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Saturn & His Influence on Profession

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Wed 9 Nov 2011 1:52:45 PM

saturn, shani, sani, profession

By S N Rao

The tenth house deals with accomplishments in life. This may be through hobbies, spiritual penance, or from work. It deals with various aspects of work and how the work sustains the native. Most ancient texts describe the use of the tenth house from lagna, Sun and Moon to decide the aspects of the native's career. The tenth from moon indicates the work the native is interested in doing, i.e. what work supports his ideals. The tenth from lagna indicates that work which sustains the native in life. Here the issue is wealth/ income. The tenth from the Sun indicates that work which brings status and position to the native, i.e. power and authority.

If Saturn occupies or has an aspect over the the 10th house from the Lagna, Moon or Sun then he is capable of influencing the career of the native. In this article I have focused only on Saturn and his ability to influence the career by his above placement. In addition to the influence Saturn will modify the result according to the aspect / conjunction of planets he is with. The placement of Saturn accordingly will give a career in the following areas.

Saturn in Aries / Scorpio or with Mars / receiving an aspect from Mars

Saturn is debilitated in Aries. The native will have success in machinery, factories, metal, engineering type of work, or connected to central government, or higher department. Saturn is enemical to Mars. Mars is causative planet of egoism. Due to ego he will not be able to finish his work. He will change his work. Scorpio is battle field where as Aries is Kingdom. Saturn will never benefit in these two signs. It may indicate metal, machine or factory. This placement can give interest in engineering namely mining, agriculture, architecture etc. The native will work in concern dealing in mines, minerals, engineering, and agriculture department. The native can work in interior or electric work. He may face great struggle in his career of metal, machinery, engineering, factories. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or strong Moon is related to the combination one will enjoy not only money but also land and property.

Saturn in Taurus / Libra or with Venus / receiving an aspect from Venus

This points to finance related matters such as accounting, costing, management, and banking or earning from computers or business. Saturn and Venus are friends. This is a fortunate combination. The native usually gets success after marriage and enjoys good fortune in field of commerce i.e. banking, accountant, or good business organizations, Saturn is exalted in Libra and is capable to give strong profession unless combined or aspected by Mars or Ketu. Lawyers and judges are known to have Saturn in Libra. The lawyers will have the combination of Saturn, Mercury and Venus, or/ and Ketu. The judge will have Saturn, Mercury and/or Jupiter or Ketu. The aspect of Jupiter is must for judges to discriminate. The earning through banking or luxury or soft work or cine-artist is also indicated. If Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is posited in 2nd, 7th, or in trine to Saturn, one will enjoy regular flow of money and very comfortable profession. They will have house and conveyance. The transit of Saturn, Jupiter or Venus over the combination or trines or 7th there from will gives prosperity by change in career with substantial rise in income, housing property, conveyance or marriage if unmarried.

Saturn in Gemini / Virgo or with Mercury / receiving an aspect from Mercury

These natives earn through intellect, commercial transactions, business, scientists, communication work. It indicates cooperation from friends. It gives profession related to trade, writing or law and authorship and do well in their career due to intellect and ability to handle the situation tactfully. The aspect of Jupiter or Venus makes easy earning. He is soft and calm.

Saturn in Cancer or with Moon / receiving an aspect from Moon

It indicates artistic work, fluid dynamics, hydraulics, travel, liquids, interested in arts, literature, liquids, water and wine, traveling, we can see astrologers, accountants, religious head and wine etc. Repeated changes in career are indicated just like the changes in the phase of the moon. The career may involve a lot of traveling, he may not be interested in hard work. It may give cheating tendencies if afflicted. There will be fluctuation of mind and he may not be able to complete his work. He may not have a good understanding with his wife and Mother/ Father. He is man of imagination.

Saturn in Leo or with Sun / receiving an aspect from Sun

It indicates government employment or benefits from government authorities or some authoritative or administrative work. It may also indicate Father Son relationship in business or partnerships It may indicate government service, politics. Sun the ruler of the sign is enemy to Saturn. The success comes after great struggle Therefore one has to struggle hard in professional matter unless Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is associated or aspecting Saturn. The native may come to lime light if there is aspect of Jupiter, or Venus or Mercury or strong Moon.

Saturn in Sagittarius / Pisces or with Jupiter / receiving an aspect from Jupiter

The native will enjoy prestigious profession related to law or forest. The native has argumentative skill. The native will earns through forest, wood, service, spiritual societies. Makes the native expert in psychology, have secret knowledge, administrative, manager, teacher, research scientist, astrologers, advisor, psychologist or guide. The native is independent in all his works. The native may be lawyer, medicines, history, religion good master, administrator, doctor, priest, teacher, guide, holy place. They have good circle of friends. The native will enjoy respect in his profession. They have great personalities. Even if the person is to take begging, he will be the king of beggars. It gives an independent career or any employment. The person will have lot of respect in the society. The transit of Saturn or Jupiter over this combination or trines or 7th there from, give prosperity to the native.

Saturn in Capricorn / Aquarius

Service, traveling or movement, sales job, liaison work are good career options. The native may earn through water and food concern business.

Saturn associated with Rahu / Ketu

Subordination to other person. Rahu means wheel. Anything moves like wheel, film, vehicle, printing press, laborer class of work. However If Jupiter or Venus were to be in 2nd, or combined Rahu in trine, after initial subordination, the native may come out with self employment. It gives masking ability so acting is best career. Saturn and Rahu also indicate door-keeper, servant of low category. Ketu is inimical to Saturn. It indicates maximum work and minimum salary. The native will pursue his job detached from the fruits of labor. His will work as writing or ordinary worker and have saintly thoughts. The combination of Saturn, Jupiter/Mercury and Ketu either together or in trine makes famous lawyer. He may become a saint i.e. detached from society. Saturn with Ketu may also indicate association to lanes, hairs, rope, thread, sexual organs, temple, prayers, charity, church, hospitals and small or government service.

Career may be influenced by various combination of planets. Similarly judgement can be made according to the combinations that come across e.g. Saturn + Venus + Rahu in Taurus indicates Rahu (big) Saturn (work) Venus (money) the native will work in big financial concern. The same combination in Cancer indicates that the native will work in arts, drama, dance or film or photography in big concern. The Saturn with Ketu (small) indicates that the native will work in small concern or scarifying concern i.e. lighting. Saturn with Jupiter and Ketu and Moon in cancer or Pisces indicates that the native will visit holy places or born at holy place or have divine virtues from past life. Saturn with Sun with Venus and Rahu indicates that the father of the native will meet an accident or the father has amassed wealth by fraud and cunning means. This causes death by evil methods-black magic or due to females. Sun and Moon is enemy to Saturn so rise in career is full of obstacle. He follows the work of his father. Moon indicates constant worries and travel. Saturn, Sun and Mars may indicate frequent breaks in career. However the aspect of Jupiter or Venus the native will be able to earn well but his prospects of promotion are rare. Since Sun and Mars are fiery planets, indicate career in police, army or government. Saturn, Sun and Mercury may indicate good profession through government contacts though initial difficulties.

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