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Aquarius 2023 Horoscope - Aquarius 2023 Yearly Predictions

Author: Vijay Pathak | Last Updated: Mon 7 Aug 2023 6:56:59 PM

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope by AstroCAMP will provide the readers with all information regarding the year 2023 for the Aquarius natives. How will 2023 be for these natives? What special is in store for them in their love life and career? Will their health be rigorous during this year? All these questions and more will be answered in this special Aquarius 2023 Horoscope article by AstroCAMP.

Aquarius Horoscope 2023

This year will prove to be a rollercoaster ride for you in many parts of your life. Saturn is your lagna lord and now it’s finally stable in your ascendant. From last one year it was giggling in between your twelfth house and first house. So with Saturn transiting in your first house, you need to have a reality check about your health. If you were ignoring yourself for a long time, this is the time when you need to take care of yourself. So get all your body checkup done and start thinking about yourself in all aspects of life. Try to put yourself first.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope reveals that with the transit of Jupiter in Aries in the month of April, your third house and seventh house will get activated. So if you have feelings for someone but do not have the courage to express your feelings and propose to that person, after the month of April the time is very favorable for that. You'll be able to express your feelings and it is even possible that by the end of the year, you tie the knot with the same person.

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This year you will get ample opportunities for self development and this process will be towards skill development like improvement of communication skills, practicing your hobbies related to hands like martial arts or cooking. You can even take the learning to the next level and try to follow it professionally.

Your career will be a bit demanding this year. You may have to put in a lot of hard work and will not get the result according to it. The delay in the growth could also frustrate you. If you were willing for some sort of change in profession that is also not recommended this year. So try to postpone it for some time.

Even the business owners looking to start a new business should postpone, and they should avoid making any major investments. You are advised to worship Shani Dev (Saturn) and respect your servants and help the needy.

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Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Financial Life

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope reveals that in terms of your financial life, the planet that controls your finances is Jupiter. It's your eleventh lord and second house lord, moving one house ahead in the third house (Aries sign). This shows the gains and increments in the savings. But it is conjoined with Rahu, the planet of uncertainties and sadness. So you are advised to not take any risk with your finances or fall for the trap of rapid growth of money in speculative investments.

You must invest the money in real estate or safe and secured shares, mutual funds or bonds etc. that would be helpful for financial growth. However, in the end we can say that this year will bring both; a time full of ups and downs on the financial front and a chance to enjoy financial stability with substantial savings.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Health

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope predicts that on the health front, your lagna lord is Saturn and from last one year it was moving back and forth between your twelfth house and first house. So this Saturn transit must be treated as a reality check. If you have been careless about your health for long, now is the time to make things right to avoid health issues in the future. You are advised to get your regular check ups done and seek medical health when needed. Refrain from eating junk or oily food and workout regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can do anything that suits you in the form of self-care, like reading books, gardening or pampering yourself in any way because mental and emotional are just as important as physical health. Coming to the end we would say that your health is in your hands this year. So make sure you devote some time every day in activities for your overall betterment.

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Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Career

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope says that in terms of career, 2023 is a bit demanding. You will work hard but it will not yield the desired results. Your growth will be slow and this could further lead to frustration. If you want to switch jobs or professions then you are advised to wait some more. Even the business owners looking to start a new business should postpone their plans for now, and they should avoid making any major investments. It is the time where you need to be careful.

However, it is a good year to start business partnerships. And people who are already in partnership business would maintain good relationships with their partner. As the year ends things will start turning in your favor as your tenth lord Mars will enter into its own sign Scorpio (16 November), and your tenth house will bring a lot of positive changes for you and you will feel relief from the stagnancy you were facing.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Education

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope predicts that 2023 will be a year in which you would be happy with your achievements in the academic area of preparation. Your efforts are likely to bring desired results that would motivate you to even work harder for the future to achieve your goals. As your third house is highly activated, you would be really good in skills related to your hands and start pursuing professional courses for your hobbies like creative writing, martial arts and cooking.

Students in the field of accounting, mass communication, theater acting, data science, or any language course will be benefited this year. Aquarius students who are preparing for competitive exams of banking or NEET, CAT, MAT will do really well.

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Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Family Life

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope foretells that in terms of family life, there is no malefic influence on your second house or fourth house. So we can say that your domestic life would be peaceful throughout the year. After the month of October when Rahu will enter your second house, you need to be conscious with your speech as you can hurt your family members and near and dear ones with your words, and that can lead to problems in the family. It is because this year, there is activation of the third house through Jupiter’s entry and Rahu is already present there which shows that you will have an uncertain relationship with your siblings; sometimes really good and suddenly conflicted. So you are advised to maintain the balance.

There are also chances that your younger sibling can experience a childbirth and there would be an expansion in the family. As your seventh house is also activated, your spouse will be benefited during this year and you will also get their consistent support which will lead to a happy domestic life. Especially the month of April when your fourth lord Venus would be transiting in its one sign Taurus and your fourth house, your house will be filled with happiness during this time.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Married Life

If we talk about your married life then Aquarius 2023 Horoscope predicts that this year your seventh house (Leo sign) is getting highly activated with the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter in the month of April when Jupiter will enter the Aries sign and will aspect your seventh house with its fifth aspect. Saturn will already be aspecting your seventh house with its seventh aspect from the beginning of the year. So it's a great blessing and a go-ahead sign for the natives eligible and willing to get married in the year 2023. But your dasha must also support you for this. And if you are already married and facing conflicts in married life, those conflicts may come to an end. All the differences that prevailed may slowly take a back seat and make you feel proud of the efforts you have taken to sustain your marriage. Even your partner would complement your decision and efforts you have taken.

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Aquarius 2023 Horoscope: Love Life

According to the Aquarius 2023 Horoscope, this year will bring compatibility in the love affairs of the Aquarius natives. This year, you will be able to keep your lover completely happy, which will make your relationship better. The excess of love in your relationship will also be seen clearly. Many natives will be able to choose their lover as their soul mate and might also take a pledge to move forward by tying the knot with their beloved because your seventh house is getting activated.

As Mercury is you fifth lord responsible for you love life, we can say that the mid of the year would be really good for your love life and entering into a relationship, because Mercury your fifth lord, and Venus the karka lor love and yoga karaka planet for you, would be transiting your fifth house. There are high chances that you may fall in love with a person from your close friend circle or the person living in your neighborhood. So dear Aquarius single natives, keep your heart open and hope high as someone may walk straight into your heart and your life to make it even more beautiful.


  • You must help needy, differently abled, and old aged people.
  • You should recite Shani Beej Mantra
  • You must wear dark colored clothes. If not possible, keep a black colored handkerchief with you.
  • Make sure to keep your associates, servants, labor, etc. happy, This will bless you with Saturn’s blessings.
  • Feed some eatables to crows on Saturday.
  • Try not to consume liquor, fish, eggs or non-vegetarian foods.

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