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Planets & Their Natural Significations

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Mon 10 Oct 2011 2:49:57 PM

Planets & Their Natural Significations

By Suchitra Das

Astrology believes that all and every events in our life from cradle to our grave are destined through planetary interplay. Every planet rules over certain important areas in our life as per their natural significations, which have been capsulated below.


Government, royal favour, father, heart, bone and eyesight. A strong Sun while ensures happiness in the above areas; a weak and afflicted Sun deprives one from the happiness of father, governmental favour and cause diseases like osteoporosis, heart problem and poor eyesight. The areas governed by the Sun in our life, as natural significator should be assessed from the natal position of Sun, besides Lagna in the following manner: -

    1.For Governmental/royal favour from the 10th house from Sun.
    2.For father, from the 9th house from Sun.
    3.For heart related diseases, from 4th house from Sun. For bone, overall strength and disposition of the Sun in the Natal Horoscope. For eyesight, from 2nd and 12th houses from Sun.


The natural significator of mind, mother, mental happiness, public relation, conception of child by female, etc. A strong and unafflicted Moon provides stable mind, happiness from mother, good PR capability and a trouble free antenatal period. The reverse holds goods when Moon is weak in Pakshbala (within 90˚ radius from the transit Sun), badly placed and afflicted. The Moon in a fixed sign in D-24 chart gives stability of mind in studies. While all the houses from the position of Natal Moon should be assessed as the sign occupied by Moon in a horoscope is dignified as Rashi, the following specific houses from the Natal Moon position should be studied as Moon being the natural significators of these Bhavas.

    1.The overall strength and disposition of Moon for mental state and happiness from 4th house from Moon.
    2.Mother, from the 4th house from Moon.
    3.5th, 7th & 8th houses from Moon for antenatal matter besides overall strength and disposition of Moon.
    4.Moon – Mercury interactions and 11th house from Moon.


Mars represents younger coborns, army/police, engineering, raw physical strength, micro-level analytical skills, land, surgery, accidents, injuries, bloodshed, violence, etc. A strong Mars in Kendra/Trikone/6th/11th houses gives good logical ability, scientific bend of mind, courage, happiness from younger coborns, physical strength, etc. Mars is one of the constituent planets of most powerful Panchmahapurush Yoga and Chandra – Mangal Yoga. Younger co-born should be assessed from the 3rd house of the natal Mars position in D-1 & D-3. Mars is also the significator of spouse for female and the 7th house from Mars in D-1 & D-9 should invariably be examined while predicting about the spouse in respect of a female nativity. Mars invariably gives favourable result when in 6th house in any divisional horoscopes.


Mercury is the natural significator of education, speech and communication skills in any form. Weak Mercury gives defective speech/stammering, epilepsy, etc. It is one of the constituent planets of most powerful Panchmahapurush Yoga and Budhaditya Yoga. The overall education including the stream of education must be assessed from the 5th house of the Natal Mercury in the birth horoscope, from the 5th house position of Mercury in Navamsha Chart and also in D-24 chart if the birth time is cent percent accurate. A variation in birth time upto 15 to 20 minutes can easily be rectified astrologically. Good formal education is a distant dream if Mercury is weak, afflicted, deeply combust and defeated in planetary war in D-1, D-9 & D-24 even if the 5th lord from Lagna is strong. Mercury in the Lagna of D-24 adversely affects the education. Moon – Mercury in opposite to each other gives piercing intellect and excellent memory retentive capacity. One of the interesting features of Mercury is that it gives favourable result when in 8th house in birth horoscope or in any divisional charts.


Divinely Preceptor and a most powerful benign planet in the planetary cabinet. It is the significator of higher knowledge, wisdom, progeny, wealth through righteous path, elder co-born, happiness through senar activities and all good virtues in our life. Transit Jupiter always endows and protects us in respect of the significations represented by the houses in a horoscope under its influence while in transit. Jupiter always shower Divine Blessings through its aspects depending upon its strength and overall disposition in horoscope including Divisional Charts. Progeny matter should always be assessed from the 5th house from the position of Natal Jupiter in the birth horoscope. Jupiter should be well placed in the birth horoscope and Hora Charts to ensure unabated flow of wealth through righteous means. A favourably disposed Jupiter influencing Indu Lagna makes a person to roll in the money. Jupiter is one of the constituents of most powerful Panchmahapurush Yoga and Gajkesari Yoga.


Venus is the natural significators of marriage, conjugal happiness, wife for male nativity, glamour, comforts in life, vehicles, etc. Wife and overall successful married life should be assessed from the 7th house of natal Venus in birth horoscope and Navamsha chart. One of the interesting points about Venus is that it is favourable also in the 12th house of Navamsha Chart unlike other planets, which give contrary result. Venus and 4th house from Venus should be strong in D-16 chart for having comforts from vehicle and many luxurious vehicles in life. Venus is one of constituents of most powerful Panchmahapurush Yoga. Venus is found strong in the horoscopes of persons in the glamour world. Venus – Moon relation gives good artistic taste in a person as also strong intellectual power.


I have already discussed enough about the positive parts of Saturn through my previous articles in this website. In this article, I would touch upon a little bit about the negative aspects of Saturn, which is capable to let loose a reign of horror in one’s life if weak, afflicted, combust, badly placed, lord of Trika House as Mooltrikona sign and defeated in planetary war. Saturn is the natural significators of poverty, misfortune, delays, impediments chronic diseases and death. Saturn itself gets afflicted when it is in retrograde state. Saturn is capable of producing dreaded criminals in association with Mars/Rahu. Saturn as lord of Trika houses (6, 8, 12) as his Mooltrikona sign and in malefic association especially of Sun & Mars and influencing Kendra/Trikone/2nd/11th houses either through placement or aspects invariably cause harms to the positive significations of these houses almost beyond repairing and inflict utmost poverty, misfortune, impediments and chronic diseases throughout the life of such nativity. The evil effects of such malefic Saturn can only be liquidated through suffering and prayer before Almighty God side-by-side performance of selfless deeds and keeping a pious mind. The positive or negative effect of Saturn whatsoever is long lasting and severe. Only selfless good deeds (karmas) can save one from the punishment inflicted by Saturn who is the significator of natural justice. Saturn is enemy for greedy people and wrongdoers and breaks greed in a person by punishment.

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