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Numerology Horoscope for November, 2011

Author: Kavita Srivastava | Last Updated: Sat 29 Oct 2011 5:05:41 PM

numerology horoscope november 2011

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Lucky Number 1

This month is seemingly favorable for starting new ventures and investment; it is the right time to start those major projects which are pending from very long as business influences are excellent this month. As you have incredible energy available that is necessary for accomplishments. Overall this month will bring you promotions and maybe heroism but this success will take toll and you will also face the negative sides like clashes with partner or even you will face some forgery by your own trusted friend. You will take big decisions which will affect your life in long term.

Lucky Number 2

The keyword for you is to be patient this month. Don’t haste for the results the endeavor you have put in a way to improve yourself as a person will eventually shows its effect. Don’t force things right now as you have to wait and see how your ideas of last month are working out. So above all be patient. By the end of the month the sense of missing and there’s still something to complete will annoy you a bit but don’t worry this feeling will pass. This is a month for relationships, so send a card to your mother, wife or sister. Do not ignore your health make time to take care of your health.

Lucky Number 3

You will have whale of time with your loved ones which you have been missing badly in the past months. Call your chums, spend time with them: this is all you need to fuel up again to face the upcoming days. Plan outdoors like road trip or maybe weekend trip with your family, its high time for you to rejuvenate the relationship with your family. Your creative energy is high which could be good for plays or any other artistic pursuits. But on the contrary to all the good part this month your nervous energy is also high, so find a way to stay calm. This is an excellent month for sales promotions. A short separation from your mate is also possible.

Lucky Number 4

Both the professional and personal life is keeping you very busy. Reorganization is recommended for you to wave off the unnecessary fuss. Realize that you are a work in progress and make the necessary alignments. Toward the end of month you will have to keep an eye on the monetary flow otherwise the next month will be not be smooth. Start that long-range project, but be very careful with your money. There are chances that you become apprehensive about your viewpoints, negative or stern because others are not pulling their weight, don’t take it personally. Avoid travelling there are chances of accidents.

Lucky Number 5

Tighten up your belts as what your planetary alignments are cooking; you are not going to appreciate it. You might face clashes of wills hence this could be potentially be a very explosive month for you. Things around you are changing dramatically fast this may even surprise you. If you are looking for a mate your chances are much better than they were in past. So don’t waste your time. Urge for travelling and experimenting will evoke towards the end of the month. You could experience a temporary separation from your mate. Opportunities are coming to you. You are at easy being in the public eye which is great for publicity, performing, selling and playing.

Lucky Number 6

You have been helped many times by others in your time of need now it’s your time to help others. It is a domestic time for serving others. If you are dating someone then this is the right time for you to take this relation to the next level; as there is also the potential of a marriage. Do not make promises if you cannot stick to them; pay attention to your promises and follow through. By the end you will start experience the feeling of trapped but in real you are too secured and this has started curtailing your independence resulting into this sense of trapped. You will evolve as a better person as this is an important period for emotional growth.

Lucky Number 7

It’s high time for you as your body and your mind need some rest so chill out, Time to slow down and take time for yourself. Your money is not going anywhere seemingly your luck is strong this month and your money will arrive in its own time no matter what you do. Amidst of the month you will have to take your body seriously and there is a lesson that you may not want to learn. Take time to exercise. You may meet a very unusual person whom you feel you have known before. This is a warning: do not have an affair with a married person!

Lucky Number 8

Your sense for the family and responsibility will evoke this month. You will devote your time and energy to mend the mistakes you made long back in the past. By the middle of the month you will find yourself indulge in social services financially as well as physically. This is the time for you to heal and forgive, engulf yourself nobly and munificently in every walk of life. You are rich in terms of bonding with friends and people you love; almost everybody who knows you adores you and you know it very well. There are slight chances of getting into legal affairs. You will be financially sound this month. However romance is shaky. Watch your words, selection of words should be wise and don’t mess up with the promises you made.

Lucky Number 9

This is a month with great potential for career and finances particularly to increase long term finances. This is a time when you need to be aggressive and outspoken. Your authority is needed and you will have to apply yourself to its core. Simultaneously there is a flip side since you might develop a feeling that you have reached a particular height on the professional front where things have become monotonous. It is in view of this that you might yearn for a break. You might also develop a feeling for a change but at the same time you will remain you will remain uncertain about the nature and content of this change. You will have to do introspection before deciding impulsively. Remember to make use of your strengths.

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