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Mercury Transit In Leo (July 27 - August 19, 2016)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Mon 25 Jul 2016 1:59:33 PM

Mercury will transit in Leo on July 27, 2016 and it will remain there till August 19, 2016. Do you want to know how this planetary change will affect your zodiac sign? Read about all these effects with the expert predictions.

Mercury will transit in Leo on July 27, 2016. Leo is the sign of Mercury’s friend Sun and here Mercury gives extremely auspicious results. People will get a new energy to present themselves with the transit of Mercury in Leo. A little arrogance may comes in their decision making, they can’t be able to see themselves below then others. Talent of satire will also improve with this transit.


There are many dimensions of life and many variations of a single person like father, son, friend, enemy etc. Mercury generally plays the role of a friend. This house is also related to friendship and spending time together. But, stay cautious because the ego of Sun will also try to come your way. Don’t be arrogant among friends, otherwise they will also not help in the time of need.

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River is not having any definite shape, it takes the shape of the mold. Just like this, planets also keep on changing their results and effects in different houses. Mercury is the house of intellect, but it often do wrong things by coming under the influence of Sun. This time talk to your family members for planning future actions and accomplishing halted things. Time is good, but don’t push your opinions on anyone.

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It is always better to communicate, it helps in opening the different options for life. Sometimes people don’t communicate their thoughts, but they regret later. It is also the major cause of failure in love from a long time. So, don’t miss the chance and communicate your thoughts, at least you will feel satisfied with that.

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A reduction may come in your tenderness due to this Mercury transit. But, this will not happen due to Mercury, sign Leo would be responsible for that. Mercury is like soil it takes the shape of the mold. You are required to be open and polite in communication. Time is good for making financial plannings and ensuring when or from whom to give or take money on debt.

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Pertness may come in people due to this chatty sign. Except some, many will love to speak. You will spend a lot of time on facebook, whatsapp and social networking sites. It is good in a way that you would love to do chatting and gossiping this time.

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people of higher level will make the planning of gaining financial gains. Others will try to take a peek in their past. But, talk to others in a nice manner and don’t be arrogant because nobody likes it. Everyone wants to be with the one who speak sweet.

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You will spend good time with friends, but you may also try to give inferiority complex to others. It is a truth that bad will happen to you if you try to do that with others. Mercury is the planet of humor and friendship and it is transiting in the house of same expressions. This will make you enjoy life, This is a good time of gaining benefits from friends, so don’t let this opportunity slip from hands.

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It is not good to become extremely serious in life, especially while doing work. It is important to maintain harmonious relationship with everyone at workplace and in business, otherwise no one will co-operate. And, nowadays nothing happens without money. You are not required to do this much, your writing skills will also improve during this time. So, enjoy the ride of this favorable transit.

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This world is an illusion, the one who cross this successfully will get salvation, others keep on coming back in the same illusion. So, we all should take a pledge to follow the path of religion and Dharma like Lord Rama. Examination is always difficult and we have to face the crisis without any notice. Only our character and path of religion help in such situations. You are also advised to follow the path of god and religion. Rekha and Kareena Kapoor are advised to do the same, because they also belong to your ascendant.

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This transit is not very auspicious. But, if you will be able to control your physical desires and lust, no problem will come across. This will also let you gain several benefits. These benefits may not be financial, but you may get a partner who will help in difficult situations. You may get a sudden job on the place of another person. Suchitra Sen and Swati Reddy also belong to your ascendant, let’s see what they will get from time.

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Marriage is a very important ritual even in today’s time where divorces are normal. Many families are setting an example for others by following the old rituals. This can only be done by eliminating arrogance and ego. There should be no place for them in a married life. If you are feeling upset about something, think about it in a calm manner, you will surely get the solution. Amitabh Bachchan who belongs to your ascendant is a perfect example of this who into his marriage from so many years.

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It is in our habit of criticising others and praising ourselves. But, do you think we should do that? It would be better to think about ourselves instead of thinking about others. Because, this may prevent us in moving ahead in life. So, take care of your actions and move ahead in life. Juhi Chawla belongs to your ascendant who is a calm personality. Natives of Pisces sign are generally of quiet nature.

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