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Last Updated: 7/9/2020 12:21:20 PM

Mercury Retrograde 2021 , Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde 2021 is considered as a crucial event in the astronomical sphere and it has the potential to bring about some major events in the lives of the natives. That is why it has been given importance in both realms of astrology, traditional and Western and many people flock on the internet to discover the Mercury dates in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming changes that are going to happen in their lives.

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Mercury is the smallest and swiftest planet in the solar system, that is why it has been conferred the title of “prince” in the planetary cabinet and rules over many different areas of the natives' lives. Mercury is the significator of speech, communication, intellect and business sense. Its placement in the chart indicates capacity to discriminate and reason, whereas on the other hand, adverse mercury signifies mental aberrations, emotional instability and depression. That is why, astrologers all over the world recommend remedies to appease the planet and to keep the related problems at bay.

Mercury retrograde will be the motion of this planet which is considered to be the youngest and the fastest planet in vedic astrology. It is considered as a bird, a” wing messenger “as now we have radios, computers and the internet to send messages, like before messages were sent by birds. Mercury is the neutral planet and provides the results as per the nature of the planets it is associated with or the zodiac signs in which it is positioned, just like the shade of the water changes when it is mixed with different colors. It dominates over the “Sharad ritu” or “Autumn season”, as during that time greenery and happiness prevails all over the environment and one is freed from the hot and humid weather prevailing before.

That is why it is considered as a playful, jovial planet filled with youthful energy and it is said to rule over the “Green color”, the color of happiness and novelty. It is exalted in its own sign Virgo and is said to be weakest in the water sign Pisces. Mercury in its exalted state confers one with high observational skills, humour, capacity to assess profit and loss quickly coupled with sharp negotiation skills. On the other hand, when it is debilitated one trips over the words, facing problems while expressing and communicating, lacks objectivity etc.

So, this single planet is capable of generating a significant impact on the lives of the natives depending upon its placement and conjunction. Also, the results can multiply or increase when this planet goes through different motions as it gets retrograde, direct or combust many times each year. Today, we are here to discuss the results of the Mercury retrograde, but, before that let us explain what actually is the meaning of retrogression and when is the planet considered to be retrograde.

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Mercury retrograde will provide the positive and negative outcomes to the natives depending upon its placement and conjunction in the horoscope. This retrograde happens three to four times a year as Mercury appears to go backward in the sky. While other planets also retrograde, this retrograde holds an important place as it affects our capability to communicate and exchange information during this time.

This happens when Mercury seems to move in the opposite direction from the earth. Generally, the direction in which the planets move east to west but when it moves from west to east , then it is considered to be moving backwards or retrograde. But, rather it is an illusion that is caused when our planet earth passes Mercury in our orbit around the Sun.

Mercury is moving slow than earth or earth is moving faster than Mercury creating an illusion that Mercury is moving backwards. As mentioned earlier, Mercury is the fastest planet in the sky, so, generally it completes its motion more quickly as compared to other planets. So, this is why Mercury retrogression occurs three to four times every year majorly impacting the lives of the natives belonging to different zodiac signs. Now, without wasting too much time, now let us look at the table below to navigate the Mercury retrograde 2021 dates.

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Mercury retrograde Starts Mercury retrograde Ends Starting Sign End sign
January 30, 2021, 20:54 pm February 21, 2021, 05:49 am Aquarius Capricorn
May 30, 2021, 03:47am June23, 2021 02:50 am Gemini Taurus
September 27, 2021 10:12 am October 18, 2021 20:11 Libra Virgo


Let us now move on take a look at the Mercury retrograde impact when the planet is positioned in all the houses of one’s horoscope or kundli-

  • Mercury retrograde 2021 impact on the ascendant house

Mercury is in the directional strength when stationed in the first house, which indicates that you will be filled with many ideas during this period, but may find some difficulty in expressing it to others. You may be driven by a lot of misconceptions during this period, as to how others perceive you or how you are coming across to others when retrograde Mercury is positioned in your ascendant, which can lead to hasty decisions. So, try and wait for the mercury retrograde to over before making any drastic decision. You may also end up analysing things too much which can cause unnecessary delays and anxieties. So, relax, have patience and utilise this position of Mercury to review and reflect on the plans and prepare for future once the retrograde period is over.

  • Mercury retrograde 2021 impact on the second house

Second house is the house that is related with the resources and the accumulated wealth that is at our disposal, so with Mercury retrograde in the second house is the time to review and reassess the resources, financial and others. During the mercury retrograde, sometimes the money you expect might get delayed for no reason, on the other hand, sometimes unexpected profits can surprise you. So, money management here plays a very important role. The second house is also known as the sustenance house, the nurturer of the body and soul, so taking proper care of your body and health is very important when Mercury is positioned in this house as then only we will be able to make better utilisation of resources. Keep hygiene around your mouth during this time, otherwise you may face recurrent problems related to teeth during this time.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the third house

Mercury is the natural significator of the speech and communication abilities of the native. The third house is also considered the house that represents how one communicates and exchanges information with others. So, while mercury transits through this house, it is very important to recheck each and every information, email or paperwork that you are passing on to others, which will help to maintain clarity and understanding. It is the significator of electricity, so try to maintain your electrical gadgets beforehand, otherwise, you may face some issues regarding their fitness during Mercury retrograde. Good time to bond with siblings and maintain relation with them.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the fourth house

Mercury retrograde in the fourth house confers one with luxuries and comforts during its transition. The fourth house also represents our inner self, upbringing and childhood, so some childhood issues may resurface during this time, which you may have not noticed earlier, which gives you a chance to heal them. It is also a great time to reconnect with your family members and make peace with them. This position of Mercury retrograde may also incline to update or decorate your house, which may bring a new lease of energy in your life.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the fifth house

Mercury retrograde in the fifth house may bring some old flame or long lost relation back in your life and you may spend some time working on the relationship with him/her. It is also the time for committed natives to see how they can bring back passion and energy in their monotonous or boring relationships. Fifth house represents ideas, plans and strategies, so if your plans and strategies take more than usual time to take off, do not panic, put your thinking cap on and devise new ways to see them through. This will make you confident and instill self belief. Good time to spend with children as it will help develop your creativity.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the sixth house

Mercury retrograde positioned in the sixth house may result in frustrations because of some professional issues, but it is also a good time to reorganise, restructure and rework on the policies and procedures to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. This time here is to make you more flexible and adaptable as your daily schedules are likely to go haywire. Time to revamp the eating habits and exercise schedules to keep yourself healthy and fit during this period. Some lenders, creditors or old loans may resurface during this time, so keep yourself prepared.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the seventh house

When Mercury retrograde transits through the seventh house, it gives the chance to clear the misunderstanding whether with your beloved or partner, as certain issues from the past which you might have forgotten rise up again to your discomfort. So, try and clear the air in the difference of opinion. Not good for signing any deal or agreement , if necessary, go through even the finer details to avoid any mishaps. Not a good period to fix marriage, wait for the mercury to turn direct.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the eighth house

Mercury retrograde in this house is a good time to introspect and revisit and renew the old habits, situations and people which are not serving you, otherwise, recurrent challenges and obstacles may hinder your growth. Avoid indulging in any secret act during this period, as there are high chances of it coming out and tarnishing your image. Good time to pay taxes, but stay away from taking any kind of loans and debts. Indulging in meditation and spirituality will be very helpful as it will not only bring benefits to health, but will also provide you with insights helpful to create a strong foundation for the future.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the ninth house

Mercury retrograde in the ninth house is a good period to reflect upon your skills and upgrading them to improve your prospects in the near future. Some of you may need to revisit or brush up your old course or undertake some newone, which will help you to grow and keep up with the upcoming trends. Ninth house is the house that filters the information or belief system that instills confidence to help the ascendant take action. What you do now affects the results, go see how you go through the challenges life throws at you during this time, and reflect what needs to be done to handle them in a better way. These insights or filtered information will help you become clear in the thought process and instill confidence in your being.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the tenth house

Mercury is hailed as one of the significators of the tenths which represents one’s professional career and status, so this retrograde will hold a special importance in native’s life. So, this period can bring up the job opportunities that were not materialized previously. This period is also a good period to reconnect with your old customers and clients if you are doing your own business. Applying past experiences and skills now will help you get through new projects and assignments easily. Good time period to reconnect and reconcile your relationships with your parents. However, be aware of making any satire or jokes about anybody during this time as they may come and haunt you afterwards.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the eleventh house

This transit may make you revisit some old old social group or set up a meeting with old friends after a long time, which may open up new doors of possibilities for you. The eleventh house is also a house responsible for networking and our hearing ability, so be sure not to take any decision based on gossip and grapevine, be clear in understanding and communication before reaching for conclusions, otherwise, it can create havoc in personal and professional life. It also stands for our dreams, aspirations and goals, so reconsider your unfinished goals, so make proper plans and research the network that will help to reach them.

  • Mercury retrograde impact on the twelfth house

As twelfth house represents one’s travel and expenditure, so prepare and recheck your itinerary before leaving as you may face unnecessary delays and problems while travelling during this period. Though, some of you might get a chance to revisit some foreign destinations or get benefits from foreign organisations, which for some reason or the other could not materialise earlier. You could face some recurrent problems in health, which could be there to make you aware and take responsibility for your health.


  1. Chant Vishnu sahasranamam daily during the Morning.
  2. Light camphor in your home and office daily.
  3. Chant Mercury mantra daily during the Mercury hora.
  4. Offering prayers to Goddess Sarswati.
  5. Honor and offer prayers to the Tulsi plant.
  6. Donating stationery related items to the needy students or children will help you align with the energy of Mercury.
  7. Wearing good quality Emerald crafted in silver or gold on Wednesday will bring auspicious results for the natives.
  8. Feeding green fodder to the Cows.
  9. Worshiping Lord Ganesha with durva grass on wednesday.
  10. Take Brahmi, an ayurvedic herb which is connected with Mercury.
  11. Meditate and contemplate on the Mercury yantra daily.
  12. Keep personal hygiene as Mercury is related to hygiene.
  13. Relax, take a deep breath and pay attention to details as it is the main attribute of Mercury.
  14. This strolling or walking is another remedy that will provide beneficial results.
  15. Donate lead on wednesdays.
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