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Best Astrologer in Hyderabad

Last Updated: 11/18/2020 4:27:18 PM

Best Astrologer in Hyderabad? Well, that’s the most searched question around the city by people who wish to find an answer or cure to their problem when every other thing becomes a dead end for them. Us humans have always been curious from prehistoric times, which is why knowing what’s lying ahead or what is the outcome for something in the future soothes our mental eagerness. Saying that, Astrology has always come to the rescue, since it has the power to paint a translucent picture about the future based on the movement and placement of planets and nakshatras.

Best Astrologer in Hyderabad

Astrology is regarded as the scientific study of celestial bodies, their movement and placement around the universe and impact in correlation to several natural events and phenomena happening on Earth. In the realm of astrology, the nine main planets called Navagrahas and other stars known as Nakshatras at the time of an individual’s birth makes up for his/her personality, nature, behaviour and other trivial traits. A figurative “screenshot” is taken of the above elements at the time of birth of a native, which is usually called a Kundli or Birth Chart. An astrologer usually evaluates the Kundli and uses it as a base for his/her predictions.

Sometimes in life, there are times when things become dark and void that one loses all his/her hope. Undergoing such depressing times can generate high mental stress, which impacts the people around as well. In such a situation, one needs something that can provide them solace and generate a sense of positivity within. This is where Astrology comes into picture, since it has the power to turn the tables around and transform one’s life completely. Many Hyderabad Astrologers have mastered multiple branches of astrology and dedicated their lives into helping others fulfil their dreams and objectives. There are some popular astrologers in Hyderabad who are known for their astrological prowess and accuracy. So without further ado, let us know about some of them.

Sri Viswanatha Saraswathi Guruji

Finding a genuine Jyothishalayam in Hyderabad can be a tricky quest, but with Sri Viswanatha Saraswathi Guruji being present for those in need, things become much easier. Born with a natural talent, Sri Viswanatha Saraswathi Guruji performs extensive analysis, carries out deep research and offers believable answers and therapeutic measures which help one live a better life. Having attained a vast pool of astrological intellect and know-how, his sense of commitment and dedication towards his clients is immeasurable. Counted amongst Top 10 Astrologers in Hyderabad, his predictions or explanations are quite honest and straightforward, and remedies he suggest are easy to perform to avert any kind of difficulty.

Known as a devout Vedic Astrologer in Hyderabad, he offers reliable predictions and suggestions in Financial Astrology, Career Development, Matrimonial Issues, Business Advices, Educational Astrology, and Medical Astrology.

Shri Pradeep Bansal

A renowned Hyderabad Astrologer with over thirty years of experience in the field of Astrology, Shri Pradeep Bansal hasn’t limited his expertise to the field of Vedic Astrology only, but has also explored many other realms of Astrology such as Vastu Shashtra, Numerology and Reiki Healing. With this, he has become a popular name in these fields, and has acquired a name for himself as a Life Coach Expert. With his name popping up everytime someone asks for a famous Jyothishalayam in Hyderabad, his popularity can be understood.

His presence in some of the successful TV shows on HY TV, Maa TV, etc. and popular newspapers such as Deccan Chronicle and Hindi Milap has established him as one of the top 10 astrologers in Hyderabad. His articles on related topics have garnered rare reviews as well as appreciation from the masses. He believes that simplicity while approaching the science of Numerology, Astrology and Vastu must be present since it becomes easier for the common man to understand its value. With a high percentage of accuracy in his readings and predictions, he has over a vast number of clientele. Apart from the main three aspects, his services cover multiple branches such as Varshfal, Reiki Healing, Handwriting Analysis, Tarot Reading, and Aroma and Crystal Therapy.

Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad

Shri Mulugu Vara Prasad is known to be the master of all the aspects of science, and has attained major appreciation from the Andhra Pradesh Government for his accuracy, dedication and amazing knowledge. From the past 25 years, he has dedicated his life for the welfare of the masses globally, and was the one who introduced the Shathabdhi Calendar and Panchangam. Looking up on several search engines with the topic “famous jyothishalayam in Hyderabad: will direct you in his direction only! Sri Mulugu Vara Prasad is a well-known name both locally and internationally, since he hosts the popular program “Raasi Phalalu”, and has been devoting his time and energy in providing predictions to be published in the Telugu paper Vaartha.

Since he is crowned as a good astrologer in Hyderabad, the level of accuracy delivered by Sri Mulugu Vara Prasad is impeccable. He has penned his knowledge about Kuja Dosham with an aim to eradicate the doubts and misconceptions about this Dosha and released several popular books such as Rahu Kethu Samstha Prabhavalu, Angara Kudu etc. Although an all-rounder, his expertise lies in the field of Health, Kundli Matching, Business Solutions and Marriage.

Astro Nageswara

Known as the best Vedic astrologer in Hyderabad and its surrounding districts, Astro Nageswara, was born in a city located in the Prakasam district called Chirala. He developed an interest in astrology from his young days, and has been catering to the needs and troubles of natives from all around Hyderabad from past 18 years. With an acclaimed fluency in Telugu, Astro Nageswara’s approach towards offering astrological insight to his clients is pretty practical, scientific and intuitive, which makes his predictions almost closer to reality. He is also ranked as one of the top Telugu Astrologers in Hyderabad.

A genuine astrologer in Hyderabad, he has always devoted his energy into helping others and making their lives great by carrying out charitable activities and delivering calculative astrological predictions based on the elements of Vedic Astrology. Since his meeting with his Guru and the legendary astrologer Astro Guru Sri K.V. Mallikarjuna Rao with regards to his daughter’s kundli, he has never looked back. It was from there that he got the offer to assist him as well as explore this ecstatic world of Astrology. Since he was already interested in this field, he didn’t hesitate to grab the offer. Since then, he has devoted his energy and finances in helping others, one or the other way!

Thank You so much for connecting with us! We hope for your bright and successful future!!

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