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Mars Combust In Aries (April 10 - August 2, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015 12:22:27 PM

Mars is combusting in Aries on April 10, 2015. This change will make people more outspoken and direct, but how will it affect your zodiac sign? Know more by reading the astrology predictions of astrologer “Acharya Raman”.

Valorous planet Mars will combust in Aries on April 10, 2015. It will rise again on August 2, 2015. When a planet comes very close to Sun, it is called combust. Combustion of planets put a great effect on all the natives which are different from retrogression of planets. Mars is a cruel planet, so its bad effects will increase. You will feel them more prominently, if you are going through the sub-period or sub-sub-period of Mars.

The natives of different zodiac signs may have to face its following effects:


How it feels when you don’t get complete freedom at home because of another influential person? The same is going to happen with Mars this time. Existence of Mars will become ineffective due to presence of exalted Sun. This situation will continue for approximately 115 days, so a little cautiousness is mandatory. For a birth chart, an ascendant is like an earning member of the family. If some loss happens to that member, difference is experienced by every other member. You need to stay cautious regarding every dimension of your life like health, marriage and from enemies. Read Hanuman Chalisa, meditate for Lord Hanuman and stay happy during this phase. Don’t get into others’ matters unnecessarily, also do not fall for false ego, otherwise problems will occur.

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Aries falls in your twelfth house, Mars is a deadly planet and also the lord of twelfth house for you. You have to stay very careful regarding your married life. Don’t let disputes disturb your mutual harmony. Disputes and differences are a part of life, but don’t let them affect your relationship, otherwise problems will increase. Mars doesn’t really like this house much, here it act like a naughty kid. This time, it is necessary for you to understand things properly and presenting opinions in a calm manner. Nothing much is required apart from this.

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It is believed that planets start doing foolish things in combust state. Planets don’t do anything, but natives influenced by planets will definitely do something weird. Slip of tongue will happen. This time don’t do or say anything wrong which will affect your friendship or hurt your beloved. Otherwise, you may have to regret later. Speak calmly with people who help you or from whom you need some help. Rigid behaviour doesn’t help anyone, but love will keep you ahead in every manner.

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This combust Mars will come in your tenth house, it is also the lord of your tenth and fifth house. Here the condition of Mars is not very good, because it is unable in doing anything. When a person feels weak and powerless, then he experience extreme anger and irritation. This time tests the real patience of an individual. Time helps those who leave everything on it, but those who work on their own fortunes left behind.

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Respecting elders is equivalent to respecting god according to our religion, but now a days everything is going in an opposite direction. We disrespect those who are responsible for our existence. What kind of humanity is that, totally out of my mind. When a hateful person visit to anybody’s house, it creates an extension to his hatred, because he has nothing else to share. But, we should ignore this and follow the path of righteousness. Because this is the truth, virtue and way to salvation. Not a single thought of disrespect should come in our mind for elders like father, grandfather, anyone else at home or in society. Ninth house is the house of father and long journeys. Sometimes, ideological differences are possible between you and your elders, but it doesn’t mean to use your impulse to prove your point. This is not the right way, may be everything will come in your favor, but some kinds of problems may surround you in long journeys. Life is also a journey of many births, so be careful.

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Eighth house is considered for lust, sex and other desires. But, the most important thing is that we should leave our stubbornness. This is not good for anyone whether we look at Ravan or Kansa. No one can change the future. No matter how big the warrior is, everyone fails in front of destiny. Money, property, and wealth never remain static. Also we take along nothing after death, only our name survives for few days. But, then also people are filled with frenzy for material things, lust and harming others. If you feel that something like this is trying to dominate you as well, then stop that feeling immediately. Sugar tastes sweet in the beginning, but later it becomes the reason for diabetes, so don’t let it happen with you. Also, avoid black magic completely.

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Your seventh house becomes the witness of combust state of Mars. Many things like spouse, profession etc. remain hidden in this house. According to Krishnamurti Paddhati (K.P. Astrology), we get such life partner with which harmony of ideas does not create at all due to misdeeds of previous births. The way you treat your partner, you will get the same kind of behaviour in return. The third law of Newton that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ applies to every sphere of life. So, just decide what kind of life you want.

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Mars gives very good results in sixth house. Mars is also the lord of your ascendant, but now it is in a combust state, so how will it affect you? All you need to do this time is to avoid the thought of becoming a leader in others’ matter. Don’t waste your energy in proving yourself superior than others, but work in coordination with everyone. Throw your anger at home while leaving for work. Ups and downs are normal in health, but it is always good to for a regular health checkup. So, go for that and stay fit.

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Fifth house is the house of love and devotion. Show your true love and devotion for god, but don’t push yourself to do so for showing off. Fifth house is also the house of entertainment and outings. An individual cannot always remain contained with the thoughts of God, after all everybody is not a saint. Go for some entertainment, but avoid commenting on others.

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Mars is the lord of eleventh house and fourth house, its combustion and position in fourth house can produce adverse effects on heart and blood. It is not necessary that heart problem will arise from inside the body only, you may get hurt from outside as well. You are also likely to do something which may hurt others. It is very likely that vehicle or property related matters may become the reason of problems with others. This is not a new thing, but you can initiate a new one by avoiding disputes and presenting opinions in a nice manner. Also, don’t rush in anything, because everything takes effort and time for completion.

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Traditions and customs are having a huge importance in our society, but what is happening now a days is becoming a source of humiliation. Almost everyday we read about breaking of different relationships in newspaper. Time never remains the same. Disputes are a part of life, but establishing love after forgetting all the disputes is what we should do. Remember the three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi who are giving the messages of not looking at bad, not speaking bad, not listening anything bad and ofcourse not doing anything bad. Also, don’t write anything objectionable on your facebook or whatsapp account because the laws now a days are far more strict than before. Maintain good rapot with everyone, so that they will also help you in future.

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Whatever be the reason for dispute, the heat of words always work as a catalyst in destroying families. Scathing satire of Draupadi is an example for the same. Words never come back, so take care while speaking. Harsh words of Kekayi took the life of Dasaratha. Irritation, anger, emotional victimization of weak is the worst violence. This also put a bad affect on your image. Throw away your anger and ego from within. Nobody likes bitter words, so take care.

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By Acharya Raman

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