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Rahu Transit 2022: Predictions For Zodiac Signs

Author: -- | Last Updated: Wed 26 May 2021 10:04:49 AM

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Rahu transit 2022 by AstroCAMP reveals transit 2022 predictions on the lives of natives of twelve zodiac signs. Know the impact of shadow planet Rahu on your love life, profession, marriage, academics and much more.

Rahu planet is referred to as smoke or point in the sky, not an actual planet like the Sun or Mercury. Despite not having an actual physical presence, its impact is deep and powerful. Rahu stands for materialism and mischief. It represents a fascination with foreign, travelling abroad, technical professions, Elderly people, theft, speculation, bad habits, revolutionary tendencies, underworld and smoke. When Rahu is negative in the horoscope, it causes dissatisfaction, materialistic tendencies, fear and fantasies. Rahu and Ketu are Shadowy planets In Vedic astrology.

Rahu, The North Node and the head of the Dragon indicates lust. On the other hand, Ketu, the South note and tail of the Dragon, keeps you detached from materialistic desires. The impact of Rahu transit is likely to be intense on everyone. But it may be more challenging for some signs.

Rahu Transit 2022 dates

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is a slow-moving shadow planet after Saturn, as transit has a lot to do with Giving results of ongoing Dasha; hence it can’t be ignored. Rahu transit has a strong past life connection; therefore, they play an important role in prediction after Saturn and Jupiter. The shadow planet Rahu will be in the sign of Taurus till 12th April 2022 and then it is all set to transit on 12 April 2022 at 11:18 am in the sign of Aries. Let’s explore the effect of transit of Rahu and all the zodiac signs:

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Rahu Transit 2022 in Aries

For Aries native, Rahu at the beginning of the year is placed in the 2nd house of money, speech and family. This indicates that the period will bring better family conditions for you. You will feel a sense of attachment and professionally you will feel satisfied too. After this, In April Rahu transit in the ascendant that signifies self and personality. Rahu transit in the first house will bring a lot of difficulties for the native. It boasts one’s tendency to spend money. Chances of financial loss also exist during this period. Some health issues might disturb your mental peace. Also, there is a lack of peace of mind that persists in life until Rahu is in transit. A sense of uneasiness remains. The native should refrain from any illicit activities too. As Rahu is transiting in the first house, those who want to seek divorce then their wish will be fulfilled. There might be tension in your married life; they can also be separated for a few. New prospects and romance can blossom in the life of many people, especially single ones. Professionally, the struggle could be there to maintain punctuality and consistency at work, and there can also be some legal issues. Friends might not be stable in your life. Health and wealth conditions will be fine.

Remedy: Donate wheat, jaggery and copper. Put these three articles or one of the articles in a copper vessel and drop it in the flowing water on a Sunday.

Rahu Transit 2022 in Taurus

For Taurus natives, Rahu is in the ascendant at the beginning of the year i.e the 1st house of self and personality. This indicates that you may surfer from some mental stress and you may also have to be careful from enemies. Do not trust your friends blindly during this period. You might face some mental stress in your work area. After this, in April Rahu is transiting in the 12th house of salvation, foreign gains and expenditure. The transit of Rahu in the 12th house indicates success for the people in the field of research in technology. Those who are in the field of sales in the marketing business will see a favourable time during this transit. Travel will be fruitful for those who are in the field of sports and will gain fame and success in life. For students, it is not the right time, and hence you have to work very hard in your studies. Those working in the defence line or in the field of security may get promoted to higher ranks. There are chances that during this period, native may get stuck into the blame game, victimising others knowingly unknowingly, but the best part is that enemies will not be able to harm you, and there will be a sudden gain for the efforts you have applied in your service/Job. There can be an inclination for foreign oriented programmes or even from foreign travels to the native. The native will be more inclined towards spiritual knowledge, meditation and alternative healing etc.

Remedy: Keep saunf and sugar under the pillow for a sound sleep and eat your meal in the kitchen if possible.

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Rahu Transit 2022 in Gemini

For a Gemini native, Rahu will be transiting in the 12th house at the beginning of the year, this indicates that native can face some monetary loss. A sudden rise in expense is also on your chart. Although this period will be good for those who want to go abroad. After this, in April Rahu will be transiting in the 11th house of income and desire. It's a good period for you as new sources of income will be opened. You will be able to control your expenditure which will increase your financial power. You will invest capital in your business and will grow your business during this transit. People who are in job/service will get financial rewards in the promotion. Relationship wise, couples who want to have offspring will hear good news. Married couples may face problems related to kids and children. Relationship with father may also not be cordial during this transit. Avoid any kind of speculation during this period to earn quick money. Overall there will be new influential Contact and a rise in the status and respect for Gemini sign people, especially for those who are in politics. There can be fame and wealth from the entertainment industry and sports industries for many Gemini natives. You make a big breakthrough in your career with a good pay scale.

Remedy: Wearing iron or using silver glass for drinking water will be fruit-bearing.

Rahu Transit 2022 in Cancer

For cancer natives, Rahu is transiting in the 11th house at the beginning of the year This indicates that native will have a favorable time with lots of income in hand. You will encounter multiple chances to go to a party, or an outing. You will emerge fortunate and lucky. After this, In april, Rahu is transiting in the 10th house might give you some positive changes and transformation or a new position at the workplace with great responsibilities. Rahu in the tenth house will also create hurdles and some disappointment initially in your career or in business. Natives who are in jobs Will keep busy with responsibility, and there will be pressure on your project or task. There may be a lack of coordination from your side due to which your subordinates and higher authorities will not understand your problems. Some of the colleagues at work may be planning against you, which may force you to change your job. It is advised to stick to your policy of hard work, which can give positive results to you in the coming time as your seniors will notice your hard work. During this time, you will remain extremely busy with your work, which can create a distance between you and your family and hence it is advised that you must take care of your family and also your parents' health during this transit.

Remedy: Natives should try wearing blue or black Cap whenever going out of the house.

Rahu Transit 2022 in Leo

For Leo natives, Rahu is transiting in the 10th house at the beginning of the year, this indicates that native will work towards success and will work very hard during this period. After this, in April, Rahu will be transiting in the ninth house of luck, spirituality and fortune. The transit of Rahu will give you mixed results as there will be constant expenses, but income will be there too. There will be a constant rise and fall situation in your career as well as in the financial area of your life. There might be some problems in a love relation along with moments of happiness and closeness. You need to put extra effort into every small thing to get things done. There will be obstacles and struggle in every endeavour. Rahu transiting in the ninth house will give sudden ups and downs in fortune, but your work will be done, and your wishes will be fulfilled at the very last moments. The health of the father and some elderly members of the family may be a cause of concern, and those were already running the major period for my love period. Now we may have to face some problems in life. You may remain restless, and your interest in the existence of God or religious activities may suddenly be reduced. You may not show any interest in your own religion, spiritual activities and even in God. You may have a version of your traditional values in mind, you may not like to visit any religious place. Students may not perform better during this period due to a lack of concentration.

Remedy: Natives should apply saffron Tilak daily on the forehead for positive results

Rahu Transit 2022 in Virgo

For Virgo natives, At the beginning of the year Rahu is transiting in the 9th house, this indicates native will have some problem with father. In religious matters you will not be involved so much. After this, In April Rahu is transiting in the eighth house of the occult, sudden loss/gain and research. This period may bring some difficulty for Virgo natives as this period can be full of exhausting experiences and dejection, and there can be failure and sadness in many endeavours for Virgo natives. Love life will be a little depressing or full of emotional turbulence. Virgo people may get an unwanted transfer or demote at the workplace, and there is also lots of disrespect and humiliation for many Virgo natives. Domestic problems and lack of mental peace will make things tough. Tension and restlessness will be there for virgo natives during the coming 18 months. It is advised to be cautious. As Rahu in the eighth house can give you accidents on roads or in water. So stay careful. This period may create problems related to health issues. Minor injuries may not be ruled out; hence you should be more careful while on the Road or any other such instance which may be the cause of injury. You might also face a problem related to your married life. There may be a lack of harmony in married life relations. The health of the spouse should be taken care of, and you should never adopt in more part, which may be the cause of your downfall during this period.

Remedy: Keeping a square piece of silver can remove all the negativity from the native's life caused by Rahu.

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Rahu Transit 2022 in Libra

For Libra natives, Rahu is transiting in the eight house at the beginning of the year, this indicates you might earn money from immoral or illegal activities. You will be able to improve your relationship with in-Laws. Things won't be very much favourable at the workplace. After this. In April Rahu is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. This transit will give you unfavourable results, particularly regarding matters related to married life as there you may face disharmony in married life relation and the main reason may be you are indifferent. There are chances to develop differences with your partner if you are in business as lack of trust will prevail during this period. It is advised to be careful of such friends who are greedy and show off in nature. During this transit, any new venture or use investment should be avoided, and you should also be careful of your opponents who might be planning against you. Healthwise, Rahu will give health troubles and mental restlessness to your life partner or business partner, although, in terms of growth, Rahu will give you success, as well as a good amount of income in your occupation or profession with that there may be few tiffs with your spouse for a temporary period.

Remedy: Offer six coconuts into water/river.

Rahu Transit 2022 in Scorpio

For Scorpio natives, At the beginning of the year Rahu is in the seventh house, this indicates there might be a negative influence on your marriage and your image might get spoiled hence be cautious. Be careful in business dealings and partnership business. After thus, In April Rahu is transiting in the sixth house, and this period will give you success in a competitive examination as well as all other types of competitions. Rahu transit in the sixth house can give popularity, reputation in Job for Scorpio natives. The transit will also bring favourable changes in the life of the natives. This transit can help you gain from foreign travel along with success and money from a foreign land. Many people may get employed in different cities or countries, and travel will be very much fruitful during this transit. In spite of obstruction, you will be capable of achieving success in your professional life opponents will try their best to tarnish your image, but you will manage the situation with your wit and courage. During this period, you will get the corporation for government authorities or senior officials, and your subordinate will also be very helpful to you. Healthwise, your health will be very good, and you will feel active and energetic all the time. Still, it is advised to follow proper exercise and diet routine.

Remedy: Natives should never harm or hurt their brothers and sisters, and they should be more sensible. Also, they should keep a black dog as a pet.

Rahu Transit 2022 in Sagittarius

For Sagittarius natives, At the beginning of the year Rahu is in the sixth house this indicates you would be able to beat your opponents easily. Students preparing for competitive exams might get success with hard work and efforts.After this, In April Rahu is transiting in the fifth house of love, education and romance. This transit of Rahu will give utmost benefits, profit and gains in your life. Many singles will meet their match, and many of them will get married during this tenure of Rahu transit. Natives who are in love or who are married their life will be blossoming and happy. There will also be assurance and security on the financial and personal front. New friendships and new alliances will help most of the Sagittarius natives during this time. It is a favourable time for natives professionally as they may get some success during this period, especially people who are related in the field of art and creativity and entertainment. Success in sport will also be there, along with money and popularity. There might be some progeny related issues, but they will also get solid at what time. Hence pregnant ladies should be more careful as there are chances of miscarriage during this transit. There may be a difference of opinion between you and your children. The health of children may also be a cause of concern for you during this time. Children may not excel in their performance. During this period, it is advised not to get involved in any sort of gambling or speculation to achieve your goals as this is not a good period for it.

Remedy: keep an elephant made of silver in the house and abstain from alcohol, non-vegetarian food.

Rahu Transit 2022 in Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, At the beginning of the year Rahu is in the fifth house. This indicates that lovers may suffer some problems. It is advised not to make any decision in haste. By working hard and putting effort your financial situation will get better. After ths , in April Rahu is transiting in the fourth house of luxury, comfort and mother. During this period, mostly the peace of mind will be affected during the transit, and you may remain restless and irritated for most of the time; family life will not be cordial, and you may not yield results up to your expectations. It is advised to take proper measures while dealing with any matter related to property and vehicle at this time. Injuries are also possible during this month. Health-wise it is advised to take proper care of the health of the mother, which may be a cause of concern for you. Professionally, relations at work also for the disturbance and you may be forced to change the job it is advised to keep away from the person of questionable character. Communication may get Affected. Natives who are in business may have problems in running a smooth business, and there can be problems related to house and property matters. Income will not be constant and stable, and expenses will be high during this transit. Hence it is advised to save money and not to spend it on unnecessary things.

Remedy: Giving away 400g coriander or almonds, or both in the flowing water brings a sigh of relief from the negative effects of Rahu.

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Rahu Transit 2022 in Aquarius

For Aquarius native, At the beginning of the year Rahu is in the fourth house. This indicates there will be a decline in family happiness, there is possibility to move away from family. Your mother's health might deteriorate. After this, In April Rahu is transiting in the third House of courage, younger siblings and short travels. This transit will give you favourable results in terms of career, business as well as on your professional front. Those seeking suitable partners for marriage have full chances of time, not this year. Existing love affairs can turn into marriage, and single people who are waiting to meet his soulmate this is the right time for them. Love affairs will be fruitful—favourable time for setting up new work of business. Gain from multiple sources may happen during this transit. Many Aquarius native may have more than one source of income during this period. It is a good time to start something new. Increment and promotion at the work front are also possible. Family life and professional life will be favourable, and you may also avail yourself of the opportunity to achieve growth and progress in your life. You will remain optimistic, and we develop your own ideas of thinking that may be helpful in growing your income. Hard work done by you will give good results during this period.

Remedy: Wearing silver is recommended

Rahu Transit 2022 in Pisces

For Pisces native, At the beginning of the year Rahu is in the third house, this indicates your courage will increase and you will be successful in defeating your enemies and you will also get multiple opportunities to go on several trips from which you will attain good benefits. After this, In April Rahu is transited in the Second house of family, speech and investment. This period may not be considered favourable, particularly for the matter related to family and finance. You may not get the proper support of your own family members and close ones. There may be unnecessary arguments with relatives and members of the family that can spoil the sweetness of the relationship. Your aggression may bring disharmony and conflict with your wife. Unnecessary and unwanted dialogues with your spouse should be avoided as your egoistic attitude and harsh speech may bring deterioration in the sweetness of the relations. Keeping control over your speech is the best remedy to keep the problem at bay. Suddenly, you may develop the impulse to do excessive expenditure, which may result in reducing your bank balance and increasing your expenses. It is advised to save your money for future use. During this transit, you may not get success in maintaining the same in spite of your desire to control the expenditure. At the same time, it will be desirable if you try to adopt a model path for the achievement of your goals. You are also suggested to avoid any big investment during this period. Healthwise, you may face some mental stress during this period, and hence it is advised to maintain a healthy and amicable atmosphere around you.

Remedy: A native should keep a small solid ball of gold. Even saffron in a silver box will prove to be beneficial for the native.

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