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Transit of Retrograde Saturn in 2013 & You

Last Updated: 3/14/2013 6:47:14 PM

transit, retrograde Saturn, 2013, planets, horoscope

By Acharya Raman

Saturn, the King of malefics is about to get retrograde on 19th February and will remain like that till 8th July 2013. Retro Saturn is cause of grief to many and cause of happiness to some. Some people will lose money and some will gain their lost amounts.

Saturn will prove benefic mainly to Aquarius ascendants among all the 12. Let us see what probable effects it can produce on natal horoscope and not mundane. This will be happening in the star of Rahu –Swati. Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde in motion. This Yoga is going to be unique. So, the results also should be expected to be severe – both negative and positive.

You will be affected if you are running through DBA of either of Saturn or Rahu; or your current DBA Lords are in their star or sub. Otherwise, just transit is hardly effective. So, no need to worry much. Take a chill pill.


aries in 2013 For Aries, ascendant Saturn is the Lord of the 10th and 11th house and also is the Badhak. It is a three in one condition. And, it will be retrograding in exaltation. If Saturn is in Vipat, Pratyak, Nidhan Nakshatras (constellations) in your horoscope and in evil houses, additionally above mentioned conditions are applicable then you need to be extra cautious. Even if houses are different and DBAs are applicable then Saturn will be hurting you a lot and luck will be getting squeezed like sponge. Home front will be terrible along with your thinking process.


taurus in 2013 Taurus people and Librans have Saturn as Yoga Karaka, owning a Kendra (centre) and a Trikona (triangle). But if Saturn is in Vipat, Pratyak and Nidhan Nakshatras in your horoscope and is in evil houses and above mentioned conditions are applicable, then this period will be very bad. India too has this ascendant and this period will be very bad for the country according to me. Bhagyesh (Lord of destiny) is falling in 6th house with Rahu itself is a cause to worry, leave aside retrogression. Sudden setbacks are sure to come and some ailments can crop up, which is going to very painful. People in media can suffer a lot, sports players can also do something unexpected and weird. Problems in court cases may sour for no reason and cases can go negative.

(If Saturn is in Vipat, Pratyak, Nidhan Nakshatras in your horoscope and is in evil houses and above mentioned conditions are applicable, please read for all Ascendants)


gemini in 2013 Personal life and kids are going to suffer till 31st May. Losses in all decisions largely will take place. Jupiter is going 6-8 for you .But funnily; you might recover lost money so focus on that part mostly. Some new proposals can also come but for very short time. Perform Shanti for Jupiter, offer pulses to cow on Thursdays.


cancer in 2013 Asthmatic symptoms will be flooring up to many natives. Breathlessness, problem in arteries and valves of the heart are also there for many. Aged people be careful and see doctor on slightest symptoms of these as it could prove fatal to many of you. BP will also be on the rise. Work pressure will be tantamount as health. Care for your mother. Some injuries on head by wooden object or by reptile insect bite are also possible.


leo in 2013 Beware of cheats, soft speaking people, strangers and avoid long journeys. Take care of your father. Think and then spend. Don’t spend on things you will not be requiring after some time. Kids will give trouble. Avoid unnecessary quarrels, as they can harm you more than you can fathom. Brothers will be cause of problems/tensions to some.


virgo in 2013 Left eye need to be taken care of more than the right eye. Trouble in private parts can sprout up suddenly. Family members will be a cause of trouble to some and to some, litigations of property will give trouble. Profits will be drying and causing sleeplessness to daily earners. Maternal uncle/aunt will be facing some problem. Some litigation on family members can come suddenly. Speak after thinking because words once spoken never come back and nothing hurts deeper than words.


libra in 2013 People under Libra sign will be worst affected almost in everything. Remember if your best friend is a drunkard then all he can do best for you is make you drink with him. In the same way, malefics are going to harm you, even though they are Yoga Karaka. Don’t expect anything good at all.


Scorpio in 2013 Right eye will need more attention than the left eye. Pain in middle of head or just above eyebrows can give you trouble. Sleeplessness will also be accompanying the list. Loss of money, bad news in family and romantic sojourns are the possible directions.


sagittarius in 2013 Your better time will start from 31st May and not before that. Already you are going through not such a good time and now take care of your partnerships and profits in all aspects. People from media, arts and games will be doing well this time. Just beware of strangers and friends of other castes who can harm you behind the back. Pregnancy will be terminated to many and many will do it knowingly. Loss in speculation and also loss of vehicle can occur. You might hit n run someone in hot blood.


pisces in 2013 Foreign travels, gains through foreign travel, gains from other caste people, color blindness, diseases in reproductive organs, danger from stray dogs; all is there in your cards. Don’t be lethargic. Work atmosphere will be getting bad suddenly and loss of job can also happen. Some can go for leisure trips and some for religious trips, but will not be very bad overall. Beware of black magic as someone from your own family can do it on you to harm you or to hamper your progress.

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