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Today's Tithi: What Is Today Tithi?

Through this page by AstroSage, you will learn what is Today's Tithi according to Hindu Panchang. Here, the given Tithi is according to the Delhi. There could be discrepancies due to the different time zones at different places.

Tithi for Delhi

Dasami (Shukla Paksha)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

What is Today's Tithi?

Tithi Dasami
Paksha Shukla
Nakshatra Hasta
Yoga Variyan
Karan Tetil
Week Day Sunday
Today Tithi

When it comes to Panchang, Tithi is its vital part. To simplify, Tithi is a day of Hindu Chandra Maas. According to these dates only, day, festival, fast, birthdays, death anniversary, etcetera are calculated.

Before knowing Today's Tithi, it is very important to know that in a month there are a total of 30 dates in which Amavasya and Purnima Tithi fall once every month and other Tithis come twice. The first 15 Tithis fall in Shukla Paksha and the last 15 Tithis in Krishna Paksha.

When Is A Tithi Considered Complete?

When the moon is 12 degrees from the Sun, that is the time when a Tithi is considered complete.

Significance Of Today's Tithi

Now the question is, why is Today's Tithi in Panchang given so much importance? The answer to this question is, in Hindu culture, before doing any auspicious work, Auspicious Muhurat is calculated. It is believed that if any work is done in the Auspicious Muhurat, it will be more fruitful. The Auspicious Muhurat is decided according to the Tithi, this is why Tithi has great significance in Panchang. For your information, these Tithis or dates can also be auspicious or inauspicious.

All Tithis of Panchang

As mentioned above, in one month there are a total of 30 Tithis, in which Purnima and Amavasya Tithi fall once a month and other dates come two times. Now let us know their names:

Pratham/ Pratipada Tithi: This Tithi is ruled by Agni Dev and is considered the best time to begin or do any important task.

Dwitiya Tithi: This Tithi is ruled by Lord Brahma, and is quite the time to lay the foundation of any new building.

Tritiya Tithi: The Tithi ruled by Goddess Gauri is very fruitful to do the auspicious tasks like Tonsure (Mundan).

Chaturthi Tithi: Ruled by Yam Dev and Lord Ganesha, this Tithi is magnificent to overcome any type of hindrances and put an end to the enemies.

Panchami Tithi: This Tithi is ruled by the Naag Devta and it is the appropriate time to take medical advice.

Shashthi Tithi: Ruled by Kartika Dev, it is believed that Tithi is shubh for special occasions.

Saptami Tithi: If you have plans to go on vacation or buy something new, then this Tithi which belongs to Surya Dev will be the right time for this.

Ashtami Tithi: This Tithi belongs to Lord Shiva and this is connected with victory and success.

Navami Tithi: This Tithi is ruled by Devi Ambika and this is the best moment for traveling or having celebrations

Dashami Tithi: This Tithi belongs to Swami Dharamraj and it is related to doing holy deeds, religious deeds and virtuous deeds.

Ekadashi Tithi: This day holds great significance in Hindu and Jain religion because this Tithi belongs to Mahadev.

Dwadashi Tithi: If you have plans to perform any religious rituals then this is the perfect time to implement it, as this Tithi is ruled by Lord Vishnu.

Triyodhiti Tithi: This Tithi is ruled by Kaam Devta and this is the moment to have sensual pleasure and celebration.

Chaturdashi Tithi: This Tithi belongs to Goddess Kali and it is the time to get rid of any paranormal activities happening in your life and any barrier caused by your enemies.

Purnima Tithi: The Tithi ruled by the Moon is the right time for fasting and Yagya.

Amavasya Tithi: This Tithi belongs to the Pitra Dev ( Godfathers) is considered to be the appropriate time for tarpan and charity for the ancestors.

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