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Jupiter Rise In Leo (September 10, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Mon 29 Jun 2015 2:25:28 PM

Jupiter will rise in Leo on September 10, 2015. Jupiter transit will create some positive impacts on your zodiac sign. Know about them by reading the expert predictions of astrologer “ Acharya Raman ”.

Planet Jupiter will rise in Leo on September 10, 2015. In astrology transits of Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu and Ketu are considered very important. Leo is a royal sign and its lord, Sun is a very good friend of Jupiter. If you are going through the sub-period (Antar-Dasha) or sub-sub-period (Pratyantar-Dasha) of Jupiter, you will experience these changes prominently.

Note : These predictions are based on your ascendant sign.

Let’s now read the affects of Jupiter transit on different zodiac signs .


Jaya Bhattacharya

Fifth house represents many things like children, romance, Mantra - meditation , master-offerings, spiritual progress etc., but the significance of a mentor or master is reduced in today’s hectic life. This can be easily noticed by reading newspapers. Jupiter is the provider of ideal love, i.e. free from lust and physical desires, unlike Venus . About Jupiter it is believed that it bring losses for house in which it is placed and benefits for that to which it aspects. About Saturn it is believed that it bring benefits for house in which it is placed and losses for that to which it aspects. This transit will help in realizing the real depth of your sweetheart’s love for you and vice-versa. This transit is going to be greatly auspicious for those who are dependant on music, arts or any other talent for their livelihood. Don’t get upset if people are leaving you behind or if your efforts are not getting the desired appreciation. This year you may get someone who will hold your hand and take you ahead. Believe in yourself and stay positive.

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Nitish Bharadwaj

In today’s hectic life, it is a talent to take out time for close ones. Still some joint families can be found in cities, but they get time to ask for each-others’ well-being only in the weekend. Mutual love and harmony has also reduced a lot. This Jupiter transit will help in increasing mutual love and understanding, a sense of respect will also increase for elders. Often parents give property to that child, whom they think he/she serve them the most. This year may also bring happiness for you in this context. It is not important that you will get the whole property, but you will definitely get their support. This is also a source of mental peace. Now a days some family members are very demanding, they often demand for an own house. Many of your desire of an own house may get fulfilled very soon. You may also spend on your house’s renovation. Jupiter is the producer of huge advantages. Jupiter will also transit in Venus’s constellation, if not a big house, it is very likely that a big car is waiting for you.

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Kushal Tandon

Remain engaged in work all the time becomes too tiresome. Third house is greatly related to your speech, courage, brother, and communication etc. You always feel interested in gaining knowledge, you also know a little bit about everything by observing different subjects. This may also let the birth of arrogance in mind. It is said that arrogance of knowledge often comes in people, but they don’t get the knowledge of arrogance. Go for a short-term professional course. Complete the old incomplete course which you have left in between. There are so many things to know in this world, but the problem with humans is that they consider themselves master after knowing a little bit. Keep on putting your efforts, people around will also remain supportive. Improvement will come in your sarcasm. Your relationships will also improve, due to nice behaviour. Income will increase for those who are dependant on daily wages and who earn from their speech.The nature of Jupiter is to increase, so get ready to touch the new heights of friendship, relations and knowledge.

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Hanshika Motwani

Jupiter will transit in your second house, which is also known as the house of money. It is very important that Jupiter stays in this house in today’s time, because money is very important. As mentioned in above sign, the nature of Jupiter is to increase, if you are suffering from any disease, it will also increase that. This is the main house of money, and only profits and money are required in one’s life to become successful. New sources of income will develop and it will come in great amount. Your relations with people will open some new sources of income. But, avoid wasting it. The best way of doing this is by making an investment, this will also help in taking the full advantage of transit of Jupiter in second house. Maintain patience and don’t overspend. Do some charity and help elders as much as possible.

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If Jupiter is placed in ascendant, nobody can defeat the one. His works will get accomplished anyhow. Jupiter gets directional strength in ascendant and aspects everyone like children, spouse, and destiny. But, it is not necessary that it will give only auspicious results. Take care because it may also increase your arrogance. Avoid being arrogant completely, otherwise people will start ignoring you. Good and bad days are a part of life, so maintain patience. Take care of your weight and avoid oily food completely. If your age doesn’t allow you to eat such things, avoid them, otherwise you may have to pay the hospital bills. Focus toward spiritualism and do Yoga and Pranayam. You will do a lot of social work. You will feel happy and a divine protection will remain with you.

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Nargis fakhri

Expressions of twelfth house are favorite to both Jupiter and Venus. Both doesn’t like to do any loss in this house. Zodiac sign Pisces is placed in twelfth house, which is the significator of Moksha. Pisces is a watery sign and its lord is Jupiter. We know that water is present in a great amount on earth. This house often give the feelings of spirituality, Moksha and despair. All these things come under the authority of Jupiter, but depression come under the effect of Saturn. Sixth sense is also responsible for creating these feelings under the effect of Jupiter, otherwise Venus is enough for loss of mind. You should spend some time in analysing yourself. Why in so much of hurry, relax and devote some of your time for god, spiritualism and purifying yourself. This may help in giving answers to lot of questions. Many of your doubts will also disappear. Truth can enlighten your life. There is only need to peer inside.

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Laxmikant Berde

Money and friends both are equally important in life, otherwise you will spend on whom? Friends are always there to support in crucial situations where mind give up. God can not come himself for everyone but he send friends to help us in difficult situations. All this depend on the actions of our previous birth, otherwise friends can also create troubles sometimes. That is why, it is said to perform good deeds. What you will give to the world, you will get back the same in return. You may get some really good friends who will support you for long. Connect with people, use social networking sites like facebook, twitter, go for a date, you are only required to press a button for dating. Become the member of different organizations, increase your circle and get benefits, this is the basic principle. No matter whether you are a boy or a girl, looking for someone of similar age or not, just search for someone for yourself. You are also likely to initiate some new works, money will come so don’t take any stress for that. New work, fame, success and position all these are waiting for you. Just step ahead and be a part of race.

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Leena Jumani

This world belongs to those who do hardwork for themselves, those who cannot do anything will get nothing. People often think that the lord will take care of themselves even if they are doing nothing. Many say that they know the truth of life, but this is not correct. Afterall, no one gets heaven without dying - according to a famous saying. You will get the desired respect at workplace. People will see you moving ahead with a great pace. Your energy will become higher than others, your seniors will also respect and support you. If your efforts were not going in the right direction, no need to worry, try with full enthusiasm this time. All the things will come in your favor. Promotion is also possible. People will listen to you. Your appreciation is assured. Students may get a big reward in their field.

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Kareena Kapoor

Following and practicing religion is said to be the greatest virtue by Lord Krishna in Gita. Lord Rama also accepted the exile of 14 years for the sake of religion & dignity and defeated numerous demons according to Ramayana. Quran and Bible also consider following religion as the greatest virtue. Dharma Gurus (mentor of religion) are becoming corrupt and doing wrong things in today’s world. But it is not necessary to follow them blindly. But, some spiritually advanced monks are also present in our country who have nothing to do with show-off. Sagittarius is coming in the ninth house for you, whose lord is a great preacher i.e. Jupiter. You will get a very good chance to enlighten yourself. Don’t leave it in any condition. Long journeys, promotion, favour of fortune will happen, but you need to take care that this progress should not stop in between.

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Nandana sen

Eighth house is considered as the most unfavorable house of a birth chart. But, it is also a truth that no matter what kind of environment is, good people can remove all the defects from that with their goodness. Jupiter is considered as the most auspicious planet. So, stay relaxed, nobody will be able to harm you. But, this house is not only related to external enemies, there is also threat from enemies within. Lust, greed, gluttony, desire of excessive sex, all these are the prime enemies of a human being. Planets will only help upto a certain extent, but you also have to make some efforts to maintain a clean life. Think once before doing anything wrong that how would you feel if your partner will do something like that. The answer of this question will help you in avoiding many wrong tracks. Those who are in research, crime and business of deep thinking will get the desired success. Stay away from occultists and black magic in order to gain quick success. Matters of ancestral property may bring some good news. A good amount of growth is also likely to come in funds investment and from share market.

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Elli avram

Some people consider Jupiter as the significator of marriage for women and Venus for men. Seventh house is not only related to marriage, but it also represents business partnership and foreign travels. So, even if it is partnership, marriage or journey, one needs to meet and communicate with different people to convince them for their work. We observe that now a days, families are collapsing in a large number. When law was formed for protecting women, many have also taken the wrong advantage of that. But, all this depends on destiny, one has to suffer his/her fate. Arrival of Jupiter in seventh house will save many families from collapsing. Either husband or wife will try to form a better coordination by sacrificing anger and arrogance. But, this is not necessary for all. Peaceful separation is also possible to those who have decided to do so. Businessmen may get some new partners and relations will improve with the old ones. Your relations will improve with customers as well, they will start buying more things. It will benefits to you in every way.

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Hema Malini

People ignore their health so much for work that they have to regret later. Take care of your health, walk barefoot on grass in the morning for 20-25 minutes, it will help in improving your health a lot. You can also buy a treadmill for yourself, it will keep you away from hospital bills. Sixth house is related to health, job and daily routine. Are you fed-up with the same kind of job and not able to coordinate with boss? Then, time has come to upload your resume on the job sites. There are some great chances that you will get your desired job. Improvement is also possible in relations with everyone. It is very likely that you may get to know about a disease in your body. Go for a full body check-up to stay fit. You will take good care of your teeths. You will enjoy all your works and perform them with full dedication. Overall, time is favorable. If you are going through an unfavorable period, this transit will definitely give you something.

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Acharya Raman

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