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2023 Chinese Calendar: Chinese Festivals 2023

Author: Vijay Pathak | Last Updated: Mon 19 Sep 2022 4:55:54 PM

Welcome to AstroCamp's 2023 Chinese Calendar blog. This calendar has been designed to provide you a glimpse of the major celebrations, holidays, and events coming up in 2023.

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If we talk about the 2023 Chinese Calendar, it is used for traditional reasons in China and by many Chinese communities around the world. According to precise astronomical observations of the Sun's longitude and the moon's phases, the 2023 Chinese Calendar is a lunisolar calendar. The 2023 Chinese calendar synchronizes its year with the tropical year and shares some similarities with the Jewish calendar.

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Furthermore, the 2023 Chinese Calendar also shares some similarities with the Gregorian Calendar, such as it has twelve months, but when a leap year comes, a month is added to the calendar. In contrast to the Gregorian calendar, which adds a day to leap years, the 2023 Chinese Calendar has leap years that contain 13 months instead of 12. The Chinese calendar adds a leap month around every three years. The timing of a leap year in the Chinese calendar and the Gregorian calendar are not always the same.

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Now, let’s move ahead and take a look at the list of Chinese Holidays provided below:

2023 Chinese Calendar: List Of Chinese Holidays 2023

Date Day Chinese Festival/Event
1 Jan Sunday New Year’s Day
21 Jan Saturday Spring Festival Eve
22 Jan Sunday Lunar New Year/ Chinese New Year
23 Jan Monday Spring Festival Golden Week Holiday
24 Jan Tuesday Spring Festival Golden Week Holiday
25 Jan Wednesday Spring Festival Golden Week Holiday
26 Jan Thursday Spring Festival Golden Week Holiday
27 Jan Friday Spring Festival Golden Week Holiday

5 Feb Sunday Lantern Festival
21 Feb Tuesday Zhonghe Festival

8 Mar Wednesday International Women’s Day
12 Mar Sunday Arbor Day
21 Mar Tuesday March Equinox

5 Apr Wednesday Qing Ming Jie

1 May Monday Labor Day
4 May Thursday Youth Day

1 Jun Thursday Children’s Day
21 Jun Wednesday June Solstice
22 Jun Thursday Dragon Boat Festival

1 Jul Saturday CPC Founding Day
11 Jul Tuesday Maritime Day

1 Aug Tuesday Army Day
22 Aug Tuesday Chinese Valentine’s Day
30 Aug Wednesday Spirit Festival

10 Sep Sunday Teacher’s Day
23 Sep Saturday September Equinox
29 Sep Friday Mid-Autumn Festival

1 Oct Sunday National Day
2 Oct Monday National Day Golden Week Holiday
3 Oct Tuesday National Day Golden Week Holiday
4 Oct Wednesday National Day Golden Week Holiday
5 Oct Thursday National Day Golden Week Holiday
6 Oct Friday National Day Golden Week Holiday
7 Oct Saturday National Day Golden Week Holiday
23 Oct Monday Double Ninth Festival

8 Nov Wednesday Journalists’ Day

22 Dec Friday December Solstice
25 Dec Monday Christmas Day

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2023 Chinese Calendar: Fun Facts About Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year, often referred to as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is the biggest holiday celebrated each year in China and other Asian countries. It is celebrated by about two billion people, or almost a quarter of the world's population.
  • The first Chinese New Year celebrations took place about 3,500 years ago. According to folklore, a fabled animal by the name of Nian used to invade a village each new year and attack the people. But later, a wise old man learned that Nian was terrified of both red and loud noises. As a result, people today light firecrackers and adorn their homes in red, which is seen as a highly lucky color in China.
  • People typically clean their homes during the week before the New Year. This is to clear off the bad fortune from the previous year and create room for the good.
  • The centerpiece of the festivities is the New Year's Eve family gathering feast. Every year, millions of people cross the nation to be with their loved ones for this reunion. The reunion dinner has a number of foods, such as fish, dumplings, spring rolls, sweet rice balls, glutinous rice cake, noodles, and golden-colored fruits, that are believed to bring good luck. This day is known as the Spring Migration, or Chunyun.
  • Traditionally, only children and elderly family members get gifts, which are usually exchanged. Red envelopes containing cash are the most typical present. The sum of money can be anywhere from a few pounds to several hundred, but it's crucial that it never includes the unlucky number four.
  • The Chinese Lantern Festival, which takes place on the fifteenth day of festivities to celebrate the end of the Lunar New Year, involves the releasing of glowing lanterns into the air, into rivers, or into the sea.
  • In a Chinese New Year parade, you'll probably see lion and dragon dances, which involve performers carrying amazing costumes up on poles or dressed as various animals. Dragons and lions are both associated with luck and prosperity.
  • You might be aware of the zodiac sign that corresponds to your horoscope, but did you know that there is also a Chinese zodiac sign? There are 12 signs, and each one symbolizes an animal. However, the animal is for the full year rather than one for each month. The twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

2023 Chinese Calendar: Baby's Gender Predictions

The royal family of ancient China had used the Chinese gender calendar to foretell their unborn child's gender in order to have more sons to maintain their position of authority, and safeguard the succession of the family. Following this, numerous Chinese parents have applied the same techniques to determine the gender of their unborn children by calculating the woman's date of birth and the baby's due date in accordance with the lunar calendar. The baby's gender can be predicted based on the mother's lunar age when she became pregnant and the lunar date of conception. However, in the contemporary era, people have become quite modern and they have become gender neutral. As a result, the majority of Chinese parents do not use this technique anymore since they don't give much attention to the gender of their babies.
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Hope this article provides you all the necessary data that you need to have about the 2023 Chinese Calendar. Thank you for connecting with us!
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