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Marriage Muhurat 2022 | Marriage Dates in 2022

Author: -- | Last Updated: Thu 16 Sep 2021 9:17:45 AM

Marriage Muhurat 2022 by AstroCAMP offers auspicious marriage dates in 2022 along with day, duration, month, and nakshatra. Along with this, we will tell you the importance of marriage ceremony, why and how auspicious marriage muhurat in 2022 must be calculated, things to be kept in mind while evaluating the planets and nakshatras for an auspicious marriage date in 2022, precautions to be taken while performing marriage ceremony and many other special things -

Marriage Muhurat 2022

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Marriage Muhurat 2022: Vivah Muhurat 2022

In Hinduism, marriage is said to be a sacred bond, which not only allows two bodies but two souls to meet. It is said that marriage is a relationship that lasts for not just one, but seven births. That is why you must have seen that seven sacred rounds and seven vows are taken at weddings as per Hindu customs, and the bride and groom promise to keep those promises for the next seven births. It is considered to be the thirteenth rite in Sanatan Dharma. Therefore, before marriage, the future bride and groom get their horoscopes matched and evaluated and by considering their horoscopes, the auspicious muhurat for marriage is calculated.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: विवाह मुहूर्त 2022

Marriage Dates 2022

In the list given below, you are being informed about the auspicious date, auspicious day and auspicious muhuart of every month for getting married in the year 2022. You can choose the auspicious time for your convenience -

Marriage Dates 2022 in January
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
22 January Sat Paush -Chaturthi Uttara Phalguni Leo 10:38-14:06 | 16:30-31:14
23 January Sun Paush -Panchami Uttara Phalguni Virgo 07:14-11:09
Hasta Virgo 11:09-31:13
24 January Mon Paush - Shasthi Hasta Virgo 15:57-16:07 | 27:47-31:07
Marriage Dates 2022 in February
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
4 February Fri Magh-Chaturthi Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 15:57-16:07 | 27:47-31:07
5 February Sat Magh-Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 07:07-16:08
Revati Pisces 16:08-31:07
6 February Sun Magh-Shasthi Revati Pisces 07:07-16:22
Ashwini Aries 17:58-31:06
7 February Mon Magh-Saptami Ashwini Aries 07:06-18:58
9 February Wed Magh-Ashtami Rohini Taurus 24:23-31:04
10 February Thurs Magh-Navami Rohini Taurus 07:04-18:48
18 February Fri Magh-Dwitiya Uttara Phalguni Leo/Virgo 16:42-30:56
19 February Sat Magh-Tritiya Uttara Phalguni Virgo 06:56-10:16
Marriage Dates 2022 in April
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
15 April Fri Chaitra-Chaturdashi Uttara Phalguni Virgo 05:56-07:55
16 April Sat Chaitra-Purnima Chitra Virgo 14:21-26:44
Libra 27:56-29:54
17 April Sun Chaitra-Pratipada Chitra Libra 05:54-07:16
19 April Tues Chaitra-Tritiya Anuradha Scorpio 17:01-25:39
20 April Wed Chaitra-Chaturthi Moola Sagittarius 24:29-29:50
21 April Thurs Chaitra-Panchami Moola Sagittarius 05:50-21:51
22 April Fri Chaitra-Shasthi Uttara Ashadha Sagittarius/Capricorn 20:14-29:48
23 April Sat Chaitra-Saptami Uttara Ashadha Capricorn 05:48-18:53
Shravan Capricorn 18:53-29:47
24 April Sun Chaitra-Navami Shravan Capricorn 05:47-14:22
27 April Wed Chaitra-Dwadashi Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 17:05-17:36
Marriage Dates 2022 in May
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
2 May Mon Vaishakha-Dwitiya Rohini Taurus 24:33-29:39
3 May Tues Vaishakha-Tritiya Rohini Taurus 05:39-16:14 | 18:38-20:31
9 May Mon Vaishakha-Ashtami Magha Leo 17:56-19:53 | 25:01-29:34
10 May Tues Vaishakha-Navami Magha Leo 05:34-18:40
11 May Wed Vaishakha-Dashami Uttara Phalguni Leo/Virgo 19:28-29:33
12 May Thurs Vaishakha-Ekadashi Uttara Phalguni Virgo 05:33-07:18
Hasta Virgo 19:30-27:44
15 May Sun Vaishakha-Chaturdashi Swati Libra 09:48-12:46
17 May Tues Vaishakha-Pratipada Anuradha Scorpio 07:17-10:46
18 May Wed Vaishakha-Tritiya Moola Sagittarius 08:57-13:18
19 May Thurs Vaishakha-Chaturthi Moola Sagittarius 05:28-05:37
20 May Fri Vaishakha-Panchami Uttara Ashadha Sagittarius/Capricorn 05:28-25:18
Shravan Capricorn 25:18-28:11
21 May Sat Vaishakha-Shasthi Shravan Capricorn 05:28-14:59
26 May Thurs Vaishakha-Ekadashi Revati Pisces 15:50-23:50
27 May Fri Vaishakha-Dwadashi Ashwini Aries 05:25-11:48
31 May Tues Jyeshta-Pratipada Mrigashira Taurus 19:19-24:33
Marriage Dates 2022 in June
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
1 June Wed Jyeshta-Dwitiya Mrigashira Gemini 05:24-13:00
5 June Sun Jyeshta-Shasthi Magha Leo 2:13-28:47
6 June Mon Jyeshta-Shasthi Magha Leo 05:23-26:25
7 June Tues Jyeshta-Saptami Uttara Phalguni Leo 27:49-28:26
8 June Wed Jyeshta-Ashtami Uttara Phalguni Leo/Virgo 05:23-20:00
9 June Thurs Jyeshta-Navami Hasta Virgo 25:49-28:26
10 June Fri Jyeshta-Dashami Chitra Virgo/Libra 05:23-18:42
11 June Sat Jyeshta-Ekadashi Swati Libra 10:10-26:05
13 June Mon Jyeshta-Chaturdashi Anuradha Scorpio 05:23-09:48
17 June Fri Jyeshta-Tritiya Shravan Capricorn 14:21-17:17
23 June Thurs Jyeshta-Dashami Ashwini Aries 07:20-09:09 | 21:42-28:52
24 June Fri Jyeshta- Ashwini Aries 05:25-08:04
Marriage Dates 2022 in July
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
4 July Mon Ashadha-Panchami Magha Leo 05:28-08:43
6 July Wed Ashadha-Saptami Uttara Phalguni Virgo 11:11-11:42
7 July Thurs Ashadha-Ashtami Hasta Virgo 07:44-12:19
Chitra Virgo 12:19-24:22
8 July Fri Ashadha-Navami Chitra Libra 05:30-12:13
Swati Libra 12:13-29:30
9 July Sat Ashadha-Dashami Swati Libra 05:30-11:25
Muhurat Dates From 14 July Till 26 September 2022 Come Under The Devshayan Period. Hence, It Won’t Be Applicable In Northern India.
14 July Thurs Ashadha-Pratipada Uttara Ashadha Capricorn 09:47-20:36
18 July Mon Ashadha-Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 25:16-29:35
19 July Tues Ashadha-Shasthi Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 05:37-07:50
Revati Pisces 19:37-29:36
20 July Wed Ashadha-Saptami Revati Pisces 05:36-12:02
Ashwini Aries 13:38-29:36
21 July Thurs Ashadha-Ashtami Ashwini Aries 05:36-12:19
23 July Sat Ashadha-Dashami Rohini Taurus 19:03-29:38
24 July Sun Ashadha-Ekadashi Rohini Taurus 05:38-22:00
Mrigashira Taurus 22:00-29:38
25 July Mon Ashadha-Dwadashi Mrigashira Taurus/Gemini 05:38-15:03
30 July Sat Shravan-Dwitiya Magha Leo 19:00-29:42
31 July Sun Shravan-Tritiya Magha Leo 05:42-14:20
Marriage Dates 2022 in August
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
1 August Mon Shravan-Chaturthi Uttara Phalguni Leo 16:06-16:49 | 29:13-29:43
2 August Tues Shravan-Panchami Uttara Phalguni Virgo 05:43-17:29
Hasta Virgo 23:45-29:44
3 August Wed Shravan-Shasthi Hasta Virgo 05:44-18:24
Chitra Virgo 18:24-29:44
4 August Thurs Shravan-Saptami Chitra Virgo/Libra 05:44-18:47
Swati Libra 18:47-29:07
5 August Fri Shravan-Ashtami Swati Libra 16:36-18:37
8 August Mon Shravan-Ekadashi Moola Sagittarius 28:36-29:47
9 August Tues Shravan-Dwadashi Moola Sagittarius 05:47-12:18
10 August Wed Shravan-Trayodashi Uttara Ashadha Sagittarius/ Capricorn 09:39-29:48
11 August Thurs Shravan-Chaturdashi Uttara Ashadha Capricorn 05:48-06-553
Shravan Capricorn 06:53-10:39 | 20:51-28:07
14 August Sun Shravan-Tritiya Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 22:36-29:25
19 August Fri Shravan-Ashtami Rohini Taurus 25:43-29:53
20 August Sat Shravan-Navami Rohini Taurus 05:53-28:39
Mrigashira Taurus 28:39-29:53
21 August Sun Shravan-Dashami Mrigashira Taurus 05:53-14:21 | 27:36-29:54
22 August Mon Shravan-Ekadashi Mrigashira Gemini 05:54-07:41
28 August Sun Bhadrapada-Pratipada Uttara Phalguni Leo/Virgo 21:56-29:58
29 August Mon Bhadrapada-Dwitiya Uttara Phalguni Virgo 05:58-23:04
Hasta Virgo 23:04-29:17
30 August Tues Bhadrapada-Tritiya Hasta Virgo 15:33-24:04
Chitra Virgo 24:04-27:31
31 August Wed Bhadrapada-Chaturthi Chitra Libra 17:49-24:12
Swati Libra 24:12-29:59
Marriage Dates 2022 in September
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
1 September Thurs Bhadrapada-Panchami Swati Libra 05:59-24:12
4 September Sun Bhadrapada-Ashtami Moola Sagittarius 22:31-30:01
5 September Mon Bhadrapada-Navami Moola Sagittarius 06:01-20:05
6 September Tues Bhadrapada-Ekadashi Uttara Ashadha Capricorn 27:05-30:02
7 September Wed Bhadrapada-Dwadashi Uttara Ashadha Capricorn 06:02-16:00
Shravan Capricorn 16:00-21:27 | 27:39:30:03
8 September Thurs Bhadrapada-Trayodashi Shravan Capricorn 06:03-13:46
26 September Mon Ashwin-Pratipada Hasta Virgo 27:09-30:12
Devshayani Ekadashi Ends
Marriage Dates 2022 in November
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
25 November Fri Margshirsha-Dwitiya Moola Sagittarius 18:09-28:58
26 November Sat Margshirsha-Tritiya Moola Sagittarius 06:8-14:58
28 November Mon Margshirsha-Panchami Shravan Capricorn 10:29-30:55
29 November Tues Margshirsha-Shasthi Shravan Capricorn 06:55-08:38
Marriage Dates 2022 in December
Date Day Month-Date Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Duration
1 December Thurs Margshirsha-Ashtami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 29:43-30:57
2 December Fri Margshirsha-Dashami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 06:57-29:50
4 December Sun Margshirsha-Dwadashi Ashwini Aries 07:04-27:40
7 December Wed Margshirsha-Chaturdashi Rohini Taurus 20:47-31:02
8 December Thurs Margshirsha-Purnima Rohini Taurus 07:02-12:33
Mrigashira Taurus/Gemini 12:33-31:02
9 December Fri Margshirsha-Pratipada Mrigashira Gemini 07:02-14:59
14 December Wed Margshirsha-Shasthi Magha Leo 08:06-10:46

With the help of the list of Marriage Muhurat 2022 dates given above, you can choose the favorable date of marriage this year according to your convenience. But before organizing the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom must get their kundlis or horoscopes evaluated by a pandit or an astrologer once and consult about the auspicious date.

Importance Of Marriage Muhurat In 2022

Marriage is a traditional custom in Hinduism through which a person's family is expanded. How prosperous will your family life remains after marriage, how will your spouse turn out to be and how flourishing will the relationship be with them? The answer to all these questions depends on the kundli of the bride and the groom. The duration, muhurat, Lagna of the marriage and the state and placement of the planets and nakshatras plays an important role in concluding the ceremony. That is why there is an ongoing tradition of calculating auspicious muhurat for marriage, horoscope matching, taking seven rounds or Pheras, seven vows, and every other custom performed during marriage.

Many times people decide the date of marriage based on an auspicious day in a hurry or due to the lack of information. In today's modern world, some people decide the date of marriage by themselves without any assistance, but you might not know or understand that a small mistake can affect a bride and groom for a lifetime. That is why on the basis of the Hindu Pnachang, an auspicious marriage muhurat should be calculated after closely studying the movements of all the planet-Nakshatras in order to bear sweet fruits of married life in future.

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Calculating Marriage Muhurat 2022

  • The seventh house of marriage is given major importance while calculating Marriage Dates in 2022 and Vivah Muhurat in 2022.

  • Apart from this, Manglik Dosh, Nadi Dosh, Bhakut Dosh, Gana Dosh, and other Doshas are also closely evaluated.

  • Also, during the calculation of the Muhurat, the placement of the planet Moon in which nakshatra at the time of birth of both bride and groom is evaluated. One should choose the auspicious date for marriage in 2022 with the help of the letter falling during the Karana of Nakshatra in which the Moon is situated.

Let us give you some specific information about the auspicious and inauspicious time for a marriage ceremony-

Auspicious Vivah Muhurat

The month "Jyeshta, Magh, Phalgun, Margshirsha, Vaishakha and Ashadha" is considered auspicious for performing marriage ceremonies. Apart from this, "Anuradha, Moola, Mrigashira, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashadha, Hasta, Revati, Uttara Bhadrapada, Rohini, Magha and Swati" Nakshatra is considered auspicious for marriage. While talking about Lagna, "Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius" are considered auspicious.

While calculating Vivah Muhurat in 2022, the Gurubal for the bride and Suryabal for the groom is taken into consideration. In such a situation, if Jupiter is in the "second, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh'' house in the bride's zodiac sign, it is considered auspicious. On the other hand, if the Sun is placed in the "third, sixth, tenth and eleventh house" in the zodiac sign of the bride, then this combination is considered auspicious for marriage.

In addition to Gurubal and Suryabal, the Chandrabal is also evaluated in the kundli of both the bride and groom. Hence according to the Panchang, if the planet Moon is in the "third, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh" house in the zodiac sign of the bride and groom, it is considered auspicious for performing the marriage ceremony.

Inauspicious Vivah Muhurat

While choosing an auspicious Marriage Date in 2022, avoid choosing the Rikta Tithi (Chaturthi, Navami, and Chaturdashi), because any ceremony initiated on these dates incur fruitless results. Apart from this, the day Tuesday is considered inauspicious to perform the marriage ceremony. Also, avoid conducting the marriage ceremony during the "Atigand, Shool, Gand, Vyaghat, Parigha, Indra, and Vaidhriti" Yogas.

Conducting marriage during the "Chatushpad, Vishti, Shakuni and Naga" Karan is considered taboo because marrying in these Karana threatens the life of the bride or groom or even leads to the destruction of the family after the marriage. Never perform the Marriage Ceremony during Chaturmas. According to the scriptures, Lord Vishnu remains in a sleepy state in the Kshira Sagar during these four months. Also, marriages should not be performed during Kharmas, Malamas, Kshyamas, and Pitru Paksha or during Mahalaya.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Calculating Vivah Muhurat 2022

Marriage is a beautiful alliance that changes the lives of two people completely. Therefore, while choosing the Vivah Muhurat in 2022 for this auspicious ceremony, special care should be taken during its calculation. We all know that any task or ceremony initiated during an auspicious duration or muhurat incurs success, happiness, and prosperity in life. So let us tell you what things must be kept in mind while calculating the Marriage Muhurat in 2022.

  • Saturn, Known as the Justice, should not be placed in the twelfth house from the Marriage Lagna as well as Mars in the tenth house from the Marriage Lagna.

  • Venus in the third house from the Marriage Ascendant and any other malefic planet in the Lagna or Ascendant must not be posited in the kundli of the soon-to-be wedded couple.

  • Ashtamesh or eighth house lord must not be present in the Vivah Lagna of either of the kundli of the two, bride or groom.

  • If the groom is the eldest of the house or the bride is the eldest of the house, then in such a situation, it is inauspicious to marry them in their birth month, birth date, birth Nakshatra and birth Lagna. On the other hand, it is considered auspicious to marry the younger one in his birth month, birth date, birth Nakshatra and birth Lagna after the eldest is married off.

  • The bride and groom's siblings should not be married off within the six months of their marriage.

  • While calculating the Vivah Muhurat in 2022, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched and after evaluating the placement and position of planets-nakshatras, Guna Milan is carried out, where points are calculated out of 36. According to astrology, scoring at least 18 of 36 Gunas is necessary for a happy married life. It is believed that having less than 18 Gunas often causes problems in married life.

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We hope that you will like the information given about the Marriage Muhurat 2022, Auspicious Muhurat and Dates in this article.

Thank you for staying connected with AstroCAMP.

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