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Astrology Analysis of Modi’s Swearing-In Ceremony Muhurat

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Mon 26 May 2014 2:41:15 PM

India’s new PM, Mr. Narendra Modi is ready to take oath and the expectations of a common man are already at peak. Will Narendra Modi be able to fulfill these expectations? Let’s see what astrologer S N Rao has to say on the swearing-in ceremony Muhurat.

The political scenario in the Indian subcontinent has taken everyone by surprise. Although, everyone expected the NDA to win the elections, but no one expected that they would win by such a huge margin. Mr. Narendra Modi and his team are now gearing up to form the next government. What’s more interesting is the timing of these events being unfolded in the current Indian political situation and the helplessness of the opponents who are in total disbelief. It is a win for the world’s largest democracy and the people of India. The world is now looking up on us to create an impact on bringing business confidence back. The stock markets appear to have been buoyed by the results because of the sizeable majority taken by the BJP, which has now created certainty and hopes of stability in India’s leadership.

The Indian government ruled by the Congress has lost the faith of the common man. This is probably the first time in the history of Indian independence that Congress has received such a poor response and such few seats. The aspiration of the common man has triggered a possible revolt, which can be foreseen from the Indian Independence day chart. Sun Maha Dasha – Ketu Antar Dasha activates a new change in rulership. Mr.Modi will take the oath on May 26 at 6.00pm.

Analysing from the developments through Vedic astrology in the Muhurat chart, the ascendant is Libra with exalted Saturn and Rahu. The common man is represented by Saturn. The exaltation indicates massive mandate given by the people to the party. The transit of Saturn in Libra will give strength and belief to the common man. It gives the common man just the right dose of energy to demand justice from the government.

Saturn rules the 10th house, the house of rulers, in the Indian independence chart. Saturn is the significator (Karaka) for justice and the common masses. This is probably the reason why we are the largest and effective democracy in the world with over a billion population. This also explains the belief and regard the common man have in this country toward the constitution. The transit of Saturn will be in Libra till Nov. 2014. Libra sign rules justice and fair judiciary. It indicates that the new government would be strict and may take tough decisions in regard to law & order, judiciary. We can expect some harsh actions against the corrupt and the guilty. This transit of Saturn is likely to make the judiciary and the judges more important. Very soon we may see them take very tough decisions, which may change the political landscape of this country.

Jupiter occupies Libra in the Indian Independence Day chart. The transit of Jupiter in Gemini with a strong Mercury is likely to activate the planet in a manner that senior religious, industrialists, economists, and IAS officers would be involved in the decision making process. We can expect a solid foundation being laid for revitalizing the economics of our country. New initiatives and policies with regards to FDI, GST is likely to make a difference in the attitude of the government. Real GDP growth could be boosted by the results as the BJP had promised to prioritize economic growth in their election manifesto.

Sun rules the government in astrology. The activation of Sun in Taurus is a sign of practicality and stability. The sign Taurus rules economy and finance. It indicates that the priority of the new government will be to conduct and carry out reforms needed to improve India’s business environment. The expectation of the common man from the new government can be seen from the placement ofMoon in Aries with Venus and Ketu. This position will give the common man high expectations and belief that the new government will fulfill its promise. High hopes and sudden results in spheres of growth can create changes to the existing tax and labor market reforms. If backed by a gradual opening upto foreign investment, it would seek to create additional jobs.

By S N Rao

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