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Match Making - Horoscope Matching

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Wed 7 Dec 2011 12:32:05 PM

match making, horoscope matching, kundli milan, gun milan

By S N Rao

The various factors to be considered in match making in order of importance are :-

  1. Longevity of partners.
  2. Mental and psychological health.
  3. Factors showing separation or divorce.
  4. Compatibility of partners.

The question of compatibility between partners will arise only if first 3 factors indicate that both are going to stay together. An approximate estimate of longevity of both the partners should be indispensable. What is needed is to examine the birth charts for premature death. If there is wide gap in longevity of two, then matching of other factors become redundant. The span of life is divided into 4 categories namely – (i) Balarishta (ii) Alpayu (iii) Madhyayu (iv) Purnayu. The life span between 40 to 75 years is described as Madhyayu, where as longevity beyond 75 years is considered as Purnayu.

There are standard combinations of planets, which give idea of longevity of a person. Purnayu is indicated if benefics occupy kendras and Lagna lord is with benefics or aspected by Jupiter. Also when 3 planets in 8th house occupy exaltation, friendly and own sign respectively, long life is indicated. The same is the result when Saturn or 8th lord is conjoined with an exalted planet. The Lagna and Moon should be strong for long life.

Mental and psychological health of the partner can also be examined by position of Lagna, Moon, sixth and eighth houses. The separation or divorce is also to be looked into by examining in detail 7th, 8th, and 9th houses. 7th houses is the house of marriage, 8th house rules ‘Mangalya’ i.e. strength of marital bond and 9th house rules ‘Sowhhagya’ or good fortune. The presence of 7th lord in 8th indicates chances of separation. Mutual disposition of Mars and Venus plays a very important role in marriage. Venus is associated with spouse, material comforts, sex harmony, physical beauty etc, where as Mars abounds in energy, aggressiveness and in association with Venus gives a tendency to excess of sensual gratification. Venus-Mars disposition although an important factor for physical attraction but in the absence of Jupiter’s or even Saturn’s benign influence, real compatibility between partners may be lacking. Venus–Mars conjunction makes one fond of pleasure, demonstrative and adds a zest to one’s sensual life. Therefore after examining basic structure of horoscope of partners, it is ensured that long married life is indicated. When this assurance is indicated, question of compatibility of partners comes into picture which is examined by ‘Mangali Dosha’ and ‘Gana’ agreement.

‘Mangal Dosha’ means harmful effects of Mars. Among the malefic planets, Mars has come to enjoy such an important role in breaking of marriages that the harmful influence of Mars has come to be known as ‘Mangal Dosha’ and boy or girl having defective influence of Mars in the horoscope is generally known as ‘Mangal’ boy or ‘Mangal’ girl. Why the Mars gets such an importance in the matter of marriage ? The interaction of Moon and Mars causes menstruation in a woman every month when the Moon is passing through Apachayasthana from ascendant. The Moon controls the fluid matter of a woman while Mars signifies the blood and combination of two is cause of menses. The process of progeny and pregnancy depends exclusively on menstruation cycle in females. Mars is lord of blood system in all human beings. Semen in males get formed through the process of blood system. Therefore progeny is not possible without blessing of Mars. Apart from this Mars is a fiery planet and rules warmth

in human body, energy, strength, courage, bravery, organizing ability, feelings of brotherhood etc. Mars is also the lord of skin, the outer dress of body. Influence of Mars alone can create another body and another life. Astrologers have determined the houses from where Mars adversely influences and affects the 7th house, which is concerned with marriage, the married life and relationship with spouse. If Mars is in 1st, 2nd, 4th , 7th , 8th and 12th house in a horoscope, native is said to suffer with ‘Mangali Dosha’. The Lagna represents body, the Moon represents the mind and Venus the sexual organs. Therefore houses are reckoned from Lagna, Moon and Venus. The dosha is considerably weak when it exists from Lagna, a little stronger from the Moon and still more powerful from Venus.

‘Mangal Dosha’ gets cancelled if it is there in horoscope of both the bride and bridegroom. The Mars in the 1st house indicates annoyance, anger, irritation and disturbed state of mind of self, in the 2nd house presence of Mars may lead to financial breakdown, loss by cheating and violence between husband and wife. Presence of Mars in 4th house adversely affects the domestic atmosphere and in the 7th house introduces element of fire between husband and wife. In 8th house Mars acts as ‘Marak’ for spouse and person is involved in extra – marital relations. In 12th house, it may lead to wasteful expenditure, punishments, disturbance in the sleeping comforts, venereal diseases, extramarital sex etc. There are several combinations referred in astrological texts, which nullify harmful effects of Mars.

For determining compatibility there are total 36 Ganas and in the Gana agreement, compatibility of partners is examined from various points of

view relevant to happy married life. The various aspects and points assigned to them are :-

  1. VARNA – 1 point
  2. VASYA – 2 points
  3. TARA – 3 points
  4. YONI – 4 points
  6. GANA – 6 points
  8. NADI – 8 points
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