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Ketu Transit 2022: Predictions For Zodiac Signs

Author: -- | Last Updated: Wed 26 May 2021 9:59:29 AM

Ketu Transit, Ketu 2022, Horoscope

Ketu transit 2022 by AstroCAMP reveals transit 2022 predictions on the lives of natives of twelve zodiac signs. Know the impact of the shadow planet Ketu on your love life, profession, marriage, academics and much more.

Ketu is imaginary but a very powerful planet, and when it transits through the houses, its effects are felt far and wide. It is considered a malefic planet as it gives negative results in many houses, including the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth house. However, in third, sixth and eleventh it brings positive results too. Rahu gives obsession for materialistic things related to the house where it is placed so its impact cannot be felt as much as Ketu because Ketu takes away what Rahu gives. However, we should realise that whatever Rahu gives is not long term happiness. When Ketu takes away materialistic comfort, it rewards you with spiritual liberation, the ultimate happiness. Both Rahu and Ketu spent almost 18 months in a sign, so transit is an important astrological event.

Ketu is a mysterious planet; it tends to directly affect the native's soul. If Ketu is positive, it gives spirituality, salvation and divine wisdom; it also gives interest in enigmatic nature, Secret study and mental abilities. If it is negative, it gives detachment from the real world, separation in the tendency to escape. It also pushes native to act offensively.

Ketu, just like Rahu, represents illusion as both are smoke planets, but the difference is that Ketu is the one who removes the illusion and brings enlightenment. Besides this, Ketu represents isolation, separation, spirituality, mystic world, and another dimension means things related to an alien world, also re-presents son, dog, intuitiveness, research, inquisitive nature, things which we have already achieved in the past life and are not much concerned to perform in this life.

Natives will be most impacted by Ketu transit if he/she is also under Ketu Major period or minor period. Again, as transit is 18 months longer, Ketu will impact your life one day or the other in these 18 months.

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Ketu Transit 2022 dates

Ketu will be transiting in Scorpio sign till 12th April 2022 and then will transit in Libra's sign on 12 April 2022 at 11:18 AM. Let’s explore the transit effect of Ketu in libra for all the zodiac signs:

Ketu Transit 2022 for Aries

For Aries native, At the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the eighth house, this indicates there can be rise in your mental stress and also you may suffer from various types of physical discomfort and pain. You might also face many ups and downs in your field of work. The financial side will remain satisfactory. After this, in April Ketu is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Ketu transit in the sign of Libra, the seventh house maybe is the time when it is important to maintain a happy and harmonious relationship with each other. And this may be especially with your spouse. Some of you may enter into unnecessary conflict arguments with your partner while unsuspectingly and trying to prove your pros but may end up only regretting it. The native spouse may having some health issues, and conflict with the spouse can occur, the spouse will feel more spiritually inclined and can become stubborn. Excess expenditure will bother you, and you may be stressed due to travelling mostly suddenly, fear of enemies or any fear or worry which will mostly be unrealistic, lack of pressure will be felt. Those who are having a bad seventh house and major period to prevailing should take good care of spouses' matters. For all those in business, here is the Council. You have to remain alarmed regarding all the deals that you and your business partners are undertaking. The bond between business partners and you would need some further strengthening. You might not be very prosperous in foreign lands and oversee projects. Also, it is advised to exercise a fair sense of judgement between what is right and wrong and have sound control over it during this time.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha religiously at home or Temple.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Taurus

For Taurus natives, at the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the Seventh house, this indicates minor issues in marriage as there may be some misunderstanding and conflict hence it is advised to avoid any such conflict. Children will attain success during this period. After this in April Ketu is transiting in the sixth house of enemies, debt and daily wages. This period can bring a time when the native may feel stuck into some conspiracy or criticism knowingly unknowingly. Still, the best part of this transit is that enemies will be defeated and there will be sudden gains and efforts applied in service or job, any work etc. by you or elsewhere may give you fruitful results in the end or after mid-year. You may find clarity in your thoughts. Some of you may face small health problems that you may not even want to share with anybody. So, you would try solving these issues without others' advice. Some might even experience fitness concerns, which even medical specialists might not be able to diagnose precisely. You may face problems related to the stomach and intestine. Some of the natives may become more doubtful and suspicious during this period too, and if it's exposed, it will bring down the name and reputation that you had earned so far. Overall you might tend to be more inclined in spirituality than seeking material pressure during this transit.

Remedy: Recite Ganesha Stotra, Ketu Stotram, Ganesh Chalisa.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Gemini

For Gemini natives, at the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the sixth house, this indicates that you will emerge victorious in every debate during this period. There can be some expenses, but every personal effort you make in your financial life will be successful and you would be able to save some money. Students preparing for competitive exams will get good results. After this in April, Ketu is transiting in the fifth house of love, romance and education. This period will expand the native’s social circle but gains from them will not be much fruitful for the love birds there are chances of splits/breaks up with you. During this period those who are planning to have children there can be some issue and problem in conception. For the students, this period will bring Distraction, and they feel they are losing concentration. In general, you may find that you are reaping the results of past deeds. The married couples may not be able to expect childbirth at this time, and also the relationship with your children can become a little sore. Try to show more love and care towards your partner, as this may be an absolute necessity for a harmonious relationship at this time. You may not also feel that you are acting intelligently, In a relationship at this time. Also, while your imaginative capabilities may be less pronounced, you may be less interested in visiting tourist spots too.

Remedy: Donate black mustard seeds on Thursday. This will be a very powerful remedy for Ketu.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Cancer

For cancer native, At the beginning of the year, Ketu is transited in the fifth house. This indicates your child may suffer from health troubles. Time will be better for students as they may attain partial success in their academics. had this time, you will see a rise in your income level through immense Hardwork and effort. After this, in April, Ketu is transiting in the fourth house of luxury, comfort and mother hence some issues related to health in trouble for this native, the health of these natives mother may be fluctuating hence you may be disturbed due to family and also for property reasons. There can be some property related issues popping up in this duration. Overall it will be a good period from a transit point of view for cancer natives. It might make sense if you manage to bring in harmony with your relatives, from both the paternal and maternal side. Your mother may become more spiritually inclined and show more interest in religious activity. Also, try to be very cautious regarding real estate transactions, such as buying and selling houses, flats, buildings, and land plots. It is all the more advisable not to start any big real estate venture during this time. Your vehicles may also need some maintenance. Some of you may even feel that your comfort is coming down in life. Overall, you may need to remain satisfied or contented, And this may be true, particularly concerning your private life.

Remedy: Keeping fast on Thursdays, refrain from taking any salt hearing fast to reduce the malefic effect of Ketu.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Leo

For Leo native, At the beginning of the year is transiting in the fourth house, this indicates that you might have to face stressful situations in the family. Family dispute will add to your mental stress and will become one of the major causes of its rise. Financially you will be able to make good money and incurred profit by selling any of your properties. After this in April, Ketu is transiting in the third House of courage, siblings and short travel. It is likely to bring in mixed results for you. If you are involved in a spiritual or artistic field like astrology, palm history, music, singing, psychology and dancing, you may expect to perform with added enthusiasm and vigour. However, there may be a fall in your current energy levels, so you may be required to work Consciously. Also, as there are high chances of misunderstanding during your interaction with others, you must think before you speak as there are chances of misunderstanding during your interaction with others. Try to be precise in your communication, and this can help you avoid any possible gap. You may also be required to mend the relationship with younger siblings as this may not be very harmonious during this time. Some of you may undertake short travel, especially to places of religious interest and importance. Your steadfast faith in God may bestow with divine blessings, and this may help sort out many of the harmful effects of transit.

Remedy: Perform Ganesh puja at home or Temple for making lord Ketu happy and obtain blessings.

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Ketu Transit 2022 for Virgo

For Virgo natives, at the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the third house, this indicates a better image at the workplace will help you attain the support of your colleagues, you will attain success at your workplace. You will attain multiple benefits, due to an increase in your communication resource. Your siblings might face some problems during this period. After this, in April, Ketu is transiting in the second house of wealth, money, and speech. It may signify that caution should be kept this year, and you have to be very careful in speaking as it can spoil the harmony in your relationships with others. The family sphere is where you may have to focus, as discord is possible. Things can work well out here if you start spending more quality time with your family members. Your family support could prove to be a source of confidence and motivation for you, particularly during this transit. It is advised to save money, and collect wealth for the future, as these times can be uncertain as far as your assets and bank balance are concerned. Professionally this will be the toughest periods for many liberal people as it will be full of exhausting experiences and dejection. There can be failure and sadness in many endeavours for libra natives. Love life will be depressing and full of emotional turbulence, and libra people may get unwanted transfers or demote at the workplace. During this time, you may get aloof from friend circles and your contact.

Remedy: Stay away from rumours, use your mind for decision making

Ketu Transit 2022 for Libra

For Libra natives, at the beginning of the year Ketu transiting in the second house, this indicates you will face a stressful situation in your family. However, you will attain benefits from foreign sources if you try your best. Luck will favour you in your finances and you will have profit and partial success. You will also get success in many property related matters. After this in April, Ketu is transiting in the first house of self, and personality can give libra natives interest in reading, astrology, yoga, meditation, healing, etc. There might be some strategy behind your every decision and endeavours. You will become clever and diplomatic for others who judge you, and you will get success in primary and secondary education, but there might be some hindrance in higher education. Those in the field of research work will succeed after a lot of patience and hard work. For some libra natives, it can bring obstacles and difficulties in your path. It is important to stay high on confidence and motivation in the course of your life in general as this period may not be entirely favourable for you. Your health may need special attention, and they should ideally be your foremost duty at this time. In this regard, your advice to do what take particular care of your head as there are chances of some minor head injury. You might also look less on energy and less charming to others, and a few may also be liable to undergo a change in the personality trait but only to see changes for the better, it is advised to utilise this period to be more inclined towards religious activity and spirituality as this could help you overcome the complicated situation of life. In short, have faith in God and believe in your prayers, which can help you remain confident and in control.

Remedy: Wear original high-quality cat’s eye gemstone under the expert guidance of learned astrologer.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Scorpio

For Scorpio natives, At the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the first house, This indicates you will fail to accumulate your money, and as a result your expenses will increase. You will strive to fulfil many of your desires. It is advised to work hard and put more effort to get success in any of your transfer projects. After this in April, Ketu is transiting in the twelfth house of foreign gains, expenditure and salvation. During this time, you can be very much spiritually inclined, which will lead you to the way of spirituality. Spiritual followers and those serious about attaining moksha or liberation may find this transit favourable to their mission. However, it is advised not to get into too much donation, charity as you would be naturally inclined to do so. This is because if you do so for others, it is possible that you must start experiencing a shortage of funds for yourself; hence it is better to stay cautious and conscious. Those natives who are planning to go abroad may find this period suitable for them. Furthermore, some of you may suffer from a sleep disorder, and there is a possibility that you may develop a sort of positivity towards your life in general. And you may seek a true sense of life. You may get divine help in tricky situations. Enemies will be surely defeated, and victory in court cases is rest assured. Libra natives will have comfort, pleasure, secret affairs and enjoyment of luxury food items.

Remedy: Take care of street dogs

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Ketu Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

For Sagittarius natives, at the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the 12th house, this indicates that there might be some problem in your married life and during this time the health of your life partner is most likely to remain down. Time seems favourable for you in case you were thinking of investing in any business. During this period you will be seen spending freely on your family members. It is advised to pay attention to your accumulated wealth to avoid any financial crunch. After this in April, Ketu is transiting in the eleventh house of gains and desire, which will give you success in every aspect of education for Sagittarius sign students. The health of children and loved ones can become a cause of concern; hence it is advised to take proper care. There will be peace and comfort at home, and pleasing bonds with relatives will be fruitful. Those looking for love and money will be benefited. New set business will run efficiently with profit for many Sagittarius natives. Your hopes and aspirations may get fulfilled, leading to satisfaction in general. The profits that you make from work or business can be lesser than usual. There are chances of misunderstanding with your elder siblings, where your attitude, in general, may not also be good enough to sustain a cordial relationship with your friends in social circles. Your interaction with others may even be minimised, and you may likely have only limited friends during this transit. Healthwise, you might suffer from hearing problems and eye-related disorders. So, it is advisable to stay cautious in this regard.

Remedy: Maintain a cordial relationship with your son, nephew and little boys around you.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Capricorn

For Capricorn native, at the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the 11th house, this indicates you will be highly favoured by luck. Due to this your income is likely to increase all of a sudden and you will be able to conquer all your enemies. There are chances of financial gains and profit. Students will succeed in attaining higher education during this time. After this, in April, Ketu is transiting in the tenth house, which will give you serious struggle at work or professional front. Expectations will be high from you on your professional Front, which you might not be able to deliver every single time, and there will be opportunities for growth in your career. Still, consistency will be missing, but there can be slight growth in monthly earnings. Business natives will face loss some time, but overall condition will remain moderate. There can be some unexpected helpful unexpected gains of money as well. This period will have more positives for you than negative. You may feel more devoted towards your profession and can perform your duties with much enthusiasm and zeal. At the same time, however, you may avoid taking multiple responsibilities. This might be a good time for salaried people, professional and business persons too. Those involved in religion and spirituality oriented professions such as AstroLogic, Palmistry etc. you may also perform better and might find their career prospering. It is advised that you should stay away from the unethical or moral act of any type, and this is sure to make things better for you in the long run. A few of the natives are also liable to develop a kind of illusion with life in general, which can drive you more towards the spiritual path.

Remedy: Wear grey, brown in multi-coloured clothes in your routine.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, at the beginning of the year Ketu is transiting in the 10th house, this indicates some ups and downs in your professional life. You will be able to take initiative on the basis of intellect and skills and succeed with balancing the conditions. Your marital life, you will get support of your children. Students will face delay and disruption in the studies. After this, in April, Ketu is Transiting in the ninth house of luck, spirituality and fortune. And this can be all about your spirituality as you may tend to act more righteously and ethically, both in personal and public life, and this may help signify spiritual growth. This may also be the period when many of you would be inclined to the spiritual journey and divine pursuit almost from Scratch. You may not even entertain any ill-feeling towards anyone else, which can help you earn respect from others. There are good chances that some of you will get spiritual gurus or preceptors during this transit. And you may seek the blessings of your parents and elders too, which may boost power and give rise to noble thoughts in you. The longing to learn practises yoga and meditation may also find this time quiets Suitable for their pursuit. During this transit, you will also get success regarding travel and higher education, and there will be an increase in wealth and in overall income. Aquarius natives will have resources to fulfil their needs, some natives will get the desired fulfilment and success in higher education, and in career. It is a favourable time for friendship and romance. Healthwise, energy will be at an all-time high for many Aquarius natives during this transit.

Remedy: Recite the mantra of Ketu.

Ketu Transit 2022 for Pisces

For Pisces native, At the beginning of the year, Ketu is transiting in the ninth house, this indicates you may have to move away from your family due to some or the other reason. During this time you will feel lonely but gradually you will get used to it. There are also chances of you going on a long distance journey. Financially this time is going to be normal for you. You may plan to go on a spiritual tour. After this in April, Ketu is transiting in the eighth house of occult science, sudden loss/gain and inheritance. This transit may not especially favourable to the prosperity of your partners' life or business. The growth in the wealth of your spouse may not be very much significant during this transit. Some of you might face unnecessary hurdles, but this can only make you more spiritually mature. You ought to be more cautious about your anger also as you may tend to get involved in a heated argument at work. This might make you angry and also bring down the reputation and hard-earned respect that you have earned in your professional career over time. You may not be able to expect the usual Corporation from your subordinates at the workplace. financially this transit can lead to prosperity and stability. Still do not Financially rely on unexpected sources of income as they may prove counter-productive. Do not expect to inherit any property or money during this transit. This transit will also bring significant changes in your life, including your lifestyle and relationships. Natives may get inclined towards astrology, occult science, mystic world, meditation, yoga etc. this will be a very successful time for research-oriented people regarding any subject or career. Relations with relatives and siblings may get strained. Healthwise, be cautious as some accident is there for you.

Remedy: Donate banana, black blanket to the poor.

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We hope that this article on Ketu transit 2022 proves to be useful for you. Thank You so much for connecting with us!!

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