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Lal Kitab Horoscope 2011

Author: Rajeev K Khattar | Last Updated: Sat 11 Dec 2010 11:23:12 PM

lal kitab, horoscope

By Rajeev K Khattar

Lal Kitab ARIES Horoscope

With jupiter in 12th house, you can expect good news from foreign land . Jupiter is lord of 9th , the house for long journeys & luck , in 12th house ensures generation of good luck from remote place. This is the time to revive your old contacts and try for new avenues . Saturn in 6th house may slowdown the growth but your progress cant be stopped now. You just need to perform the following remedies to remove obstacles from the path to success :


  1. Put a little turmeric moist with a little water , on your forehead daily as tilakam.
  2. Not to buy new leather shoes/sandals/iron items.
  3. Always keep a red colour handkerchief with you

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Lal Kitab TAURUS Horoscope

Your moods and temperament may have reverse effect on your popularity and relationships. However situation will improve after June 2011. Students need to take extra care of their studies. For financial prosperity do not use blue colours and avoid speculating in the share market. Long journeys , which will be fruitful & joyful can be expected after July 2011 .


  1. Students should avoid wearing black colours.
  2. Feed a cow with green grass.
  3. Not to take alcohol in any form.

Lal Kitab GEMINI Horoscope

You will enter in the new year 2011 with Jupiter in 10th house from your lagna. It means you need to be more worldly wise this year to achieve success . Take some short term courses related to salesmanship and assertiveness. Saturn may disturb your peace of mind . Your mother’s health is also area of concern in this year .


  1. Feed a crow daily.
  2. Make sure to keep your nose clean and dry.
  3. Not to buy statues of Gods.

Lal Kitab CANCER Horoscope

This is the time you were looking for undertaking long journeys abroad ! You will surely be able to mix business with pleasure this time . Take care of your expenses and try to get a sponsored trip ! Pregnant ladies needs to take extra care against miscarriage .


  1. Feed three dogs daily.
  2. Be pure vegetarian.
  3. Maintain good relations with your son / nephew.

Lal Kitab LEO Horoscope

Get ready to face unjustified criticism and back biting this year . Somebody may cheat you in broad day light so do not trust anybody blindly . Try to find new ways to earn more money and do not feel satisfied in low income . Maintaining good relations with spouse’s family members will yield good results.


  1. Pour water onto the roots of a Peepal tree every Thursday.
  2. Keep electrical equipments in working order.
  3. Go to any temple (or church etc.) daily.

Lal Kitab VIRGO Horoscope

Legal matters can trouble you this year which could be as small as paying fine to traffic cop or getting involved in tax hassles . Moreover becoming mentor to anybody can harm you financially and you may risk your reputation . Taking alcohol and eating meat/fish/eggs will only increase your risks .Worshipping Shiva will save you from many problems .


  1. Not to gift or donate clothes.
  2. Feed the monkeys.
  3. Not to wear black clothes.

For free comprehensive Lal Kitab report and effective Lal Kitab remedies, please visit : Free Lal Kitab Kundli & Lal Kitab Predictions Report.

Lal Kitab LIBRA Horoscope

Rahu’s position in your horoscope is capable of giving you courage and confidence . Do not feel inadequate this year . Undertaking long journeys will be a pleasure . You can fulfill your dreams and desires . If you are planning to buy property or thinking of constructing your house, you have all the reasons to feel thrilled . Do not make extra efforts as divine hand will be there to guide you .


  1. Feed the cocks.
  2. Worship Ganesha.
  3. Pay your servants properly.

Lal Kitab SCORPIO Horoscope

Problems related to journey cant be ruled out this year , at least till the first half . Undertake travelling after July only to get smooth and successful travels . Engaging in extra marital affairs can be scandalous ! Becoming pure vegetarian & chanting religious verses and mantras can add to your glory .


  1. Not to take alcohol in any form.
  2. Not to indulge in illicit relationships.
  3. Not to undertake journeys.

Lal Kitab SAGITTARIUS Horoscope

Nodes are indicating that if you keep faulty electrical appliances then you may be hassled in legal matters .Driving carefully is another serious advise to you . This is the testing time for your moral values as this year you can progress only if you act strictly religious i.e. no non-veg , no alcohols and no illicit affairs ,which can only give you wrong kind of fame .


  1. Not to wear blue clothes.
  2. Drive carefully.
  3. Wear a long red thread around the neck.

Lal Kitab CAPRICORN Horoscope

More expanses and less income will be felt till July 2011. After that position will improve but you have to make sure to worship Durga and Saraswati daily throughout the year for smooth sailing . Not to offend your sisters and daughters . Must keep all your promises made after June .


  1. Worship Durga daily.
  2. Do not disclose your plans.
  3. Donate iron cooking plate (tawa).

Lal Kitab AQUARIUS Horoscope

Saturn’s position is giving warning signals to drive very carefully yourself as well as protect yourself from other drivers’ folly . This is not the time to construct house in your name . You may feel financially uncomfortable so do not take leverage positions in stock market nor do over trading . Your father’s ( elder person in the family ) health could be a major concern this year .


  1. Drive carefully.
  2. Wear a silver chain around the neck.
  3. Not to keep faulty electronics items at home.

Lal Kitab PISCES Horoscope

Health wise you should be very careful this year especially if you have a family history of diabetes .Need not suggest that this is the time to actively participate in physical exercises and yoga regularly . Try to avoid making fun of others as it can cost you very dear . One word of caution – do not sign any paper without reading & understanding


  1. Be worldly wise to get success.
  2. Maintain good relations with everybody.
  3. Not to indulge in self praises.
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