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Mercury Transit In Pisces (March 19, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Wed 25 Mar 2015 4:39:04 PM

Planet of intellect, Mercury will move into sign Pisces on March 19 at 04:27. This transit will bring change in the life of one and all. Want to know how it is connected with your ate? Know by reading the below horoscope.

Mercury will transit into Pisces on March 19. Here, Mercury turns debilitated. Things such as computer, mobile, internet, pen drives, and memory cards come under effect of Mercury. Mercury has its impact on humans too and sometimes ridiculous incident happen. ।

If you going through Antar Dasha (sub period) or Pratyantar of Mercury, you might experience major effects of this transit.

Let’s discover effects of Mercury transit in Pisces for all the signs:


Ariana Grande

You must keep a check on your words. You might say something wrong at the wrong moment, which will later make you regret. You might pick up the wrong words. It would be good to keep your conversations clear with everyone, else either you will misunderstand them or they will not trust you.Luck might give unhappiness. Don’t go for online shopping. Endeavors might get delay. Computer and mobile might undergo malfunctioning.

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Hamsa Nandini

Itching in throat is possible. You might face problem in listening. Digestive problems also possible. You might spend a lot in over excitement. Useless outings are also foreseen. You won’t enjoy at work place and will try to postpone your work. Personal life will remain as it is. Love life might get hampered. You might chant wrong Mantras. You won’t feel religious. Loss of money is greatly possible.

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Kulraj Randhawa

Tiff is possible with spouse; however, it won’t last for long. Avoid misunderstandings. Courage will decrease. Downfall is possible in health. You might get sudden shock. Luck will not support much. Love life will go smooth. Almost all the students will face lack concentration in studies. Hurdles are possible in higher studies. You might become the reason of laughter at workplace. You might cheat others.

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Ashwini Kalsekar

Skin diseases are possible. Your voice might not sound audible to the other person over mobile or internet chatting. Don’t make new compromises. Marital life will remain good. Love life will remain cordial as well. Problems are not foreseen in primary and secondary education, but are possible in higher study. Things will remain normal at workplace.

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Divyanka Tripathi

Harm is possible by friends. You might take wrong decision related to money, stay very cautious. Skin diseases are possible in genitals. Conjugal life will go smooth. Your eating habits might change. You might not remain punctual. You might become the reason of laughter due to your words. Differences are possible in love life. Inclination toward religion is expected to decrease.

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Deeksha seth

Negative thoughts will develop within you. You might envy others. You will feel good by insulting others. You won’t take interest at workplace. Your interest will increase in sexual thoughts. Your interest may develop in females. Loss is possible in love life. Married life will not remain stable. You might not behave good with people. Your image might get hampered.

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Ankita Lokhande

If date of legal issue postpones, it will benefit you. Conjugal life looks average. Disappointment is possible in love life. Problem is possible inn stomach. Luck will not favor much. Money loss is possible. Danger is possible to pregnant ladies. You might lose small objects. You won’t enjoy at workplace. You might feel like changing your job.

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Irfaan Khan

Health will remain good. Friends will forget their promises. Your endeavors will either delay or terminate at the last moment. You will waste your time in fun and it would not yield any favorable results. Harm is possible in education as well. Results of competitive examinations might not be satisfactory. Online shopping might increase and you might order any useless thing. You will waste your time in social networking.

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Harman Baweja

You might do something unappreciable at workplace. Argument is possible with someone. You might experience lack of courage. Your colleagues might perform better than you, which will develop inferiority in you. Love life will go quite good; however, troubles are foreseen are conjugal life. You both might part ways for some time.

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Hina Khan

Your communication devices might stop working. Your internet might not work properly. Money loss is possible due to your own mistake. Conjugal life looks fine. Love matters will remain favorable. Luck might change. Your expectations might give opposite results. Time is not good for competitive examinations.

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Aditi Sharma

You won’t take interest in work. You might purchase any defective item. Decision related to investment may turn wrong. Harm is possible due to friends. Argument is possible with any member of the family. Differences are possible in married life. Disappointment is possible in love life too. You might get attracted toward other females. Your cell phone might get stolen or it might fall in water.

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anita hassanandani

Confusion will be there in you. Indecisiveness will give harm you. You might invest in wrong thing. Immense success is not foreseen at workfront as well. Problematic situations are possible in married life. You will get happiness due to love life. You can avoid wealth loss by staying away from net surfing. You might wear unattractive clothes. Wear bright clothes. Try to control expenses.

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