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Mars Transit in Aquarius : How Will It Affect The World & You?

Author: Hanumaan Mishra | Last Updated: Mon 4 Feb 2013 2:44:10 PM

Mars transit
By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra 

Mars, the third planet of the solar system transited from Capricorn to Aquarius on 25th January 2013 at 6:32pm. Earlier, Saturn was in Capricorn. Though Capricorn and Aquarius both are the signs of Saturn, but there will be a difference in the results of both. It is because Mars is exalted in Capricorn sign. That is why it had positive results till now. Over that, Mars was being aspected by Jupiter till now. Due to this its negative results were not visible. But now it is moving to the Mool-trikona sign of Saturn that is Aquarius. Therefore, people might have to face certain unpleasant incidents. Now, we will see the effect of this change over nation.

Transit of Mars is posited in the tenth house of the Kundali of India. Therefore, there will be a rise in the debate of politicians. Wrath of public will increase to resist some Government acts. Inflation is also expected. Relations of India might also suffer from other countries. A sudden hike is expected in the prices of gold and silver. In the eastern part of the world, some small incidents of earthquake might also take place. If any election takes place, the ruling party might suffer. However, Government might take strict action against the disturbing elements of the nation. Government will wake up for punishing the terrorists strictly. Let’s now know about the effect of Mars over your sign.


Mars Transit for Aries

Transit of Mars will be in your 11th house. This position will give benefits to the people under Aries sign. You will get support from friends as well as supporters. Hurdled tasks will get accomplished. You might acquire land and property. The most awaited desires and expectations will be fulfilled and long journeys will be successful. Acquisition of new vehicles is possible. Family environment will be harmonious.


Mars Transit for Taurus

Transit of Mars will be in your 10th house. Hence, you will get good news. Business will expand. You will get success in the matters related to land and court. Chances of the inception of new ventures are expected. You will be quite confident while handling the adverse situations. Enemies won’t be able to hurt you.


Mars Transit for Gemini

Transit of Mars will be in your 9th house. Therefore, income will rise and new sources of earnings will come your way. You will find solutions for financial troubles. There will be a special success in the matters related to real estate. Travels to quite far places will fetch you success.


Mars Transit for Cancer

Transit of Mars will be in your 8th house. This position of Mars will solve your troubles related to property. But during this time you need to take care of your health. Your relations with relatives might deteriorate. But if any of your work was hurdled then it might get accomplished in this time.


Mars Transit for Leo

Transit of Mars is in 7th house of your chart. This position of Mars will give you some positive as well as negative results. You might get relief from court cases. However, disputes with supporters are seen. Travels will disappoint you. You will stay tensed due to the health of your partner. However, you might get benefit from an investment and blocked money will get released.


Mars Transit for Virgo

Transit of Mars is in your sixth house. In this period, you will stay quite happy. Situations at work will become better. You will get good profits, most probably. Family environment will also become more harmonious. You will stay active in keeping your enemies and trouble makers at bay. But don’t argue with anyone during this time. Stay alert while making any investment as well as driving.


Mars Transit for Libra

Transit of Mars will be in your fifth house. In the Lordship of Venus, Mars of Aquarius is beneficial for Libra. In your chart, Mars will stay in fifth house, which is favorable to you. This time is great to solve your problems. Financial strains will be demolished due to Mars. You will get victory over enemies. However, you might face certain troubles due to family as well as health.


Mars Transit for Scorpio

Transit of Mars in your chart will be in 4th house. This house change will bring changes to your life. You will become successful in accomplishing a big task. There are chances of you realizing some big creations. You will get support of friends as well as family. However, you might also stay stressed to some extent. Expenses might also grow. Additionally, you might also have to spend for some secret activities.


Mars Transit for Sagittarius

Transit of Mars is in your 3rd house. Position of Mars here will give you benefits. You might get some new business. Financial strains will stay at bay due to Mars. Chances of getting new opportunities are strong. Travels will be fruitful. Good news from media is expected. Offenders will not be able to confront you. Success in efforts is assured.


Mars Transit for Capricorn

Transit of Mars will be in your 2nd house. Time is not good for financial matters. Some family issues might cause stress. In other matters, time will remain the same as of now. Chances of big changes are quite less due to Mars. Small things can cause big disputes. Therefore, keep a control over your speech. Keep working with patience and peace.


Mars Transit for Aquarius

Transit of Mars will be in your first house. Mars and Lord of your sign Saturn, both are considered inimical to each other. Therefore, this time is to stay alert. Some difficulties might come in front of you. This time is not good to take risk or for betting. You also need to stay at bay from putting your leg in other’s mess. This time is not much favorable for becoming the part of a new task or expansion of work.


Mars Transit for Pisces

Transit of Mars will be in your 12th house. Therefore, you need to stay alert during this time. You will need to take care of your health in this time. Some useless expenses might trouble you. Sources of income might stay weak. You might also face certain troubles from your child’s front. Your mental peace might stay disturbed.

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