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Numerology Horoscope for October, 2011

Author: Kavita Srivastava | Last Updated: Tue 4 Oct 2011 1:20:44 PM

numerology horoscope october 2011

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Lucky Number 1

You schedule is going to be equally hectic as the last month. However, the nature of activities will be quite different. You’re flexible and adapting nature will cruise you through this tough time successfully and it is imperative for you to don’t take much stress, let go off old plans, expectations and concepts, otherwise this stress is going to cost you a lot mentally and physically as well. Do not pull yourself against the flow just go with it and you will find yourself in a better position in your career as well as your personal life by the end of this month.

You will be marking your presence in lot of social gatherings. Another prediction is that you might explore every dimension of love. Your health could be a issue this month, be cautious and take care of yourself

Lucky Number 2

Your sense for the family and responsibility will evoke this month. You will devote your time and energy to mend the mistakes you made long back in the past. By the middle of the month you will find yourself indulge in social services financially as well as physically. This is the time for you to heal and forgive, engulf yourself nobly and munificently in every walk of life. You are rich in terms of bonding with friends and people you love; almost everybody who knows you adores you and you know it very well. There are slight chances of getting into legal affairs. You will be financially sound this month. However romance is shaky. Watch your words, selection of words should be wise and don’t mess up with the promises you made.

Lucky Number 3

Sense of spirituality and self discovery will be evoked within. Don’t get surprised if you have not been fully aware of this inner search during part of this year, there is no escaping it this month. Self discovery shall make you bit withdrawn and you may find yourself staring into space more often than usual and you may experience some loneliness as a result. You easily get along with any demands that come your way. Your career, finances, and other mundane aspects of life occupy a relatively smaller place in your life, this month. Without avoiding your duties, you can let these areas take care of themselves until early next month. Your friends and family are less demanding now as well, but romantic ties can be surprisingly strong. You have a real desire to share your innermost feelings with the person you are attracted to, revealing a side of yourself that has not been available in such intimacy before.

Lucky Number 4

This is a month with great potential for career and finances particularly to increase long term finances. This is a time when you need to be aggressive and outspoken. Your authority is needed and you will have to apply yourself to its core. Simultaneously there is a flip side since you might develop a feeling that you have reached a particular height on the professional front where things have become monotonous. It is in view of this that you might yearn for a break. You might also develop a feeling for a change but at the same time you will remain you will remain uncertain about the nature and content of this change. You will have to do introspection before deciding impulsively. Remember to make use of your strengths.

Lucky Number 5

Your desire for a change reaches pinnacle and you will start feeling that you need to make serious efforts to bring about few changes. You might just feel that nothing is stable right now but then you must realize that this feeling is not going to last for long. You will witness progress in certain hidden ways. There is a possibility that you might get insecure about the future but then be assured that you are on the right path. Convince yourself to let go of the past and start preparing for the new. You must remember that this takes place in every area of your life namely spiritual, emotional, and material. Avoid impulsive decisions and don’t start anything fresh till a couple of months. You might encounter disappointment in romance but then this is for a better future.

Lucky Number 6

Don’t worry about your health; you will be fit as a teenager. You are all set to achieve your goals in every way; you are emotionally stable and competent this month. This is also the time to bring about practical changes that you have long contemplated as essential to your health and happiness. This month will inspires smokers to quit, over-eaters to modify their diets, health abusers to reform. This month going to be definitely the dawn of a new era in your life.

If single, you may encounter someone during the second part of this month, or the beginning of next, who may well become a permanent part of your life.

Lucky Number 7

This number is regarded as a Master number, and therefore highly charged, sensitive and intuitive -- is also prominent in your life now. You are extremely perceptive and your dreams are full of insight, but over confidence in irrational and creative ideas can be hazardous for profession and should be examined seriously. Your most powerful asset right now is your inner antenna that is picking up vibrations that escape others. You might hurt someone verbally without even knowing, so watch your words and this is due largely to your enhanced sensitivity. Don't take your emotions too seriously. Cooperation, tact, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness are the keywords to make this month pleasant and successful.

Lucky Number 8

You are all charged up with your creativity. You will make new ways and solution to improve old methods. You are chatty and this quality of yours connects yourself well with others. Strong urge to communicate with your old friends whom you haven’t met for ages will evoked. You might get some surprises in this your re-establish relationships. At work, you discover that it is easy to reach others and influence the way they feel about themselves and their work. You uplift them and are rewarded with gratitude and support. This is a time to be social, easy-going and optimistic.

Lucky Number 9

You will be fighting two different side of yourself. You are forced to deal with things you consider a waste of time. These pending jobs can no longer be ignored, but you feel frustrated by the limitations of time and the massive amount of work. You will be longing for some creative works. Take full advantage of available opportunities that will begin by the end of this month. Meanwhile, guard your health; especially keep yourself away from stress and frustration. Tie yourself in a routine like do well to eat healthy foods regularly. Go to bed early; read to widen your view and escape. Do not dwell on the negative. Leave affairs of the heart to themselves for a while, until this intense period passes. By the end of the month you will be grateful and relieved that you took on this process of re-organizing the basics in both your professional and personal life.

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