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Chinese Calendar 2021: Chinese Festivals in 2021

Last Updated: 12/22/2020 4:54:19 PM

Chinese Calendar 2021, 2021 chinese calendar, Chinese holidays 2021

Chinese Calendar 2021 by AstroCAMP includes a detailed list of Chinese Holidays 2021, Chinese Public Holidays in 2021, and Chinese festivals in 2021. We would like our readers to know that as per the 2021 Chinese Calendar, this will be the Year of the Ox, with Ox being one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animal signs. As per Gregorian Calendar 2021, the Year of the Metal Ox begins from 12 February 2021 and ends till 31 January 2022.

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Nevertheless, the article on the 2021 Chinese Calendar sheds light on the table comprising of 2021 Chinese festivals and holidays observed by the natives of China. Go ahead and know more.

Chinese Calendar 2021: List of Chinese Holidays 2021

Date Day Festival Name
1 January, 2021 Friday New Year's Day
11 February, 2021 Thursday Spring Festival Eve
12 February, 2021 Friday Chinese New Year
26 February, 2021 Friday Lantern Festival
8 March, 2021 Monday International Women's Day
12 March, 2021 Friday Arbor Day
14 March, 2021 Saturday Zhonghe Festival
20 March, 2021 Sunday March Equinox
5 April, 2021 Monday Qing Ming Jie
1 May, 2021 Saturday Labour Day
4 May, 2021 Tuesday Youth Day
1 June, 2021 Tuesday Children's Day
14 June, 2021 Monday Dragon Boat Festival
21 June, 2021 Monday June Solstice
1 July, 2021 Thursday CPC Founding Day
11 July, 2021 Sunday Maritime Day
1 August, 2021 Sunday Army Day
14 August, 2021 Saturday Chinese Valentine's Day
22 August, 2021 Sunday Spirit Festival
10 September, 2021 Friday Teachers' Day
21 September, 2021 Tuesday Mid-Autumn Festival
23 September, 2021 Thursday September Equinox
1 October, 2021 Friday National Day
14 October, 2021 Thursday Double Ninth Festival
8 November, 2021 Monday Journalists' Day
21 December, 2021 Tuesday December Solstice
25 December, 2021 Saturday Christmas

Therefore, this table about the 2021 Chinese Calendar provides a detailed list of 2021 Chinese Holidays and Festivals observed by Chinese natives. Let us know more about important elements of Chinese Calendar 2021 and trivial facts about Chinese Holidays in 2021 along with their date of observance.

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Elements of 2021 Chinese Calendar

Elements of the traditional 2021 Chinese calendar are:

  • A Day as per the Chinese Calendar 2021 version begins from one midnight and ends at the other.

  • In a Chinese Calendar, the Month is a period beginning from one New Moon and ending on to the other.

  • A Date as per Chinese Calendar 2021 is counted on the occurrence of a Day in a Month.

  • As per the traditional Chinese Calendar, a Year begins from the first day of Spring or Winter Solstice.

  • A Chinese Zodiac in Chinese Calendar 2021 measures for around 30° on the ecliptic.

  • The 2021 Chinese Calendar, with the help of which the Chinese government determines the Chinese Public Holidays 2021 date and Chinese Festivals in 2021, is based on the Lunisolar Calendar.

Chinese Calendar 2021: Chinese Months in 2021

Every month in Chinese Calendar 2021 is associated with twelve Earthly Branches as per Chinese Astrology.

Month Number Gregorian Date (Starts On) Earthly Branch Modern Name
1 Between 21 January – 20 February Tiger Month First Month
2 Between 20 February – 21 March Rabbit Month Second Month
3 Between 21 March – 20 April Dragon Month Third Month
4 Between 20 April – 21 May Snake Month Fourth Month
5 Between 21 May – 21 June Horse Month Fifth Month
6 Between 21 June – 23 July Goat Month Sixth Month
7 Between 23 July – 23 August Monkey Month Seventh Month
8 Between 23 August – 23 September Rooster Month Eighth Month
9 Between 23 September – 23 October Dog Month Ninth Month
10 Between 23 October – 22 November Pig Month Tenth Month
11 Between 22 November – 22 December Rat Month Eleventh Month
12 Between 22 December – 21 January Ox Month End-Of-Year Month

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Chinese Holidays 2021 As Per Chinese Calendar

Several traditional and religious Chinese holidays in 2021 are shared by communities worldwide. Below are the names of some of these 2021 Chinese Festivals.

  • Spring Festival, also known as Lunar New Year, is known to be one of the famous Chinese festivals in 2021 and observed on the first day of the first month. This day has been regarded as one of the Chinese Public Holidays in 2021 and observed officially.

  • One of the Chinese Holidays in 2021 is the Double Third Festival, which falls on the third day of the third Chinese lunar month as per Chinese Calendar 2021. Natives go out on picnics, invoke cleansing rituals for purification, and pluck orchids to attain riddance from back luck.

  • The Qixi Festival as per the 2021 Chinese Calendar commemorates the annual meeting of the Weaver Girl and Cowherd as per Chinese Mythology.

  • The Lantern Festival, traditionally called as the Shang Yuan Festival (上元節) or the Yuan Xiao (元宵), falls during the first Chinese month on the fifteenth day and holds high significance. Festivities on this day include Lighting Paper Lanterns, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, Walking On Stilts, Playing Riddles, and much more.

  • One of the Chinese Holidays 2021 as per the Chinese Calendar is the Zhong Yuan Festival, falling during the seventh Chinese Lunar Month on the fifteenth day. It is believed that the spirits of the ancestors roam and seek entertainment and food, which is why the family members offer prayers as per the ritual and food and drinks.

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  • The Mid-Autumn Festival falls during the eighth month as per the 2021 Chinese Calendar and holds high significance. This day celebrates the end of harvesting throughout Autumn. This is known to be one of the Chinese Public Holidays in 2021 since all government and public dealing sectors remain closed on this day. People gorge on Mooncakes and Cassia Wine, burn Incense to venerate the deities and enjoy Lion Dance and Dragon Dance.

  • As per Chinese Calendar 2021, the Laba Festival, one of the significant 2021 Chinese Festivals, falls in the twelfth month, commemorates the day when the Buddha attained enlightenment. It is a traditional custom to eat a bowl of Laba Congee on this day.

  • The Kitchen God Festival occurs during the twelfth Chinese Lunar Month. On this occasion, Chinese natives perform several customs and rituals on this day, also known as Little New Year. houses are thoroughly cleansed, new decorations are put up, and natives usually set a plaque or paper effigy of Zao Jun, the Kitchen God, and his wife above the fireplace. His lips are smeared with Honey, after which his effigy is burnt.

  • One of the important Chinese Holidays 2021 is Chinese New Year, where natives perform several customs and conduct family reunion dinners and feasts. Houses are thoroughly cleaned, windows and doors are decorated with couplets and red paper cuts for longevity and fortune. Firecrackers are lit as well on this day.

So, this was all you need to know about the Chinese Calendar 2021. Thank You so much for connecting with us!

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