmers in Tamil Nadu greatly refer to this Calendar 2021. As per the Gregorian Calendar, the Tamil New Year falls on 14 April 2021.

Click here to read in detail: Tamil Calendar 2021

Telugu Calendar 2021

Telugu Calendar 2021 or Telugu Panchangam 2021 offers you a quick list of Telugu holidays and festivals in 2021 with additional information as required. Telugu Calendar 2021 is considered important to chalk out auspicious dates, festivals, religious observances and other events. The 2021 Telugu Panchangam consists of Tithi or date, Masam or months, Nakshatras, Position of Planets, Yogas and much more. It is commonly used just like other Panchangs to keep a track of various upcoming festivals and events.

Click here to read in detail: Telugu Calendar 2021

Islamic Calendar 2021

Islamic Calendar 2021 offers you a detailed insight into the fascinating and beautiful world of Islam through cultural observances, festivities and religious significance. The list of Islamic Festivals 2021 and Muslim Holidays 2021 mentioned in the Islamic or Hijri Calendar 2021 is based on the sighting of the Moon. This means that this calendar is a Lunar Calendar. As per the 2021 Islamic Calendar, an Islamic year consists of 255 days and 12 months, with Islamic New Year beginning from Muharram.

Click here to read in detail: Islamic Calendar 2021

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Printable Calendar 2021

Even if you are tech-savvy, a Printable Calendar always comes to the rescue. Free Printable Calendar 2021 is here for you to schedule all your appointments, strategize your plans in advance and rule out priority tasks, events, celebrations, festivals etc. in advance. From Birthday parties to festivities, to professional events and meetings, Printable Calendar 2021 helps you plan out everything smoothly. Download the Printable Calendar 2021 free on your phone by clicking the link below, or take a quick print of the calendar and keep it beside your laptop or PC.

Click here to read in detail: Printable Calendar 2021

2021 Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays came into existence when a banker took the initiative of decreasing the number of working hours for the employees in the bank and provide them with a list of fixed days that were treated as holidays. When that individual became a member of the Parliament, he immediately took matters in his hands and passed the decision, thereby starting the Bank Holidays for bank employees.

Bank Holidays 2021 in India hold high significance for both employees and customers since they offer a day of rest to the workers and an opportunity to the customers to plan their finances, cheque deposits, transactions etc. in advance.

Click here to read in detail: Bank Holidays 2021

Public Holidays 2021

Public Holidays 2021 are normally regarded as days of religious or sacred observances, events and holidays and considered a day off for the mass public. As per the list of public holidays 2021, the offices either usually remain closed or work with a restricted time schedule on that particular day. Public Holidays usually commemorate the birth or death anniversary of a respected entity or mark the day of religious significance and observance. Some of the popular Public Holidays in 2021 are Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti etc.

Click here to read in detail: Public Holidays 2021

Hope you've found the solution to your query. Stay tuned with AstroCAMP for more. All the best!

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